Anupama 19th February 2022 Written Episode Update: Anupama Fails Vanraj’s Attempt to Humiliate Her

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Anupama 19th February 2022 Written Episode

Anuj and Anupama walk holding each other’s hands. Anuj says they would have spent whole night on terrace. She says they would have caught cold. He says they would have set bonfire. She says it would have created smoke and alerted people. He says even people are celebrating valentine’s day. She asks him to go home. He says she should. They both walk to their house and continue their you go in first game and finally close doors feeling shy. Toshu apologizes Kinjal and says he works in office. Kinjal asks if he heard of a word called work life balance, people work to better their life and not end it. He gets a call. She asks him to pick as it must be an important call. Toshu picks call, says he will call back later, and disconnects it. He says she is not understanding. She says she was alone waiting at a restaurant table and alone even in life even with husband’s presence; girls don’t need gifts but husband’s time and love, they expect a husband’s smile after returning from office and small message between office, etc.; mummy used to say that she and baa used to wait for papa and he never used to come on time, now characters have changed, he is in papa’s place and she is in mummy’s place. He shouts enough now. She says he is right and goes to bed weeping and thinks she need to talk something important with him.

Next morning, Anupama wakes up when she heard door bell and hurriedly opens it to find Anuj out. Anuj asks if last night’s valentine celebration was a dream or reality. She nods it was reality, pinches him and asks if she should put his finger in hot tea and prove its reality. Shahs sit silently in living room. Samar reminisces Nandini breaking up with him, Pakhi messages someone not to do that to her. Kavya tells Vanraj that she will help him and together they will takeover Kapadia empire. Bapuji feels shocked hearing that. Kinjal says she is missing mummy. Samar backs her.

Anuj sits staring at Anu. Anu says they need to go to work. He says he cannot concentrate, then apologizes and says Mukku had called. Anu asks what did she say, how is she. Anuj says not much, she still is angry. Anu says she will calm down. Anuj reminds she has a promotional dance shoot with Samar. Anu asks what about his job. He says he will think something, she need not worry. She says when he is helping her, even she has to. He says he cannot even breathe without her now. She says feels she got everything, but they need to work to run their house. He says she is right, he wants a job in which he can watch her all the time. She says there is no job like that, so he should find some other job or a business; she needs to finish work and visit Shah house. Yaara O Yaara Milna Hamara.. song plays on FM. They both dance and laugh out loudly. She performs nazar and prays Kanhaji to protect their love.

Kavya serves tea to Baa and Bapuji. Baa asks if she will work with Vanraj. Kavya says yes. Baa asks what did she mix in chutney that he agreed. She says love. Vanraj says work pressure has increased and Kavya will help him. Bapuji says is it necessary that Kavya works in same company, he doesn’t have any problem with Kavya working but why in same company, it looks like Vanraj wants to take over Kapadia empire after Anuj and Anu’s exit. Vanraj gets angry. Bapuji says he doesn’t want to accept his sin, but shouldn’t try to prove himself as innocent. Baa says he is behind her son again. Bapuji says he is even her son. Vanraj says he was his son before, but after Anupama entered this house only she is his daughter. Anu excitedly enters Shah house with sweet box and seeing everyone serious takes Baa and Bapuji’s blessings and asks if something happened. Vanraj taunts she will nothing has happened her, he has seen people distributing sweets after getting job, she is distributing sweets after her livin-in relationship; she brings revolution in everything, be it divorce, boyfriend, or live-in. Samar says sweet is of dance academy, mummy is revamping it. Vanraj says she is back to her old profession and is reversing her gear. Anu says whether she reverses gear or breaks gear box, its none of his business. He says she can do whatever she wants to, but stay away from his house as in India children’s head bends down in shame if mother is shameless. She asks what if father is shameless from the beginning. He says her words will not change the truth that she lives with Anuj alone. She says there is modesty between them which he lacks and shamelessly has an affair even with his parents and children’s presence; there will be modesty between her and Anuj always and for his kind information Anuj stays in opposite house. He says with change of address, humiliation will not change. Baa says he is right.

Precap: Vanraj taunts that her boyfriend is poor now, why will she marry him. Anu says when she married him, he was not owning oil wells. Baa says society will question, so they should marry. Anu says they will decide about it and not people.

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