you exist in the secret chamber of my heart-chapter:15

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Hi frnds..I’m really sorry for very long late update.actually I was lil busy with my only I cudn’t get time to update episode.even I feel so bad that I didn’t able to update my ff..I really missed u all…plzz apologize and keep supporting me frnds..whenever I get gym I will update it..

Chapter:15(abhi’s plan to get his love)..

Chapter 14

Pragya is writing diary..the confidence which I didn’t get so far,has come to me now..I’m gonna tell abhi how much I love him now…but…don’t know why??am I cheating him???..pragya then comes to a clear mind and writes no…I love him love always wants his happiness..pragya closes her diary and goes to sleep..
The next day:
Pragya is getting ready for college..she gets abhi’s phone..she picks up..abhi says chashmoo..what r you doing still??..pragya who’s drinking coffee gets irks and spills it and says yes..yes..i’m on the way..I’m struck in the traffic jam..abhi in a suspicious tone asks are you sure??..pragya says ha..haan.yes yes..abhi says come to coll soon..pragya hangs up the phone…pragya tells tabul that she’s leaving before…
At college:pragya reaches there..she again gets abhi’s call..pragya thinks arey yaar..she picks up and says i’m here..she thn notices crowd gathered around some board..pragya goes towards it and reads it.,she gets shock..yeh kya??..she hears girls talking..what??abhi is throwing new year party..gonna propose somebody in the new year bash….pragya goes to abhi..abhi got bug-eyed seeing her..chashmoo..where have you been?? told that you are here..and coming too late..pragya in a confusing tone asks what’s there in the board abhi???abhi blushes and says oh..kaise bataun??he then pushes pragya gently with his hands..pragya says how can you propose someone else??..I mean u love solace(pragya) cud you propose someone??..abhi says who told i’m gonna propose someone??arey..i’m gonna propose solace in front of this world..pragya then says did you see her??..abhi says yes…yesterday..I met her..infact she’s really happy that i’m gonna propose her in front of all..pragya with crying face thinks yeh kya??..i;m these confusions came??..ab kya karoon??..abhi asks what r u thinking??and waves his hand…pragya says how cud you see her???.abhi gives a quizzling look..abhi says why not???pragya thinks how cud I say that i’m your solace??…you were mistaken that someone else is your solace..abhi says I know..everything happened very faster that I didn’t get time to tell you..pragya is still lost in her thoughts,.abhi gets pragya’s hands and says I just want you to be with me when I will be proposing her..pragya says but..won’t you introduce me to her???..abhi says yes..but you have to wait still new year bash..abhi becomes happy and starts singing louder…yaaaron..suno mere dil ki baat..(hear my inner voice)..

Everyone gathers there..boys says our rockstar is in love..they asks say who’s that ???..abhi says my secret lover who made me crazy for her…boys says so rockstar has finally fallen in love…pragya thinks kisi be poocha in logon se???..always becoming oversmart…she gives fake smile at them..abhi says is in my everywhere…in air..everyone shouts woooohooo..and says so this new year gonna be more special..abhi starts singing song and dances..
Koi mil gaya..koi mil gaya..
The boys asks whom???..
Mera dil gaya..mera dil gaya..
The boys asks who stole it??
Abhi then sings..
Kya bataun yaaron…mera dil gaya..
Koi mil hi gaya..
Everyone dances with abhi…a boy asks pragya to dance with them..but she ignores..he keeps on forcing her..pragya stamps his leg and says now u wanna dance..get lost..
After a while:
Pragya walks here and there..purbul are sitting and watching her..bulbul utters di..pragya here mutters..oh god..everything is over..why this is always happening with me??..everything is going very perfect…now sautan has arrived amid me and abhi..what wud I do now????.she cries louders..purbul consoles her..purab asks di.are you sure??I mean how cud abhi meet solace??as you r solace..pragya says who knows??she explains everything…purab says what is this new twist??di.someone is playing game…abhi comes there and says yes playing game..everyone gets shocked..their faces turns pale..abhi laughs at them..abhi says dekha..when you guys believed that i got solace..then surely solace(pragya) will come in front of me to say that she’s real one..everyone gives a quizzling face at abhi..abhi says listen..if I made everyone believe that I have got my love…then my love will think that how cud I get my love when my love is actually her….and she will eventually come to me and say me that she ‘s my love,..abhi says it without break..and takes a long breathe after saying it..abhi asks much samjhe..pragya nods no..abhi pats her head and explains it…pragya got happy by hearing it…everyone says so this is your plan…purab asks abhi..this is not fair..why didn’t you say this is before???…abhi says I wannna see u guys rxn..abhi says but i’m gonna propose her that day…pragya says how cud you say that she vl come to party??..abhi says bas…I feel and i’m sure she will come..she will surely come to me to say that she’s my solace(pragya)..after all she has to come…pragya chuckles and asks if she didn’t come then???..abhi gets serious and says if she didn’t come then I will feel very bad..I will be angry at her that she didn’t come to me…pragya got emotional and abhi says ohho,.she will come..purab says OK..abhi..what’s your next plan??..abhi says to wait for party…

That night:
Abhi is looking at the stars …abhi says don’t know who you r??but still I feel that I know you very well..nevertheless..after all we gonna become life partners…in that case..ab nahin toh I will get to know abut you…here pragya is also looking at the stars…bulbul asks di…what r you gonnna do di???pragya says bas… i’m gonna tell abhi that i’m solace(pragya)..I don’t want him to be in darkness…today I saw those feelings for me in abhi’s eyes that I was longing..but even though I feel afraid that abhi shud not think that I betrayed him…I will say him in the new year bash the truth…abhi here thinks I ‘m eagerly waiting for that party..the screen freezes showing abhigya’s face…

Precap:abhigya goes out for shopping…

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