Anupama 24th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Baa Opposes Anupama’s Business Trip Decision With Anuj

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Anupama 24th September 2021 Written Episode

Bapuji gets angry on Baa when she stops Anu from giving him medicine. Baa asks him to have his medicine. Anu says she always she tries to explain her act to Baa, but this time she will question her; she asks when Dolly went abroad for a business trip with her 2 male colleagues, why did Baa prepare theplas for them and is slapping her now. Vanraj says they were Dolly’s colleagues and not crush. She asks how does he know what was in their mind, does he have an x-ray machine to read people’s mind and heart; nobody can judge what is people’s mind, even she couldn’t judge what was in his mind for years. Toshu opposes Anu’s business trip decision. Samar and Kinjal insist that mummy will go and they will pack her bag. Toshu snatches bag. Kinjal asks him to go to his house. He says this is also his house. She says if he knew his responsibilities, he wouldn’t have left home when family had 40 lakhs loan. He says he cannot let mummy tarnish their family name. Kinjal says they, Vanraj, Kavya tarnished family name. Samar says even he did when he left home. Kinjal says they don’t have right to question mummy. Toshu says he is worried for mummy, feminism looks good to read on social media, society forgives men’s mistakes but not women’s, etc. Kinjal says if their thinking changed, even society will change. He says why don’t they think practically and shouldn’t blame him later that he didn’t warn them.

Baa says even Vanraj and Kavya were blamed. Anu says Kanha ji and Draupadi were friends, gender equality is not new and its coming since ages in their country and culture. Baa asks what if Anuj misbehaves with her. Anu says she is weak and will break his hand if anyone touches her without her permission; she is sorry for troubling them, but her god knows her heart is clean, so she shouldn’t talk low and spoil this house’s peace. Baa asks what about women’s modesty. Anu says woman’s veil or burqa doesn’t decide her modesty, but she herself and her character does it; she never let anyone question her character and will never let it in the future; if her thoughts change by chance, she will inform Baa first, so they shouldn’t trouble her or trouble themselves; thanks to them for encouraging them during her first step out.

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Samar meets Nandini and says he is very happy that mummy is going out on business trip, but is also stressed as mummy didn’t go out without family. Nandini says he need not worry as Anuj will take care of mummy. Someone throws ball on them. They walk out asking who is it and finds a chit in ball. She says Rohan does this and used to it in college also, Rohan is very possessive and doesn’t like losing. Samar says if he doesn’t like losing, he doesn’t like a cheap person winning. Rohan smirks hiding. Anu offers milk to Bapuji. Bapuji asks her to smile, makes her sit, and asks when she is not wrong, why she is sad; she gave a befitting reply to Baa and Vanraj’s opposition. Anu says it hurts. He says he will inform Anuj to cancel her trip. She says no. He asks to go happily then and gives moral gyan that a woman always has a guilt when she goes out of house; god is making her fulfill her dream, so she should go happily and return happily. Samar with Kinjal and Pakhi join them and cheer her up.

Kavya tells Vanraj that if she was a vamp, she would have stopped Anu from going on a business trip with her evil acts; she thinks AK is a reward for Anu’s good deeds, who thought that a thepla making woman will go on a business meeting to Mumbai on flight, she thinks AK will take her on a business class. Vanraj says even he took her on business class. She says first time its special, how can Anu be so lucky, he hates her. Vanraj says let her go. Anu excitedly tells Bapuji and others that her dream is to watch ocean and fly in air and remembers Vanraj’s opposition, says he never thought her dreams will be fulfilled so soon. Bapuji asks her to cheer up then. Anu then gets worried about repaying Rakhi’s loan in a month. Kinjal asks her not to worry about that and enjoy her trip. Anu excitedly says she will sit in airplane. Kinjal says she never thought their normal routine is a dream for someone. Anu continues sharing her excitement. Bapuji says its not about cheap flight ticket, its about an opportunity. Samar says all thanks to AK. Vanraj hears them and thinks why he gets jealous hearing AK’s name, he loved only Kavya and never loved Anu, then why is he bothered when Anu is going out with AK. Anu gets worried that flight tickets may be deducted from her salary. Kinjal says its a company sponsored trip. She continues questioning them excitedly and they answer her questions. She then thanks AK for fulfilling her dreams. AK messages her that she should reach airport by 6 a.m. tomorrow.

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AK thinks he always waited to see night ending, but today he is waiting for morning. Anu prays god for a peaceful trip. Next morning, Anu wakes up hearing phone call. Anuj asks where is she, its already 8 a.m., they missed first flight and may miss another flight. She excitedly wakes up and falls from bed, then realizes its 4 a.m. and its her dream. She thinks its time to fly and not fall down.

Precap: Anupama with AK boards flight. Kavya asks what is between him and Anu that their relationship hasn’t ended even after divorce. He says he doesn’t know.

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