you exist in the secret chamber of my heart – chapter:18

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Hi frnds..i’m happy that you guys lyked previous episode..I lil bit worried abut that whether you guys will lyk that or not..but now I feel you all..????..nasima,di,priyanka,akshaya,cutevanshu,sowji,sugan,aarthinayana,reshma pradeep and all..I really had a good pongal with my family members..hope you guys also..I know by seeing the montage you cud have got some clues who is new entry in our story..yes it’s naagin 2 fame rudhru(naag) in that serial..I hope you guys will accept him in our kkb story..ok let’s get into the story..
Chapter:18(new twist:rudru’s entry).

Chapter 17

That night:abhi is still angry at pragya..he goes inside his room and disorganises everything in his room..throws the pillow and all..he continuously reminiscences the moment pragya removed his mask and all other thing happened in the party..purab comes there..he’s abut to talk..abhi asks purab to go away in anger..purab says if you wanna be angry at can..but just answer me this questions can’t two best friends become lovers??..why are doing this abhi??.pragya loves you so have hurt her today..abhi asks I don’t wanna hear just leave..alia comes there..she touches purab’s shoulder and gives his hope that she vl talk to bhai..purab leaves..abhi remembers all his moments with pragya..he suddenly notices a trophy in which was written”best fighter couple”..he goes to abhigya have come to shopping mall..abhi is having chips and following pragya..pragya is talking to her by he didn’t respond as he was texting in the mobile to a girl…

pragya gets him the phone,.both fights..pragya says always you are keep chatting with girls..abhi says chashmoo..give it..reeta will be waiting for my reply..yesterday you were chatting with reeta..hey bhagwaan..isse tohda akal doh…pragya sees the text that the girl sent..the text is:???????????..pragya gets irked and says cheee..yeh kaisi besharam ladki hain..abhi tries to get the phone..but pragya replies to that girl’s text besharam kaiki…don’t you feel shame??..texting a boy lyk he your bf??not ryt..don’t you dare text him lyk this??..if you were here..I wud have killed you..abhi sees pragya texting..he gives crying pragya texting in anger..if you again text him..I will come and kill dog…pragya says text sent..she says ufff…here abhigya started to fight each other..abhi asks dare you??why did you do this??

she wud have gone upset..pragya asks achha hua..pragya hits abhi’s head and says you are such a flirt…abhi says I shudn’t have come with you..pragya gets angry and says go..go,.I didn’t call the fighting competition is going couple is fighting here..atlast they became out..the host of the competition asked is there anyone to join the comp.suddenly all other’s attention turned on to abhigya..they were really shouting and fighting with each other…the host says yes..there’s another couple..the host goes there..he asks abhigya to come to stage and fight..abhi asks him to go away..pragya says talk to me..don’t try to change the topic..what did you say you shudn’t have come with me???..the host asks aisa kaha yeah??..pragya says yes..bhai you know??he’s such an idiot ,stupid and irritating frnd ever..abhi says you are also not less than that..abhi says bhai tum suno..who will reply badly for someone’s text in someone’s phone??.she did it..she had hurt a girl..pragya says you hear me..she’s not a girl..she’s a dayan..she’s a double itself say if koi bhi achi ladki itni Gandhi message bejegi kya???she shows the text..

abhi grabs the mobile from her.abhi says she’s behaving…I always victim of all her stupidities..pragya asks what did you say??talk to me..they both keep fighting continuously..the host eyes came out..he tries to stop them,,but they are fighting bak..bak..bak..bak..he sat down in frustation..he swirls in the ground..he at last shouts stop ittttttttt…abhigya stops and sees him..both are taking breathe fastly….the host asked them to stop by pleasing them …he got blo*dy tears in his eyes…he says and the best fighter couple award goes to name??..they says abhi..pragya..the host announces abhigya…abhi and pragya both laughs..abhi says so they will reward even for silly???abhigya done hi-fi and laughs..the host stared at them..they both got the award..abhi says we want to dedicate this award to pa,grand pa,grt grand pa,grt grt grt grand pa…pragya says bas…bas..let’s go..pragya drags abhi from there and both comes out..abhigya smiles..ladayi karke is bar yeh title toh jeet gaye…abhi comes out from the fb..he smiles without his sense..later he comes to his pragya also looks at the trophy..she got tears in eyes..she says I lost everything..your love..ur care and ur frndship..I became selfish and unknowingly was hurting you…she shatters down..tanu consoles her…she says don’t worry..abhi will soon realize and apologize you..after some time:

She is writing diary..everything is over cud live with his hatred towards me??if I didn’t even see him for a while..I will get after..he will be in front of me but even though he will behave lyk a after he will never call be chashmoo..infact he will not even call me..he will not fight with me..he won’t convince me with his cute tricks..he will not make me angry..I will get insane..I don’t know what to do now??khaash I wud have had time machine and make everything set lyk before..she cries badly..her tears rubbed the sentence I lost him forever..she sleeps there itself..

The next day:
One guy departs down from train..he wears his glasses..he calls someone..yes it’s rudru..yeh abhi..why he’s not picking up the phone??he says I shud call purab..he calls..

To be continued..

Frnds..I hope you guys lyked it..comment and share your views…

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