Anupama 24th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Anuj Is Out of Coma

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Anupama 24th August 2022 Written Episode

Anupama reads Barkha’s given legal notice. Barkha asks if she knows what to do now. Anupama says very well and burns the papers. Leela asks what was written in that paper. Anupama says a legal notice and tells Barkha that she will reply her each question, but her husband right now is in deep pain seeing Barkha’s true nature and doesn’t want to hurt him more. She lies Anuj back on his bed and says he shouldn’t bother about all this, they will not let anyone ruin their festival today. She returns to Barkha and says if she wants a drama, then lets do it; she will reply to her every question. She asks Adhik if he also wants to asks something. Barkha says Anupama just burnt one notice, they will get many copies and will make sure Anupama doesn’t look after Anuj and his family business until he get well. Ankush says they are sure that Vanraj pushed Anuj from he cliff and Anupama is protecting him, they fear Anupama will transfer their family business to her children and don’t trust her, hence they decided to actively participate in the business and he will handle Kapadia empire.

Anuj starts blinking his eyes. Anupama says Barkha and Ankush started a Mahabharath where they are both Shakuni and Duryodhan; they forgot that whenever Mahabharath happens, Krishna will arrive. She prays Bal Gopal’s idol. Anuj’s gets out of his sleep and shakes his hands and mouth. He calls Anupama. GK notices that and asks nurse to call Anupama soon. Nurse informs Anupama that Anuj regained consciousness and is calling her. Anupama and Shahs rejoice hearing that while Kapadias look shocked. Anu rushes to Anuj and cries holding him and saying her Kanhaiya returned. Anuj repeatedly calls her name and cries. He gets angry looking at Barkha and Ankush and says he heard everything and wants to speak. Anupama asks him to relax as he just woke up.

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Anuj says let him speak and tells Anuj and Barkha that they crossed all limits by showing their true colors and trying to grab his business. Ankush says they doesn’t need his business and are worried for him. Anuj says he will legally separate them from his business, anyways they are issuing legal notice to family. Barkaha says Anupama is supporting Vanraj who pushed him from the cliff. Anuj asks so what, he remembers the whole incident. He describes that they had a tussle at the cliff end that day and Vanraj pushed him from the cliff. Ankush and Barkha grin hearing that. Anuj says that didn’t happen at all and he will reveal truth now, Vanraj didn’t push him down. Rakhi murmurs a twist in the story.

Anuj recalls the event where the tells Vanraj that he is wrongly perceiving him as a villain, but the reality is different. Vanraj says both families should stop meeting, Anuj should send Adhik back to USA as he doesn’t want any new relationship with Kapadia family. Anuj says that’s practically impossible. Vanraj says he is becoming a grandfather and doesn’t want Shah and Kapadia families together again. Anuj shakes hand and says that is impossible. Vanraj threatens to go to extremes if he doesn’t agree. Anuj frees his hand and asks what will he do. He slips. Vanraj holds his hand. Anuj asks him to move away. Vanraj says he can’t and asks him to be careful. They both fall from the cliff.

Anupama asks him to calm down. Anuj says Vanraj didn’t leave his hand even while falling as he wanted to save him. Vanraj thanks him for freeing him from he guilt. Shahs thank Anuj for giving them a new lease of life. Vanraj apologizes Anupama for troubling her. Anupama asks Anuj if she should call Little Anu. Anuj says not yet and tells Barkha, Ankush, and Adhik that Vanraj will not go to jail, but he doesn’t know what will he do to them. Barkha says they were just protecting him. Anuj says they lied and never once told that they left USA and came to India as they lost their business their. Rakhi thinks Shahs and Kapadias are both broke. Anuj says he and Anupama made them part of this family and business, but once he got unwell, they should their true colors. Anupama asks him to calm down. Little Anu runs to him and asks if they can celebrate his and Kanhaji’s birthday. Anuj says yes and cuts cake. Anupama feeds him cake and then to Little Anu. Anuj huugs them both.

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Precap: Vanraj warns Ankush and Barkha to get out before Anuj kicks them out from there. Anupama also refuses to let them stay and asks them to leave.

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