You are and always be my life (KKB) Episode 48

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First of all sorry for not updating last week. Not sure how is this too.

Abhi was interviewed for his next concert in a press meet.

One of the man “ Sir! Is it true that u are separated from your wife?” Abhi did expected this kind of personal questions will be asked.

Abhi with a cool tone “ How does that relates to my concert?” Man “ Not in anyway but u are a public figure and your personal life is of public interest especially your fans’ interest.” Abhi “ This is a press meet regarding to my concert and not a meet and greet session with fans! If my fans would have asked then I would have talked about my personal life! Next question please!”

Man was trying to ask furthermore and that’s when someone asked “ If u didn’t want her then why did u make her pregnant?” Abhi heard that voice and it was familiar to him. It was his Fuggi’s voice!

Abhi scanned through the crowd. Pragya “ I am here!” Pragya “ Would u be able to answer that question sir?” Abhi in a emotional tone “ Fuggi…” Pragya “ Sorry sir…I can’t get u!” Abhi “ I am sorry Ms Pragya…” Pragya “ Sir…I am not Pragya…” Abhi knew she was his Fuggi, Pragya and love just that she was not accepting it.

Abhi “ Coming to your question, It’s a matter between my wife and me…” Pragya “ Then who am I?” Abhi “ Sorry?” Pragya “ U made me pregnant and when I said I am not Pragya and u are still accepting it! Are u a fool? Can’t u see my bump at least?” Abhi “ Please talk with some respect Fuggi! This is a press meet!” Pragya walking to where he was “ Then who will be with me during my labour pain???” Abhi came near her “ Fuggi! Don’t tell like this! What if our baby comes out now itself?” Pragya “ That’s right! Our baby but u left me like this!!!” Abhi “ Fuggi! Please…don’t embarrass me in this way….” Pragya “I want to kill u!!!” She was about to take a knife from her handbag but she yelled in pain dropping the knife.

Abhi “ What happened now?” Pragya “ Stupid! I am really having labour pain! Carry me!” Abhi in a tensed tone “ Okok!” Abhi carried her to his car.

Pragya hearing his weird conversation in sleep woke up and wondered what happened to him.

Pragya “ Suniye…open your eyes! Why are u lifting hands like this?” It was no use and Pragya shook him then he waked up with a scared look.

Abhi “Fuggi! Our baby! Come let’s go! I need to carry u!” Pragya “Huh?” Abhi “ U are getting labour pain!” Pragya “ Oh god! U are dreaming of me getting labour pain!” Abhi looked puzzled and looked around. Abhi “ Press people?” Pragya “ This is my room in Ma’s house…” Abhi still looked confused and Pragya gave him water to drink. Abhi drinking it looked at his Fuggi with worry.

Pragya “ Are u better now?” Abhi “ Ya..I think so…” He said that by scratching his head.

Pragya “ What happened?” She asked that caringly by cupping his face.

Abhi hugged her saying “ Just stay beside me…always…” Pragya smiled and nodded her head gently looking at her scared husband.

Abhi drifted to sleep in her hug and she slowly made him lie on the pillow. She too slept by caressing his hair continuously.

Pragya, Seems like he thought of my labour pain and got scared. Always like this either worried about me if not scared about me.

Abhi waked up and was shocked to see Fuggi not beside him.

Abhi “ FUGGI! FUGGI!” He shouted her name loudly and Pragya from the bathroom “ Suniye! Kya hua?” Abhi “ Why u are not here? I can only hear your voice!” He said that with a panicked tone and looking for her under the bed.

Pragya with a smile “ I am inside the bathroom…” Abhi “ So what? But why I can’t see u!” Pragya blushed and stressed the word “ In bathroom…” Abhi “Oh…I thought…” Pragya “ Keep your thoughts aside and just wait for me!”

Abhi gave a bashful smile and looked at Pragya’s photo on the wall.

Pragya soon came out by wiping her hair with towel in comfortable wear.

Abhi “ Looking fresh Fuggi!” Pragya “ Thanks! Now tell me why were u calling me so loudly just now?”

Abhi “ I got scared Fuggi! I thought u left me!” Pragya “ I left u? Are u serious?” She asked by standing in front of him.

Abhi sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her to make her sit on his lap.

Pragya “ Don’t touch me! You are dirty!” Abhi “ I am dirty? How can u say your Pati as dirty Fuggi?” He said that with a sad face. Pragya “ You never bath and brush your teeth! What if our baby smells u as a bad person?” Abhi “ That’s so bad Fuggi!” He said that by pinching her cheek.

Pragya smiled and said “ Was just joking! Now go and freshen up! Ma also have cooked all your favourite dishes…”
Abhi “ Aunty is always like this! After staying I will surely become like u!”

Pragya hearing that frowned and asked “ What do u mean by becoming like me?” Abhi realized what he had said and looked at Pragya by biting his lower lip with a pleading look. Pragya stood up and walked away from the room in anger.

