You are and always be my life (KKB) Teaser after a long time……

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This is for Ani and Prathi who had been asking me many times, where is MMMM? But this may not be regular as I still have the other 2 ffs! If u all want to continue then this will come on every Sunday and I will upload this as a long update.
This is just a teaser as I am writing for this a very long time…I would only continue if the response is good as I don’t want to continue if it’s not interesting to you all.

This is the link to the last episode that was posted for this:
Episode 43

Fast Recap
Abhi and his family are under house arrest as a murder happened at Abhi’s studio room. Abhi is trying in his ways to find out who is the murderer. Pragya who is pregnant is worried for him but is supporting him as much as she could. The last episode ended with Dadi telling something to Abhigya which made them slightly confused.

Pragya is staying in her room looking at some baby pictures was smiling and admiring them.
Abhi looked at that and sat beside her. Abhi “Fuggi! You are looking at all this?” Pragya “Haan…All the babies are so cute!!” Abhi “Yes but not as cute as my Fuggi!!” Pragya hearing that smiled and said “I am cute because of u!” Abhi “Enough of looking! First come and eat! You are always not eating on time!”

When they were about to leave the room, Pragya’s phone was ringing and Abhi said “Wait! Let me go and attend it” He went to the side table and picked up the call.
Someone in a husky voice “Hello! Rockstar’s Fuggi! Are u worried about your plight now? If u want I can give u a flight to come with me!” By saying that he gave an evil laughter. Someone “Did u heard that? Plight aur Flight!! Very rhyming….just the way your Rockstar do it….” Abhi hearing all that yelled in anger “Who the hell are u?” Someone “I was talking to Rockstar! My goodness! This is my moment of the day!!!” Pragya hearing Abhi’s loud voice was taken aback. Pragya “Who are u talking to?” Abhi ended the call and looked at her. Abhi “Some wrong number…just irritating us!” Pragya “Ok….come let’s eat!” Abhi checked the number but the number was not there as it was a private number.

Someone looking at Abhigya’s pictures was giving wicked smile. Someone “My intention is to show that both of u are destined to be disturbed all life….You two can never be in peace…..”

By saying that he burnt their pictures and left the place.
Someone, It’s my burning desire to burn both your desires of life…….

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