you exist in the secret chamber of my heart – chapter:20

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Our episode starts with pragya falls down from abhi’s arms and rudru catches her…abhi sees it and gets dumbstruck as he doesn’t know how to react??his face turns fade..rudru says sambhal ke…you are really strange girl…what wud have happened if you got hurt??..he’s still holding pragya in his arms,.abhi here hardly seeing it…rudru says it’s didn’t ask sry for fighting with least says thanks…for catching you at perfect time..pragya sees abhi…purab comes there..he sees everything..he sees abhi’s face..

he giggles seeing abhi’s reaction towards the scene…pragya gets irritated and releases rudru’s hands from her and stares at him…rudru says arey..I was helping you but you are staring at me…very bad you least tell ur name???..what’s ur sweet name??..pragya says idiottt..and leaves…purab giggles.pragya leaves..rudru in quizzling tone asks but… that ur name??..rudru with bug – eyes asks yaar..abhiiii…kaisa hain??hugs abhi…abhi accepts his hug in ignorant manner..he’s having unknown anger towards him..he then throws a fake smile at him…purab notices it..purab asks are here??..juz go and meet the dean..rudru starts actually…and tells everything happened..paagal ladki..rudru asks who’s she??purab sees abhi and says why are you asking it.??rudru says shud have guessed it..don’t you know??i’m in search of my love..

maybe she cud become mine…looking simple and elegant..she’s very interesting.abhi gives a sarcastic smile says that will not happen..purab and rudru looks at abhi with bug eyes..rudru asks why??is she already commited??or else you love her??abhi says no..rudru wears his coolers and says then my way is clear..abhi gets disturbed by that and leaves from there..Rudru wonders and says ab isse kya hua??..purab says jhalan pyaar mein(jealousy in love),.rudru says sry…purab says nothing…both leaves..after a while:in pragya’s department:pragya is looking for abhi from her bench..he comes inside and sees her..he gives a angry look at her and sits..the lecturer comes and says abut new comer..rudru enters inside the department..the lecturer introduces rudru to all.

pragya looks at him surprisingly and thinks iss idiot yeha..tanu gets excited seeing him and says how hot he’s looking??pragya thinks she will never change..the bell rings..lecturer leaves..rudru sees pragya and gets surprised..says achha..she also this department..he goes to abhi and sits..rudru asks abhii…is she belongs to this department??abhi asks whom??that beauty..abhi stares at him says yes..rudru says chalo..accha hua…rudru turns to pragya and waves hi..pragya notices her bracelet in his hand..he shows it to her..pragya suddenly sees her hand and thinks oh bracelet..I won’t spare him dare he takes my bracelet???here purab and bulbul are talking.

.bulbul feels bad for pragya and blames herself for giving that idea..purab says it was not ur fault..we thought to make abhi realize his love??but..unfortunately..bulbul says now di left her all hope..even I left all hope that abhi will accept di..purab smiles..bulbul asks why are you smiling??purab says no,…still there’s ahope..bulbul with bug eyes asks what??purab says abut rudru and all happened..purab says you shud have seen abhi that time..I felt he’s totally burnt by whatever rudru says,.he felt jealousy seeing intimacy..bulbul gets excited and hugs purab..purab gets surprised,.bulbul realizes that she hugged purab and releases her hand..purbul chuckles inside..after a while:pragya goes to rudru and asks give me..he’s having chips ..he keeps it on pragya’s hand…pragya thinks is he mad??..pragya asks rudru the bracelet..rudru pretends what bracelet??pragya keeps asking her bracelet to him..pragya says that bracelet is very SPL to me.,don’t you dare play with it..give me..rudru says cool..get it..he then says I will give it on one condition..pragya gives a puzzling look at him…
The screen freezes…

Precap:rudru keeps seeing pragya by turning back..abhi notices it and tries to distract him from seeing her by hiding her..rudru says that he likes pragya..abhi says don’t like her..rudru look at him surprisingly…

Frnds,,i’m trying my best to update episodes regularly..I hope you guys lyked this episode..thanx for ur immense love and support..luv u all..muaahhh..?????????????…waiting for ur comments

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