Anupama 7th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Toshu’s Confession Shocks Shahs

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Anupama 7th March 2022 Written Episode

Shah family continues selecting baby names for Kinjal’s baby. Jignesh Mamaji suggests how is Chichoo name as its a sweet fruit. Samar says even papita/papaya is sweet, imagine Toshu being asked if he is Papita Shah’s papa. Pakhi hugs Anu and apologizes for missing her birthday party. Anu says its okay as Sheena needed her. Pakhi asks who is Papita Shah. Baa says her nephew, she is becoming an aunt. Samar says bhabhi is pregnant. Pakhi jumps in happiness hearing that and congratulates Toshu. Toshu angrily shouts to shut up. Kinjal requests him not to exaggerate the issue and keep it to themselves. Toshu says they already did and nothing is private in this house that their fight would be. Shah family gets tensed. Anu asks what kind of fight. Vanraj asks what happened. Toshu says whatever shouldn’t have happened, he doesn’t need this baby. Family is shocked to hear that. Kinjal says he needed baby, hence they had planned a baby. Toshu says he hadn’t thought well earlier. Kinjal says it’s not a vacation plan to make and cancel it repeatedly, it’s a decision for life. Toshu asks if she wants him to suffer his whole due to one wrong decision.

Bapuji asks what is he saying. Toshu asks him to listen to him before considering him as a villain or heartless; children grow up in films in 1 song, but that doesn’t happen in real life and it takes years for children to grow. Baa says he said something new to them. He says he has seen his colleagues and friends who become early parents and regret later that they should have planned their careers first. Kinjal says his friends live in a nuclear family and they live in a joint family where their baby will be taken care by whole family. Toshu says relatives will take care of baby for 10 minutes, parents have to take care of baby for the rest of the day. Kinjal says they can, what is the problem in it. He says a baby is an emotional responsibility and he is not yet ready for that and its not so mature to take someone’s life’s decisions first and then his; he knows he looks wrong to them, but they should understand that he cannot be a good father now and cannot give time to his baby which he/she deserves; he just wants to delay this plan as he is still young and thee is a lot of time to become a father; he wants to become something first so that he can give his baby what he deserve and he doesn’t want to struggle like papa till that age and he will not take baby’s responsibility even after his disapproval. He then suggests Kinjal not to become a parent as children hinder their growth.

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Anu asks him to stop. Vanraj says he is tense at this time, but shouldn’t say something which will hurt him later; every man before becoming a father thinks his life will end, but his life most beautiful chapter will start from there. Anu asks him to calm down and think well. Toshu says he has already decided that he doesn’t need a baby. Bapuji says a child encourages father to move ahead in life and gives his father’s example. Vanraj says life cannot be divided into parts like first work and then kids, both career and children go along together in life. Anu suggests Toshu and Kinjal to relax and think well before taking any decision. Baa says god will set everything right.

Anuj prepares halwa for Anu reciting shayari in his usual style. Anu returns home silently and seeing halwa asks if he prepared it for her. He jokes and feeds her halwa and sensing her tension asks if she is fine. She remembers Toshu’s confrontation and says she is feeling afraid. He says everything is going to be alright. She says Kinjal, Toshu, and whole family needs her more than before now. Next morning, Anu over phone gives food advice to Kinjal and asks her not to bother about Toshu’s words, she will come and meet her in sometime. Door bell rings. Kinjal says it must be Anuj ji, she shouldn’t make a true love wait. Anu shies and opens door. Anuj asks curd to have sweet curd from her hand as he is restarting his job today. She says he will succeed in whatever business he starts.

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Baa and Bapuji notice Kinjal having cold drink and says she should have fresh fruit juice instead. Kinjal says its alkaline water and not cold drink. Baa is amazed to see its price and says she will keep it in a locker like precious thing. Vanraj senses Kinjal’s tension and assures that he and Anupama are there for her support always. Anu feeds sweet curd to Anuj. Anuj says he feels romantic even having a sweet curd from her hand. She says if she can ask something. He says he can sacrifice even his life for her. She gets emotional and says she never thought even in her dreams that someone can love her so much. He describes how much he loves her and asks what she needs. She says as promise that he will become same Anuj Kapadia again; she knows he doesn’t evaluate things with his victory or loss, but world does and she cannot tolerate anyone saying he lost. She with her usual long lengthy moral gyaan encourages him to prove that even a true person and succeed. He says he will work hard for that.

Precap: Anu slips. Anuj holds her and says his friend made him a partner without any investment. She plans a date with him. Kinjal requests to accompany her to the doctor’s appointment. Anuj stands speechless.

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