Anupama 28th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Anupama Fulfills Anuj’s Surprising Demand

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Anupama 28th May 2022 Written Episode

Kinjal notices Leela struggling to cut the coriander and teaches her an easy way. Leela praise her and says during her times, they used to spend half of ther life cutting coriander and vegetables. Kinjal makes Leela feel her baby. Leela recalls having simila experiene when Toshu was born and says she will celebrate her baby shower once Anupama is back from her honeymoon trip. They both miss Anupama and wish for her good life. Leela says Anupama has always followed her responsibilities religious, but Kavya is completely opposite to her. She futher fears that something bad is going to happen with them. Kinjal feels stunned with her prediction.

Anupama blushes seeing a decorated hotel room. Anuj asks her to stop blushing and tell what is she thinking now. Anupama enjoys potato chips and says she is feel bored, so he should entertain her. He asks like what. She says anything than his shayari. Anuj murmurs he knows only shayari. She asks him to dance. He asks her not spoil his honeymoon mood. Anupama acts angry.

Leela murmurs who will prepare food when all 4 of them are unwell. Samar hears her and asks who 4. She says Kinjal is having fever, Kavya is on an outing spree, she and her knees are also ill. Samar says she need not worry as he already ordered food from Banni Chow Home Delivery. Banni enters with tiffin boxes and promotes her upcoming show Banni Chow Home Delivery. Kavya asks Samar why he ordered food at a cheap place, its good she had food at a 5 star hotel with Anirudh. Bannu asks her to forget about stars and enjoy the tasty food. Samar calls Hasmukh to join them. They enjoy the food. Banni leaves after promoting her upcoming show.

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Anuj dances on Aye Mere Dil Tu Gaye Ja… song to entertain Anupama. Anupama joins him. After the dance, Anuj gifts her a night dress and asks her to wear it. Anu gets nervous seeing it and goes to room. At Shah house, Baa fumes in anger when Kavya doesn’t return home on time. Vanraj asks Toshu to give some warm milk to Kinjal as he already gave milk to Hasmukh.

Anupama calls Devika. Devika asks if she got the gift. Anupama asks how does she know. Devika rveals that she selected that dress. Anupama says she never wore such a dress in her life. Devika gives her a long explanation and convinces her to wear it only for Anuj and make their honeymoon moments memorable. Anuj changes his dress and waits for Anu. Anu walks to him wearing the night dress. He gets smitten by her beauty and recites a shayari for him. she feels shy and blushes. He then dances romantically on Mere Rang Me Rangne Wali.. song. They both spend a romantic moment.

Precap: Anuj takes Anupama to the ashram and shares his childhood ordeal with her. A little girl is shown who prays god to bless her with he best blessings.

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