you exist in the secret chamber of my heart -chapter:21

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Our episode starts with pragya asking rudru her bracelet..he says I will give it but only when you accept this rose…he forwards rose towards her…pragya looks at it and stares …rudru throws a pleasing look to accept the flower..pragya says don’t irritate me ..just give mine..don’t you dare play with that…rudru says aise kya SPL hain ismein???is this given by ur bf???rudru says no..can’t be,…pragya says yes..rudru says don’t lie…pragya tries to grab her bracelet from him…abhi is coming from there…he sees pragya ad rudru ..he assumed that they are enjoying each other’s company…he rememebers that pragya’s confession..and sees here..he thinks she has cnged a lot within few days..he thinks mujhe kya??it’s good ..she will not think abut me,…abhi became undigestable abut their intimacy..his eyes clearly shows a frustration and hatred…rudru smiles and says ok..I will give.,plzz accept this.,pragya thinks pragya just be clever..if you want ur bracelet …accept it and then after getting your bracelet throw it back to him.she accepts his abhi become more burnt ..pragya sees abhi..abhi throws an undigestable look towards her and goes..pragya sees him..rudru gives pragya’s bracelet..she gets it quickly…rudru ask tell me ..what’s SPL in this??pragya looks at him and says you will never know it…she throws his rose to him…she thinks I need to talk to abhi is in the music room…everyone are there..aakash asks abhi what happen???abhi didn’t say anything..he ‘s thinking abut that incident playing guitar slowly..abhi thinks why am I behaving abnormal seeing them together???why can’t I bear someone else becoming close with pragya??purab stops abhi and holding his hand..purab asks abhi…what happen??abhi says i’m not interested to talk with me..purab says I know..why you are looking disturbed??abhi says no..I’m not.purab asks I know you.,purab says what do you think???am I becoming jealous of their intimacy..never ever..purab gives a quizzling look at him..

abhi says what r u looking??rudru…he will never be match to me..purab thinks accha…jhalan shuru..he says I didn’t even say abut are saying it..abhi becomes quiet…aakash goes to abhi and says I think you are feeling jealous..I think you started loving pragya..abhi glares at him…pragya comes there..he says abhiiii…whatever happened don’t take me wrong..woh.actually rudru..she starts to explains everything..but abhi denies to listen her..abhi says I don’t need any explanation..I don’t give damn …vaise bhi..everything keeps cnging in life..he says sarcastically nothing is constant in our life.frnds too..pragya gets distraught by it..abhi says in unbearable tone that i’m happy you finally got someone…pragya tries to make him understand.,abhi says i’m seeing everything..he smirks…abhi says anyway congrats miss.pragya…both got tears in each other’s eyes..imaye imaye song plays..both looked at each other’s eyes ..their eyes tries to convey their pain and each other’s love..later their eyes gets broken with rudru’s arrival..rudru comes there …says everyone is here..he sees abhigya..pragya leaves from there with teary eyes..she sits and sits here..she thinks why abhi???why??can’t you see my love for you,..I can’t even think abut someone other than you..only you exist in thee secret chamber of my heart…bulbul comes there and says di…why are crying??infact you shud be happy..

Pragya in a quizzling tone asks what???bulbul says my tubelight didi..can’t you see??abhi can’t able to bear you with someone..he feels unbearable when someone becomes more closer to you other than him..pragya asks MATLAB..bulbul says he loves only he feels jealous of rudru..see only a bf will get jealous when he sees his gf with other..can you able to understand??..pragya thinks is abhi feeling jealous??which means he …..bulbul says diii…now you have make him more jealous that he shud directly and confess his love to you..later…pragya goes inside music room..abhi sees her,..rudru gets more excited seeing pragya…arey..she also exist in this band…purab says haann..she sings awesome..rudru says miss..what shud is call you???rudru says chashmish,.ok.abhi looks at rudru and thinks I will not spare him…abhi’s looks somewhat like this????????????….purab giggles seeing abhi…pragya too enjoys abhi’s jealousiness…pragya goes and sits..abhi is sitting next to her..rudru is stting next to abhi..rudru whispers on abhi’s ears..abhi..yaar..can you juz sit here??actually I can’t able to see her..abhi says i’m comfortable here..if you want go and sit opposite to her..abhi thinks in his mind..bada aaya hero and smirks..they are practicing for a song..pragya has to sing now..pragya sings..
Mile ho tum humko bade naseebon se..air breezes on both rudru and abhi’s face..both looked pragya mesmerizingly..pragya hears thinks abut all her moments with abhi and sings…abhi sees rudru also looking at pragya..abhi hides pragya from him and distracts his attention from her…rudru say kya yaar??sit correctly..pragya stops and abhi continues the song..
Teri chahaton mein kitna tadpe hain
Sawan bhi kitne tujh bin barse hain.(I have suffered a lot in need of you..lot monsoons has rained when you weren’t there and without you)..
Pragya continues….
Zindagi mein meri saari job bhi kami thi…
Tere aajane se an nahin rahi…(after your arrival i’m not missing anything lyk I felt before)…
Sada hi rehna tum..mere kareeb hoke….(always live close with me)….
Both are looking at each other’s eyes…
The screen freezes…

Frnds I hope you guys liked this epsode.I will try to post quickly as possible…thanq for all your support and keep supporting me all..luv you all,..waiting for ur comments….

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