you exist in the secret chamber of my heart-chapter:25 (maha episode)

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Hi r u all??sry for late update frnds..actually due to some technical issues I’m this late or else I wud have posted it very before..I’m really thankful to u all for all ua support towards my ff has reached 25th episode’s all becoz of ur support frnds..thnq so much dears…love u all..I’m 16..I guess everyone here r elder than me..I always wanted to get connected with u all reply to all ur comments and thanq u all personally..but I cudn’t able to do that..becoz I have got struck with my sry for that…sometimes I have given very late update..but u lovely sisters always supported me alot..I wanted u make u all my sisters..may I??if u all don’t mind may I know where r u all from???ok..let’s get into our ff..
Chapter:25(maha episode..)(nillayo…un per enna)..

Chapter 24

Our episode starts with abhi @night 12 thinks abut what purab said in the cafe..he ‘s rolling on his bed..he calls purab and asks him..,purab picks up the call..abhi asks purab how do u say that the boy feels that girl so SPL and important??purab is quizzled and asks whom r u talking abut??abhi reminds purab abut it..puraa thinks oh..sir koh yeh jaanah hai..purab says’s simple..that girl is important in his life…abhi asks how??purab says see..did he feel SPL around her??abhi without his sense thinks abut pragya and says yes…purab asks did he enjoy fighting with her??abhi says yes..purab says did he miss her if he didn’t find her around??abhi says yes wonderingly..purab says so’s clear that he loves that girl.he says see..if he doesn’t love her then why he feel jealous abut someone getting closer to her??abhi says but..purab says I’m sure..he loves her deeply…

I think even he’s unaware of it..abhi thinks himself do i love pragya??abhi closes his eyes and thinks abut all his moments with pragya..abhi hangs up the phone and goes somewhere…abhi rides his bike and goes somewhere @ midnight..he parks his bike near pragya’s home..he thinks if I love pragya then she wud come outside …ryt now..he stares at balcony..waits for her by murmuring come out..come pragya didn’t sleep and rolls on the bed..she comes out from her room..she suddenly feels breeze and he herself tend to pull towards balcony..abhi looks at the balcony gets sad as pragya didn’t come..he gets distraught and decides to go.air breezes and abhi sees the balcony..he finds pragya there..he smiles seeing her..he hides himself from her..he then hiddenly wonders pragya…air breezes..and song plays..
Un per enna…
En per enna…

He looks at her blowing hair and admires it..pragya then sees noone and goes inside abhi gets happy, jumps and screams .Abhii then thinks yes..I love chashmoo..he then goes to then he started the silent night road..the people sleeping out there in the road gets up and dances with abhiin a filmy way..he sings and dances..he imagines pragya coming there with a yellow saree
Song plays..
Pragya comes the and revolves around abhi …abhi I!agines that they r dancing for this love number coming below…
Manjal Megam
Oru Manjal Megam
Siru Pennaga Munne Pogum
Patharum Udalum
En Kadharum Uyirum
Aval Per Kettu Pinne Pogum

Chella Poove
Naan Unnai Kanden
Chilla Chilla
Uyir Sidhara Kanden
Abhigya are doing the hook step of this song…(imagine the step with abhigyà when nillayo lyrics comes)…
Nillayo Nillayo
Un Per Enna
Unnale Marandhene
En Per Enna

Abhi comes out from the dream..he pats himself and thinks tomorrow I will say u that how much I lobe you??till that I’m gonna hardly get sleep..

Next day mrng:
Abhi is in his washroom…he smears shaving gel in his cheeks…he then abut to shave ..abhi sees pragya’s reflection there in mirror..he then once dances that nillayo hook step as the bgm plays in the background…abhi thinks how dumb I was??I mean who will get this type of chance…ur lpove came and took her first move of proposed u ..but u idiot rejected it..abhi u have to get her back in ur life at ur own ….

After [email protected]:

Bulbul d rudru are in conversation..bulbul says rudru some plan..rudru says this plan is gud..but we have ask purab and pragya once..bulbul says i wud be better if dii..doesn’t know abut it…her rxns will be realistic …rudru asks do u think this plan gonna work??bulbul says after executing this plan abhi has no other option than confessing his love for diii..abhi here arrives CLG..he searches for pragya everywhere desperately..he didn’t find her..then atlast he finds some students crowded around somewhere..he goes there and he found rudru there..pragya also comes there..abhi is abut to talk to pragya but here rudru starts his plan…rudru says that today he’s gonna propose someone and make her mine.

purbul also arrives there..rudru goes to pragya and takes her centre of the floor and kneels before her…I’m ready to give my rest of life in ur hands…will u marry me???abhi shattered hearing this…he drops the rose in his hands..purab sees abhi and thinks Ithink everything is juz messed up…abhi got tears in his eyes…he felt heartbroken and leaves the pragya stares at rudru and leaves from pragya and everyone are gathered..pragya asks at’s all this???rudru ays everything…purab says by doing this stupidity..we made a big mistake..he tells abut abhi and his con.yesterday and @12..pura says he almost realized his love..but u guys messed up everything..bulbul says I didn’t mean to do that..bulbul asks sry to pragya.. pragya says I need to talk to abhi and clear all those confusions…here abhi feels his whole world is stopped and stood numb thinking abut pragya..he then wipes his tears and determines to go somewhere..seems like he’s angry…

he goes to meet prg whereas pragya has come to meet him..they both bumped out with each other..pragya is it to say something…abhi holds her hand tightly and takes her somewhere..pragya is abut to clear him everything..abhi didn’t hear here..abhi claps and congratulates her ironically for getting bf…

he says I didn’t even think you will be this quick in changing ur mind,,well done.,u moved on…uu didn’t even a long break to change ur mind…pragya is helpless as abhi didn’t let her utter even a single word..abhi says at did u say??ur love is true..u love me deeply…if ur love is true u wudn’t have changed ur mind…your love is’s juz a time pass for u girls..pragya gets angry by this and yells abhiiii…she says don’t u dare talk abut my love..I don’t want to prove my love whether it’s true or fake…she cries badly and runs out from there …the screen freezes…

Precap:abhi reads pragya’s secret diary and realized his mistake …feels guilty for being rude with pragya…

Frnds I hope u guys lykes this episode..waiting for ur comments frnds…

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