you exist in the secret chamber of my heart-chapter:27 (Valentine’s day spl)

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Chapter:27(valentine’s day SPL episode)

Chapter 26

Our episode starts with abhi reads the diary fully..he thinks how idiot i’m?he thinks how he behaved rudely with pragya…I was such a fool..!y love was there near my sight but I failed to realize it..he sees the diary and gets emotional..abhi in an emotional tone says who will get a girl lyk pragya in their life??..he sees pragya’s photo and says here after I’m gonna shower double the love u gave to me,.bt I know how much I shower love on will never compensate urs…and I don’t wanna compensate it..abhi thinks arey..yaar..chashmoo wud be very angry at me..I shud go to her..abhi searches for pragya..he finds pragya with bulbul,rudru and purab..abhi comes there..pragya is sitting in the bench watches him…abhi clears his throat..abhi says chashmoo..I wanna talk to u…bulbul and others are abut to leave.,pragya stops them and says why r u all leaving??there’s nothing personal amid us..she says sarstically there’s nothing amid us..abhi says I know u r angry at u know ryt..I’m such a fool..he goes to her and kneels by facing her…abhi says I’m sry for everything I did to u..he keeps his fingers in her ears and asks sry..pragya stares at him..she says u r always hurting me and saying sry..what do u think I shud apologize u???..this tym I can’t..u accused my love as faked one..abhi is abut to talk to her but she leaves from there..abhi is distraught..bulbul says I think very angry it seems..abhi says oh god..what to do??purab says this anger is not constant one..u can’t even imagine how much she loves you..abhi chuckles and says yes..purab asks him don’t give up..pragya is walking through the corridor..abhi goes behind her..he calls pragya..pragya didn’t respond to him..he follows her..he interrupts her way and asks sry..pragya walks forward and abhi walks backward in the work of consoling her,.,abhi says realized how dumb I was…ok..if u want me to become cock I will..if u want me to do situps I will..pragya stares at him,….he gives his mobile phone to pragya’s hand and asks her to delete all the girls contact..abhi says acchha..if u want delete full contact list…pragya still walk..abhi walks backwards and follows her..abhi says I swear here after I won’t flirt with any girl expect one…pragya sees her..abhi says except you…abhi is abut to skip and pragya holds his hands..Allah wariyan..plays..both are sharing an eyelock..they both comes back to their sense..pragya gets irritated and asks why r u saying all this to me??who am I ??abhi says u r my everything…abhi kneels in front of her and closes her..opens his arms and says I realized that u r mine.yes..I love u…pragya looks at him amusingly..pragya thens leaves from there disturbed..abhi calls her and says oiii..selfi ennaku eppa ok solla pora(when u r going to say ok for me)..pragya turns and goes..she bumps with bulbul…she takes all her books and looks back for abhi.,she didn’t find abhi..

pragya goes to parking lot,,she finds abhi is sitting on her scooty but twiddling her key in his finger..pragya surprisingly asks you???..abhi says yes..i was waiting for u, I thought of getting lift from u…pragya says never…how did u get my key??abhi looks at bulbul..pragya glares at bulbul..bulbul says I don’t know..he asked so…abhi says come fast..purbul giggles seeing them..pragya says I will never come with u..pragya walks out from there..abhi says arey,.yaar..purab asks abhi to follow pragya…pragya comes out from CLG..she started to walk in search of cab..abhi slowly rides scooty matching pragya..abhi says chashmo..plzz..forgive ur idiot na..he gives a pleasing look…he grabs a candy floss from the seller and gives it to pragya..pragya didn’t accept it..abhi stops the scooty interrupting her way..he keeps a teddy hiding his face..pragya goes to him and throws the teddy and moves..abhi says I won’t leave u until u forgive me..abhi follows her slowly in scooty..pragya calls a cab..she goes in..pragya says juz go home…don’t waste ur time behind me.after a while…pragya is travellig in the cab..she sees back ..she thinks idiot..he went away..haan I agree..I told him not to follow me..BT he shud follow me na..suddenly the cab stops with a heavy jerk..pragya asks abut it..the driver goes out.,he sees abhi sitting in the middle of the road,.the driver says some guy is blocking the way.pragya comes out and surprised but seeing abhi..abhi wave his hands seeing her..she sees a crowd of people sitting behind abhi and by demanding forgive him…forgive him..abhi says she’s.pragya goes to abhi and asks what’s all this drama??stop it,,abhi says this is not drama..i want ur apology..until I get it,we all have protest in demanding ur apology..abhi says what say buddies???he cheers the crowd..pragya hits herself..abhi says if u forgive me and accept me..then I will make this crowd disperse till then..hamari mange poori karo…(fulfill our demands).. Pragya says ok..ok..I will..first disperse this crowd..the crowd asks pragya to apologize abhi..pragya says kk.I apologized u …abhi surprised and asks is that so??he smiles and asks the crowd to disperse..he waves bye to all boys over there,.abhi turns and he didn’t find pragya..pragya leaves and walks from there quickly..abhi follows her back in her scooty..

He sings…
Vadi en thamizh selvi..(oh my dear come on)
I will take u shopping to the nalli..
Poga dhadi thalli thalli.,( don’t go away from me)
My vaai is valiching solli.,solli(×2)..(my mouth is paining convincing u)..
Pragya sees him and smiles..abhi gets out from the scooty and dances behind her..

Sambala cover ah saluvu panna mattene
Adha mozhusha tharuvene..(I will not spend my salary will give it to u)
Aamabalaiku azhaga velaiseiyun nerathula
Phone panni onna konjuvene ne.(lyk a good hubby I will call u and care for u amid my working hrs)..
He gives a pleasing look and sings
Oru vaati ok solluh..(say me ok once),,
Vadi…………solli solli..
Pragya runs towards her scooty and starts it.abhi sees it and goes quickly sits after her..abhi makes pragya strap up her helmet and asks her to go..pragya gets fed up with it,.abhi goes to her ears and says I need a firm support to hold..if speed breaker comes then shall I hold u around ur waist???pragya stares at abhi..abhi sees her angry face in rear view mirror.,he says I was juz joking yaar…
To be continued…

Precap:abhi proposes pragya in the midroad at night..pragya and abhi both hugs each other..

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