Anupama rock.. Kavya Pakhi shock

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hello!! this is my first fan fiction. Hope you will like it.

Pakhi: “Everybody will come to see my dance except the great Anupama mam.. if she will come to my function , i will not perform.”

Hearing this everyone was shocked. How can she hate her own mother who did so much for her. Anupama’s heart break after listening this.

Anupama: “ok my sweetary! you just give your 100% in your performance. I will not be there at the time of your performance. All the best.”

Kavya: “Don’t worry Anupama .. i will be there with my sweety pie.”

And then Kavya gives smile to Pakhi and leave. Anupama goes to her room and start crying.


Kavya:” V! i am so happy today. We will now go to Pakhi’s school as a couple and i am sure Pakhi will get the first prize. After all i have taught her dance.”

She remembers the day when Anupama had got trophy for food stall. She says in her mind : “Anupama last time you were having trophy , my V and Pakhi. You had the perfect family. But now everything is mine.” And she smiles

The whole Shah family arrives at the school for the function except toshu. The first dance is of Anupama’s students. And it is just mesmerizing. Everyone gives a loud clap. Anupama gives group hug to her students. After a few more dance performances Anupama leave for staff room as she remembers what Pakhi told her last night.

Now it’s time for Pakhi performance. Kavya is sitting with Vanraj holding hands. She has not met Pakhi once today. Pakhi was getting nervous. She wished if someone was there to help her dress and give her a bit of confidence. But Kavya doesn’t seem to care.

Pakhi goes to stage but she cannot move freely in the dress as tailor had stitched the dress a bit tight. And due to less practice, she forgets dance steps. However she manages to perform by doing steps which Anupama had once taught her so that she do not become a joke among her friends. Seeing her performance Kavya gets irritated and says: “what is she doing? i didn’t teach these steps to her.”

Pakhi started dancing well but she failed at mastering the steps. Kavya gives looks to her.

Now the winner is to announce. Anupama returns. She asks Samar about Pakhi’s performance. Samar tells what happened behind her.

The winner is offcourse Anupama’s team. The students get the trophy and call Anupama on stage and give her the credit for their success. Now the whole audience and all Anupama’s students want a dance performance of Anupama. After the chief guest’s request, she agree. Song “param sundari” plays.Anupama dances. The whole audience goes wow. Vanraj gets mesmerized and says: “she is really beautiful” Kavya gives looks to him.

Now they come back to Shah house. Pakhi is sad. Kavya makes Pakhi’s favourite cold coffee. But Pakhi throws the coffee on Kavya’s face.

Pakhi: “Because of you i lost the competition. You didn’t even practise with me. Also you were not there with me helping me getting ready. You didn’t even come to cheer me and give me confidence.” In return Kavya slap her hard.

Everybody comes hearing the sound. Paritosh: “New day , new drama!”

Pakhi: “How dare you slap me Kavya! no one has ever slapped me not even my mom”

Kavya: “What the hell is wrong with you Pakhi . I am not your mother who tolerates your misbehaviour. I was trying to help you and you rude spoilt brat. How dare you to throw coffee on me”

Pakhi and Kavya both go to their rooms angrily.

Paritosh: “so much drama. Kinjal pack our bags, we are leaving today for the penthouse.”

Kinjal: “Toshu please listen to me”

Toshu goes angrily to his room. And Kinjal follows him.

Anupama starts crying. Then her phone rings.

The caller: ” Am i speaking to Anupama?”

Anupama: “yes”

Caller: “Hello! I am from the dance show. Our judges were present at the dance competition of the school as chief guest. They were impressed by your dance. MAM, you are invited for a dance competition. The prize is 10 lakh rupees. If you want to participate please inform us.”

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