you exist in the secret chamber of my heart -chapter:22

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Hi r u all??it’s been a long me guys i’;m hardly getting time…thanq for All your energetic comments …

Our episode starts with rudru praises pragya..rudru says ms.chashmish you are really good in singing…you r too good…I must say…pragya thanks him…abhi looks from far that what they are talking??abhi thinks arey yaar…why can’t I hear anything???he looksat them with the puzzling face..abhi goes there and passes from there(pretending as he didn’t notice them and calls his one frnd)..pragya sees abhi…abhi passed away from them..yeh kya??they are talking now…abhi stay here with that mode..he stills pretends of searching someone..pragya packs her stuffs from music room..rudru says I think u surely love someone…pragya who is busy in packing pauses herself a min..pragya says nthng lyk that..rudru got excited and jumped ..pragya gives quizzling look at him…pragya signs him what??rudru says u said u r not commited..I have a chance then..pragya glares at him..and says insane u r..abhi hears all this…his face turns like an angry bird..he thinks why did she say she doesn’t love anyone??she loves me ryt..haann..this is true..I don’t love her…but she loves me na..he leaves from there with these thoughts…

That night:
Abhi comes to purab’s home…purab says abhi …I ‘m sry fr everything.abhi stares purab..abhi says I have come here only coz u insisted me …purab thinks yes..I wanted you to come here.coz..I have a surprise for show gonna start…purab then changes his face to guiltiness and asks sry to abhi..purab says u a ryt..pragya shud have loved you..she is ur cud she luv u??abhi doesn’t say anything…purab looks at abhi and giggles..rudru comes there..abhi wonders what is he doing here???purab says he’s staying with me only…rudru comes and hugs abhi…buddy…kaisa hain yaar??abhi says ironically yes..we are meeting after a long while ryt…abhi thinks now I have to bear him…rudru asks purab..woh uska naam kya hain…??purab asks kiska??rudru says arey woh…chashmish..curly hair wali..salwar wali..abhi says bas..has.pragya…purab with gleam eyes..woh..

pragya..but I didn’t guess u r saying abut pragya..abhiii…wahh… checked out her perfectly..abhi stares at purab..abhi says nthng lyk that..purab asks rudru why are you asking abut her???rudru says I’m impressed abhut her..the way she speaks to anyone..the way she sings..the way she’s really admirable..if she loves someone..then that person might be luckiest person in this whole universe..abhi gets bit disturbed..purab by seeing abhi asks rudru..achha..if someone rejects her love…..rudru says then he might be the dumbest person ever.but I will be lucky.,after all I will get chance..putab asks so..u mean to say u r going to make her urs..rudru says if possible then…abhi goes from there disturbed..abhi thinks what’s happening with me??purab comes there..purab asks what happen??kahin..have you disturbed by rudru’s words.are you feeling jealous?? can’t be jealous..abhi gives a look as he wanted to say something but can’t say it..purab says after all even u wanted don’t want pragya in ur life..rudru want pragya in his I think this wud be better..if pragya and rudru gets together..what say??abhi tries to explain somthng..nahin purab woh…puran says abhii..purab says achha hua.rudru is interested in pragya..isn’t it??abhi thinks something..says yeah undesirably..

The next day:@college
Pragya is writing something in her secret diary..rudru comes there..rudru asks her what r u doing???rudru aka what r u doing???pragya closes her diary and abut to leave..rudru follows pragya..rudru asks why are u getting disgusted seeing me???pragya says why are following me???can’t u leave me peacefully??rudru says but..pragya leaves from there,.she bumps up with bulbul..bulbul asks diii..wat happen???pragya explains everthng.bulbul says wow..di..he’svery much interested in you..y don’t u give him a chance..pragya glares at bulbul..pragya says bulbul ..don’t u know??I c’t imagine anyone else over abhi..he only exist in my heart..bulbul says I know dii..I’m saying it to get abhiii..pragya gives a puzzling look at bulbull..matlab?bulbul says abhi is getting jelaous..if u become closer to kindle him more so that he wud confess his love for you..

pragya says bulbul are you kidding???I can’t use someone to get abhi..I can’t give any fake hope to rudru and use him as intermediate..purab asks why pragya??you can’t do it..u can do it juz to make abhi jealous..pragya says have you both gone mad??I can’t even think abut it..there comes a voice..u won’t do..if even I permit to do…pragya is surprised seeing rudru talking this..pragya asks rudru wat did u say??rudru says yes..if u want abhi then u shud take this step,.pragya asks how u know abut it..??rudru says it’s a big story..purab said abut it day1..I said I wud help you…purab says yes,,pragya.,according to ur plan..abhi is supposed to get jealous..and that’s what happening??rudru says yes..he loves u alot..I noticed his jealousines when I admired you..pragya says were doing all this juz to unite me and abhi..pragya. says thanq..

Precap:rudru and purab explains how they started this mission…how rudru has come forward to help them…

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