Anupama 18th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Anupama Brings Anuj Home

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Anupama 18th August 2022 Written Episode

Vanraj returns home after discharge. Pakhi, Dolly, and Kinjal perform his aarti and welcome him home. Leela asks him to take god’s blessings as he came home safe because of god’s blessings. She prays god for Vanraj’s safety. Vanraj prays for Anbuj’s fast recovery. Little Anu mimics him. Vanraj smilingly hugs him. Little Anu says everyone where sad without him, he should take care of himself. She asks about Anuj. Vanraj hugs her. Anupama plays mobile game and after winning it asks Anuj to wke up. Anuj moves his eyes and finger. Anupama gets happy and calls doctor. Anuj opens eyes and says he wants to go home and meet Little Anu and then loses consciousness again. Doctor and Samar rush to Anuj’s room.

Barkha tells Ankush and Adhik that its clear that Vanraj attempted to kill Anuj. Ankush says she told Vanraj doesn’t remember anything. Barkha whether he is acting or not, nobody knows the real version of truth and hence they will present their version, its time to take revenge from Shah family and Anupama and take over Kapadia empire. Ankush asks why she wants to do that. Barkha says Adhik and Sara’s future. She asks him to order GK to prepare food as she wants to visit hospital and handle the situation there. Anupama informs doctor about Anuj’s brief period of consciousness and his wish to go home.
Doctor says Anuj’s brief period of consciousness is a good sign. He says Anuj may get mood swings, so she needs to manage Anuj as she is the only source of help for him at home. She agrees.

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At Shah house, Mamaji refuses to celebrate janmastami citing Anuj’s condition. Leela says they should celebrate as Vanraj returned home safe. Hasmukh says they should light a lamp for positivity. Each family member give their own reasoning. Pakhi says they will pray for Anuj during this janmastami festival. Vanraj agrees. He recalls Anuj’s birthday according to horoscope/tithi on janmastami and remains family and hopes Anuj gets conscious on Janmastami. Pakhi recalls Adhik telling that truth will be out once Anuj regains consciousness. Leela asks Vanraj not to blame himself for Anuj’s condition as he is not at fault. Vanraj hopes so and says he is trying to remember the accident, but is unable to. Toshu asks not to stress himself much.

Barkha is about to leave for the hospital when Anupama calls Ankush and informs that Anuj is returning home. GK rejoices hearing that. Ankush in shock asks if Anuj regained consciousness. Anupama says not yet, he got conscious for a brief period and expressed his wish to return home, she will take care of him with ICU setup at home. She asks him to call Little Anu home and make arrangements. GK goes to prepare prasad. Barkha fumes. Little Anu returns home and draws rangooli at the door to welcome Anuj. At Shah house, Leela tells Vanraj that she is sending flower basket to the temple for his prayers. Vanraj asks her to sent one more for Anuj and hopes Anuj must have reached home.

Anupama brings Anuj home with Hasmukh, Toshu, and Samar’s help. They all welcome him home. Barkha taunts Hasmukh Anuj would have been fine if Vanraj had not attempted to kill him. Toshu gets angry hearing that, but Hasmukh asks him to not inform about it to Anupama or Shah as he doesn’t want any more issues. Vanraj wishes to visit Anuj. Leela asks him not to worry as Hasmukh has gone there. Vanraj says he can’t remember anything, what if Anuj remembers it, and what if he pushed Anuj down.

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Precap: Anupama refuses to sign Barkha’s cheque.
Barkha shouts just like Anupama doesn’t trust them, even they don’t trust Anupama and hence they decided to hire their nurse for Anuj and fix CCTV cameras in his room. Anupama warns her that she doesn’t need any issues tomorrow during festival or else she will be forced to implement Anuj’s decision which he wanted to announce after festival.

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