Anupama 13th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Anupama And Vanraj’s Advice For Pakhi

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Anupama 13th August 2021 Written Episode

Vanraj tells Anupama that a father should never differentiate between his children, but he did and favored Toshu and Toshu forced him to raise hands. He asks when Samar has gone on Anu, why didn’t Toshu go on her. Anu says if Toshu had gone on her, he would have respected elders and wouldn’t have demanded to leave the house. He asks why he is adamant to leave the house. She says when a less adamant person gets adamant, he will not understand. He says they shouldn’t let him go. She says if they force Toshu to stay back, this house will look like a cage for him and one who leaves nest will return and not cage. He says how will he tolerate the pain. She says they should tolerate the pain and learn to stay without their son, Baa and Bapuji will be in pain, and though Samar and Sweety fight with Toshu, they will not like him go. Pakhi hugs Toshu and pleads him not to leave. Samar also hugs him and apologizing him on behalf of himself and family pleads not to go. Toshu walks away saying let him go. They both think this time bhai will not listen to them. Anu says Toshu and Kinjal will not go smiling, but they should see off them smilingly as they are the link between past and future generation. He says she is right and they have to handle the family. She says even each other.

Kinjal cryingly tells Nandini that she doesn’t want to go away from the family as she always dreamt of staying with a family and hence married Toshu as one of the reasons, but now feels her dream will shatter.

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Vanraj and Anu walk into Pakhi’s room and see her sleeping her trophy. They ask her if this is her new teddy and say they came to discuss about an important issue, parents and teenage children’s issue; they both should adjust from their side; children think parents are not giving them space, hence they will try to give her the desired space, but she shouldn’t misuse; they will tolerate her mischiefs but not her arrogance and misbehavior. Pakhi remembers misbehaving with Anu. Anu says if there was some other mother in her place, she would have stamped Gujrat’s map on her face, and now that her competition is over, she will not tolerate her misbehavior. Vanraj says even he will not tolerate her misbehavior and will send her to hostel. She says she doesn’t want to stay in a hostel. Anu says her behavior will decide it. They both walk away asking her to sleep now. Pakhi feels guilty and thinks she hates herself, she is bothered about friend’s reaction but didn’t bother about family’s reaction. She writes a sticky note that parents are blessings and not a dustbin. Vanraj and Anu think they need to handle Toshu and their 20 lakhs tax bill now, but they will. They smile at each other and walk to their rooms.

Next morning, Baa and Bapuji find a poem and read it that kids are pure hearted and should be forgiven. Anu serves them tea and asks how is the poem. Baa says its lame and recites her written poem for herself and Bapuji. Anu says its not better than hers. Mamaji jokes. Baa asks if Toshu will leave the house today. Anu says they will see them off with smile. Toshu and Kinjal walk out with their bags. Meri Sanson Me Tu Hai Samaya.. song plays in the background. Anu stops them and performs their aarti. Vanraj joins her and feeds them sweet. Toshu and Kinjal take Baa, Bapuji, and Mamaji’s blessings. Kavya wishes them all the best for a new a a better life. They then take Anu and Vanraj’s blessings. Anu asks them to take care of each other, be happy, and have food on time. Toshu nods yes and says bye. Vanraj says if they feel like meeting them, they should come. Toshu walks towards door. Kinjal stops and says bye Toshu. Toshu stands in a shock. Pakhi asks if Kinjal is not going. Kinjal says she would have left house, but cannot leave the family as she has to pack her memories along with stuff and needs time for that. Toshu asks not to do that. She says until she makes up her mind, she cannot accompany him. Bapuji says they both should go out or stay here until they make up their mind. Toshu says he cannot stay here. Kinjal says she cannot go out of here.

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Precap: Anu gets a bank call that she can get business loan by mortgaging her karkhana/factory as a collateral.

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