you exist in the secret chamber of my heart-chapter:12 (christmas special) someday I will find u..

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Chapter:12:Christmas special..someday I will find u…

Chapter 11

Hi frnds..first of all wish u all merry Christmas and and advance happy new year..????????..actually I thought to give a Christmas special episode dear frnds and silent readers this episode is only for u guys and becoz u guys are really special to me…without u genuine readers this tellyupdate page wouldn’t be able to survive…u guys r really motivating me to write more..oopppss..sometimes it may bore u..apologies for that..????..OK let’s get into the story..

The next college..
Abhi sitting alone .purab sees him…goes to him and pats him from back..abhi turned..purab says kya hua rockstar??why r u looking so lost?abhi didn’t respond still quiet..purab says vaise..I know what r u thinking??abhi asks what??purab says jus know..but I won’t say..I can able to read ur mind…whatever matter that is confusing u..don’t worry..everything will get alright..abhi asks how??when u doesn’t know what am i thinking abut??how did u say that everything will get alright???purab says yes..u r thinking abut ur secret love ryt..abhi suddenly sees him…I know u r wondering why didn’t she post any letter??..

abhi didn’t say anything..purab says ur silence says that u miss her…abhi says even I don’t know what I’m feeling yaar???..I have never bee this much confusable…prabul ,taaliya.rachna comes there…purab says just hear ur heart..everything will get alright…there comes peon..he goes to abhi..abhi asks kya hua Dada??..he says u were asking abut some letter ryt..a girl gave this to me to give u…abhi suddenly got surprised and with bug_eyed asks where’s she??did u see her??peon says I didn’t see her as veiled her face with Stoll..but she told me to give you this..abhi gets the letter eagerly..purab you were was from her..abhi opens it..he reads..imagine it by pragya’s voice…how r u??I know u wud be angry at me…u would have thought that I was just joking with u..but I purposely didn’t post u any you know why??becoz I wanna see how u r reacting if I stopped posting it..I just wanna see the desperation in your eyes..I got what I want…

I have been watching u past days..u really missed me…sorry for making u desperate…hope very soon u will realize my love for u…solace(pragya)…abhi got very happy by reading it and jumps..and hugs pragya in excitement and rounds her…pragya chuckles inside.aakash says abhi…handle r getting over excited..he says aise hi hota yaar ..jab koi pyaar mein ho toh…tanu says aakash don’t get oversmart..abhi don’t love her..tanu asks abhi..u tell you love her???abhi thinks everyone is saying that I’m in love…am I really in love…do I love her??he goes to the middle ground ..everyone sees him..abhi started singing song and dances…
Muttalai muttalai en maarinyen..(why I became mad??)
En nenjai pandhaki En vesinyen(why did I throw my heart lyk a ball)..he gets everyone and dances with them..everyone got surprised by abhi,.he gets pragya and singing..

Vaan engum poo Megam naan neikiren..(I’m knitting clouds on sky)..
Matrangal en endru araikiren(I’m wondering why’s this change??)..suddenly he sees a girl coming with veil..h imagination..he sees her was actually our pragya..
He holds her and sings..

Satiyamaai idhu bhoomi illai..satiyamaai idhu naanum illai..satiyamaai naan poi solvinen..adhan karanam nee illai(I swear this not earth,..this is not me…I swear I’m lying..the reason was not u..)abhi dances waltz with her..she dissapears suddenly..abhi comes out from dream and hits himself…alia says what happen bhai??purab says we have to ask him only…pragya is enjoying it inside…abhi suddenly goes somewhere…everyone wonders where’s he going???pragya thinks where’s he going???abhi goes to the top floor of the building…everyone crowded there down…everyone asks abhi to come down..abhi says don’t worry i’;m not gonna commit suicide…girls don’t worry…pragya thinks abhi bhi …..purab ask abhi..get down..what’s this??pragya asks abhi comedown…what joke is this??abhi says don’t worry chashmoo…all other students murmurs there.girls all says abhi to get down…

abhi takes mike and says..I know u r somewhere here,,,u r watching me in this crowd…all others wonders whom abhi is talking??abhi says I know here everyone can’t not understand whom I’m talking abut??they might think me insane,freeky…pragya suddenly holds attention on it…abhi says but u know what…I’m dying to see u …i know u r playing game with me..I’m ready..but don’t challenge this rockstar..i’m surely gonna find u..someday I will find u…once i get u..i will never make lesve u go away from me..pragya got happy and teary eyes..she thinks toh..abhi realized that he’s in love with me…purbul sees pragya and smiles..bulbul thinks so abhi is up to this….now this love hide and seek will get more interesting..pragya thinks oh..u gonna find me…OK rockstar..I’m ur secret lover gonna make u round more…tanu thinks why is he doing it??I mean why did he wanna find her??..oh god kahin..abhi fallen for…abhi says in a loud voice..let’s begin this game..I’m sure u gonna lose..pragya thinks that’s what I want..if I wanna lose to get u ..then I’m ready…screen freezes…

Frnds to make today more special this day..I made abhi to realize his love for pragya indirectly..a lot of twist is awaiting…I dedicate this episode to all you..I hope u guys will enjoy this…

??????????..bye..once again merry Christmas…and one more thing this is my favourite only I added this song…is it ur favourite too??

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