you exist in the secret chamber of my heart-chapter:13

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Hi frnds..di,priyanka,akshaya,minu,reshma,cutevanshu,sugan,nasima…maha,rithu..I miss prathi,monesha di and b_Ani’s comments…frnds let’s get into the story….

Chapter 12

Our episode starts with tanu crying loud in front of abhigya,purbul everyone..alia consoles her..she still cries..aakash says don’t cry loud or else we have to face the problem of earthquake…everyone says aakash chorusly…aakash say yes..I know what r u all going to say shut up..ryt.. Tanu cries and says abhi how cud u do this to me?? can you love someone??abhi goes and sits near her says see..tanu..i never loved u..i always thought u as my friend…nothing more than that..pragya gives a pity look at tanu..bulbul murmurs you feel bad for tanu??pragya says yes..i really feel bad for her..bulbul stares at pragya..tanu says y don’t you like me??abhi says who told i don’t like u..pragya’s face shows some jealousy…here abhi says i like u alot but i can’t love u..hope u understand..i think u need sometime alone..abhi asks everyone to leave..everyone is abut to leave…tanu says so what r u going to do next??..abhi shows a quizzling face..tanu says how r u going to find her??..i will also help u to reach ur love..everyone gets happy…

tanu smiles and asks why r u all showing surprising face??i accepted the truth…but i want abhi to be happy..abhigya smiles..all goes together and hugs tanu….after a while:abhi and pragya in their lecture..pragya remembering abut the way abhi goes to the top floor and the message he gave for her.she’s still lost by seeing abhi…the lecturer notices pragya lost somewhere..he utters pragya…she didn’t respond..tanu calls pragya..sir is calling u..she stands still having pleasant smile on her face…lecturer is scolding pragya but she feels like he’s singing song..the lecturer asks pragya to get out..she gently comes out from her place and goes still she’s looking lost..she sees abhi and smiles and then she leaves..abhi wonders is chashmoo ko kya ho gaya??..why is she behaving so weird???pyaar toh mujhe hua hain..par yeh koyi koyi si rehti hain.(I fell in love but now she’s looking lost)..

the lecturer hits himself with book…everyone laughs seeing him hitting…the scene shifts to purbul’s department…the lecture is going on…bulbul says to alia how boring it’s??..alia yawns and says yes..yaar..bulbul sees purab…he is interesting listenting to the lecture..bulbul thinks yeh insaan bhi hain yaa nahin….she remembers that wooden plank incident…and says but he’s so good..and smiles…here purab hears someone’s snoring….it’s aakash..purab thinks he vl never change….the lecturer sees aakash and throws duster on him…he irks and gets up…the lecturer asks everyone to be quiet..he says i don’t need any of the disturbances in my class..suddenly there hears ringtone of mobile..badtameez dil..badtameez dil…the lecture gets over..the lecturer leaves..bulbul thinks yaar..see too disurb him??see throws paper rocket on him…he turns looks at the rocket…wonders who’s doing??..he scolds aakash…aakash says I didn’t do that…alia asks bulbul..what r u doing??she says having fun…she once again throws and hides…third time she’s abut to throw she didn’t find purab there..she asks alia..where’s purab??just before he was here…she hears a voice I’m here..bulbul got widened eye..she sees purab..purab asks why did u throw rocket on me???bulbul says I didn’t do it..this alia was doing it..alia stares at her..

purab says I know it’s you…bulbul says’s me..are you man or what??alia giggles…purab stares at bulbul…bulbul suddenly says sorry..I didn’t mean that..I’m asking how cud u able to manage hearing this boring lecture??I felt bored…so I thought of disturbing you..purab laughs and says u r unbelieveable and freaky too…bulbul too smiles seeing him laugh…others all looked at them interestingly like watching film by opening their mouth…purab turns and sees it..he tells kya hain?what r all looking??purab goes to aakash says why everyone I looking lyk this???aakash says so…you donno what happened here??.purab lips curved and he turns…here pragya comes out from the class..she ‘s super happy…song plays background..(mazhaiyin saaralil..maazhaiyin saaralil..nenaiya thondrudhu..and nadunga thondrudhu…

i feel like that i want to drench in drizzling rain and then tremble)…she jumps and screams ehhhh…pragya goes to the tree and shakes the branches of the tree..she looks so happy and didn’t hear someone calling her also..everyone looked strangely at her…
After a while:
Abhi searches for pragya..he wonders where’s this chashmoo??…here I’m in great confusion how to find solace??..I told in front of everyone that I will find her..but how??..this chashmoo bhi na..when I need her she dissapeared…he sees pragya..abhi says dekho…she’s sitting here peacefully…her face doesn’t even shows a sign of sorrow abut getting out from class…abhi goes there and calls chashmoo…she didn’t respond…he screams chashmooo….pragya irks and sees it..abhi asks what r u thinking??she says abut u..nothing…nothing..u tell me what??..abhi says a big problem has come…pragya shockingly asks whatttt??..abhi says I challenged to her that I will find her..but how??I donno..pragya chuckles and says that’s your have to find her..abhi says kaisi frnd ho tum…don’t forget frnd in need is frnd indeed…pragya says ha.,haa..pata hain …don’t try to blackmail emotionally..see I can’t help you in this..

u love her or not…pragya waits to see his reaction..abhi with a smile says yes..yaar.I love her…pragya here turns and says aiiiii..abhi saysi even don’t know how she looks??pragya says u see me..abhi says sorry..pragya says I mean see…don’t u have any imaginary outline of her in your mind..abhi says I donno.abhi in a admiring tone says will she look like a moon in the sky??..he pauses for some secs and says or else will her eyes look like two twinkling stars in the night??..pragya blushes hearing his words..or else her smile will sound like group of pearls that is hitting the ground???pragya looks at abhi and abhi turns and looks at pragya’s eyes…both r sharing eye lock plays..kya hua azar tere saat rehkar na jaane ki hosh mujhe na raha…(what’s is the impact that makes me to become out of conscious when I was with u)…lafz mere the zubaan peh aake ruke par ho na sake woh Bayaan..(my words are strucking when it comes to my mouth so i can’t able to express it)..Teri nazar ka hi yeh azar hain mujhpe joh hua(it’s all the impact of ur sight that happened to me)….abhigya still looking at each other’s eyes..after some time..they both comes back to their sense…abhi asks chodo usse…don’t try to divert me..tell me some idea..pragya thinks bhagwaan ji…

he’s asking idea to me to find me..what to do???pragya u deserve it indeed…suddenly purbul and alia comes there…purab asks abhi..u guys r here..abhi says see..purab…I’m confused..I’m getting not any idea..bulbul in a quizzling tone asks what idea abhi??..abhi says it..bulbul tells ho..hoooo…abhi says what ho…ho,.??u tell me,…bulbul thinks what’s this new issue??..bulbul says pur..purab..will say..abhi sees purab..purab blinks..haann..yes,…yes..bulbul thinks very good..he’s trapped..purab stamps bulbul..she screams..purab asks what happen bulbul????…bulbul says no..nothing..pragya ,purbul are tangled in it…

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