Abhi “ Sorry…I didn’t mean it Fuggi!”

Abhi, Now I have to pacify her again! Pacifying Pragya is the most difficult task
I would rather have Fuggi Feelings and just admire her.

He thought that and went to freshen up.

Pragya with anger was helping Sarla ma in cutting some of the vegetables.

Sarla ma “ Why are u showing anger on chopping the onions?” Pragya “ I can’t chop him na…” Sarla ma chuckled and asked “ You mean Abhi?” Pragya “ Yes Ma! He said I am Fat!” Sarla ma “That means u are Fat Fuggi!” Pragya “ Ma…you are also like him! Nobody supports me!” She said that and walked out of the kitchen and bumped on Abhi.

Abhi held her by her waist and she looked fiercely at him.

Abhi “ Fire! Fire!” He said to her.
Pragya “ Not funny! I know u are refering to me!”
Abhi “ So smart na…You are really as hot as a fire in anger!”
Pragya “ Let me go! I want to read books to calm me down!”

Abhi “ Come! I will read for you the books!”
Pragya “ No thanks! U go and eat the food prepared by your Aunty!” She said that rudely.

Abhi “ Oh dear…before she is my Aunty, she is your Ma!”
Pragya “ Acha…thanks for reminding it but she is also like u in teasing me!”
Abhi “ Oh no! I will tell her don’t be like me! Ok?”
Pragya “ No thanks! I want to go! First take away your hands!”
Abhi “ Don’t you know the saying…The couple that reads together stays together?” Pragya hearing that look surprised.
Abhi “ Excuse me u are looking as if i wouldn’t know this!”

Pragya “That means u want to read together?” She asked in a soft and melodious tone.

Abhi nodded his head and Pragya “ You first eat your breakfast.” Abhi “ Then we will read together!” He said excitedly making Pragya smile widely.

Abhi let her go and she came back with a plate of his favourite food and served his breakfast.

Days went blissful as both spend quality time with Pragya’s family. Abhi was not getting calls or letters from the someone which made him feel much relaxed.

It was the last day of their stay at Pragya’s house when Abhi received the call from the someone again.

Abhi looked petrified after the call and took a glance at Pragya who was checking whether she packed their stuffs properly.

He sat down on the bed there for a while by closing his eyes.

Pragya noticed this and asked “ What happened now? No mood to leave from here?” She asked with a smirk.

Abhi “ I am leaving! U stay here…” Pragya “ U got to go somewhere is it? Later u will come back to pick me up right? What time is that?”
Abhi “ No Pragya…u stay here forever!” He said that by looking away from her.

Pragya “What do u mean by staying here forever? Why are u calling me Pragya suddenly?” She demanded.

Abhi “ Pragya…I feel this is where u should be! Just stay here!”

Pragya saw him walking away by saying that and she went behind him to stop.

She was about to trip and fall when he get hold of her.

Abhi holding her still not looking at her sternly said “ JUST STAY HERE!” Pragya “ What are u telling? I will stay with u only!” Abhi made her stand and said “ Pragya! Don’t make a fuss now! Your folks are outside! I will send u divorce papers soon!” Pragya hearing that felt like falling down in shock when Abhi held her firmly.

Pragya “ You are just saying this for fun na…like teasing me…” Abhi made her sit on the bed and said “ Pragya! I am serious! Who would tease with this matter! Listen! The reason I agreed to come here is to leave you here! I want u have to best memories with me at your place so that u can live with them for the rest of your life…” Pragya “ Liar! No! You didn’t even wanted to come here at first! I persuaded u to come here! And now u are talking about divorce!” She said that with fury and was about to cry.

Abhi “ Pragya! Don’t be dramatic…I should have told u this before but now it’s never late…I can’t be keep on looking after u and losing my career Pragya…So it’s better that we divorce and live in our own worlds!”

Pragya cried hearing that and Abhi looked at the door and made sure it was closed.

Abhi “ I am leaving! You will get the papers soon!”

Pragya “I am begging u…you can’t do this to me now!” Abhi “I don’t care….It’s better for me to just leave before everything gets worst!” Pragya “No…u are telling this out of frustration right?” She asked that pleadingly.

Abhi moving away from her “I am telling this out of my decision! The decision that I should have taken long back when I got memory back!” He said that and left leaving her.

Pragya was crying profusely by touching her stomach.

Abhi slammed the door and he ignored Pragya’s family and left from there.

Pragya fainted not able to stand his words and Sarla ma attended to her.

Pragya “ Leave it Ma! I won’t beg him anymore! For me now the child’s care that i am carrying is important! If he is doing all this from somebody’s compulsion then he will come back to me for sure.” Sarla ma “ Let me persuade him one more time Pragya…” Pragya “ Enough! If he have answers for everyone for why he wants to divorce me then why u bother so much?” Sarla ma looked worried of Pragya’s cold behaviour towards everyone.

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