You are and always be my life (KKB) Episode 46

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Cautionary advice : Maybe filled with excessive B_ _ _ _ _ M!

Pragya had went to Sarla ma’s house and Abhi was about to leave to studio.
Abhi, I have to faster finish recording today then meet Fuggi! It feels so boring without teasing Fuggi!
Aaliya “Bhai! Are u leaving to studio?” Abhi “Yes Aaliya…Anything that u want to tell?” Aaliya “I know that u have told Dadi to search for an alliance for me but I have a condition to tell….I have told about this to Bhabhi too…” Abhi “Condition?” Aaliya “Haan Bhai…I will tell u when the time comes…” Abhi “Seems like a suspense but already there is another suspense happening in our family.” Aaliya “U mean that call?” Abhi “Yes! Do u know that Dadi is behind the call too?” Aaliya in shock “What? How can it be possible?” Abhi looked at the time. Abhi “I will explain everything soon Aaliya, I am already running late.” Aaliya “Ok Bhai…I will wait, hope everything gets solved soon!” Abhi smiled and rushed out of the house.

Aaliya, It is very difficult to believe that Dadi is behind this. Why should she do this to disturb Bhai and Bhabhi. Dadi is someone who love them so much who was always against me when I was doing bad things. But now she is against them?

A few hours later,
Abhi finished his recording and went towards his car to drive to Sarla ma’s house. That’s when a young boy came running towards him and passed him a letter. Abhi “What is this letter?” Boy “I am a fan of u sir! Please take this letter! I need to go now sir if not my Ma will beat me with broom!” He said that hurriedly and ran away.
Abhi smiled at his young fan and unfolded the letter.
To Rockstar and his Fuggi…..
Mysteries at Mehra mansion with masti (me)….
Masti must be mysterious and this masti is filled in both of your hearts….
I am glad that I am filled in both your hearts and minds……

Abhi looked up to see whether the boy was still around, he asked his bodyguards to search for him but he was nowhere to be found.
Abhi, Who is this now sending letter? Is he the same person who make the call?
Just then he received a call from an unknown number.

Abhi “Hello!” Someone “Hello Rockstar! How was the letter?” Abhi “Now u are calling me!” Hearing his loud voices the body guard will shocked. Abhi signaled them to go away. Someone “Yes Rockstar! To have masti!” Abhi “Haan for u it’s masti and for us it’s a mystery as to think why are u disturbing us!” Someone “Disturbing u all? Is that even possible Rockstar?” Abhi “That’s what u are doing!” Someone “Rockstar…Rockstar….” Abhi “I am busy! Bye!” Someone “Oh wait! Wait! I have something for u!” Abhi “What?” Someone “How is your Fuggi?” Abhi “Who are u even to ask about her?” Someone “She is at Sarla’s house right?” Abhi “I am not surprised of u knowing about our whereabouts! Anything else?” He asked in an arrogant tone. Someone “I am not surprised either as Rockstar is getting smart nowadays….responsibilities makes u this way…As a grandson, brother, husband and soon as a father, u have to be smart!” Abhi “Now what do u want?”
Someone “I don’t want anything….I just want both your peace….” He said that by gritting his teeth in a serious tone. Abhi “For what? Revenge?” Someone “Revenge! Revenging Rockstar?” He said that and laughed hysterically making Abhi disturbed.
Abhi “Will u stop laughing?” Someone “Okok! If this goes on then I will tell u something that makes u even more irritated! Just remember one thing I am watching both of u through Dadi’s eyes…..Thanks to Dadi! Dadi ki jai ho!” He said that and ended the call.
Abhi felt like throwing away his phone but held back realizing he needs to call his Fuggi.
Abhi called Pragya “Fuggi! Have u eaten?” Pragya “Not yet…waiting for u…” Abhi in a frustrated tone “What is this Fuggi? How many times I have told u to eat on time?? And u are still doing like this!!” Pragya became upset hearing that. He was driving rashly and Pragya “I am sorry…” Abhi “Always sorry!” He almost hit a car in front of him and took a sudden break. Pragya “What is that sound??” Abhi “Wo…nothing…” Pragya “Did u hit something?” Abhi “No!” Pragya “That’s why I ask u many times not to use phone while driving…but u are not listening to me!” Abhi “I am sorry….” Pragya “Call me once u are reaching! Bye!”
Abhi, I showed my anger towards her because of that someone! Who the hell is he? Is he looking at Fuggi even now?
He quickly made his way to Sarla ma’s house.
Abhi went inside the house not even greeting Sarla ma and the others. He walked passed them and went to Pragya’s room. Pragya was sitting on the bed and looking at a magazine.

Abhi slowly went behind her and looked what she was looking at. He smiled seeing that she was looking at his pictures in the magazine article.
Pragya still didn’t realize that he is behind her. Pragya “Why are u so angry just now? Did he call u? I hope he didn’t call u like the way he called me just now.” Abhi hearing that was getting furious and was about to hold Pragya’s shoulder. Pragya “Suniye…I don’t mind if he disturbs me by calling, but I don’t want u to be disturbed….if u are disturbed then I will be most disturbed too…I will ignore him but I can’t ignore if he disturbs u…”
Abhi held himself back and slowly moved back. He walked back slowly and stood at the door step.
Abhi “Fuggi!” Pragya looked back and was happy to see him. Abhi walking to where she was “What were u looking at?” Pragya “When did u came?” Abhi “First tell me what were u looking at?” Pragya “You!” Abhi “In the magazine?” Pragya “Yes! There was an article about u! About our child too….” She turned away in shyness. Abhi “For this you are shy?” Pragya was keep on giving a coy smile.

Abhi “What did they say in the article?” He asked by sitting beside her. Pragya “All about u…then in the end they mentioned about your interview where u said u want to have our child looking like me…” Abhi placing his hand around her shoulder “For this u were feeling shy…hmm…they never mentioned that I want 10 children?” Pragya “What? 10?” Abhi “Did u forgot? I had already told u, 5 boys! 5 girls! 5 like u and 5 like me!” Pragya “Oh god! Impossible!” Abhi “Possible Fuggi…if u have energy!” Pragya “Oh god! Please…talk with some senses, anyways Ma have cooked all your favorite meals!” Abhi “Then what are we waiting for! Let’s go!” He said that by carrying her. Pragya “You can let me down at least here! The dining room is not far as our house….” Abhi “Far or not far, I will still carry u! Is there anybody to stop me?” Pragya holding onto his shirt “Me!” Abhi “That’s right but not in carrying u!” Pragya smiled widely and for him it was covering up his disturbed feelings for his Fuggi with a smile.
Abhi finishing the meals with Pragya and the rest made a call to Aaliya. Pragya was hearing him silently.
Pragya “Are u meeting Aaliya?” Abhi “Yes Fuggi! I want to talk about her wedding!”
Pragya “With me right?” Abhi “No Fuggi…you stay here, I want to talk to her personally.”
Pragya “What’s so personal?” Abhi “Nothing big….I just want to tell somethings as a brother.” Pragya “Seems like u are becoming more responsible!” Abhi hearing that remembered the someone’s call. Abhi “I need to be right if not who will?” Pragya “Haan but I like the carefree Rockstar who takes responsibilities in a cool way!” Abhi “I am doing in that way!” Pragya “Are u sure? You seem to be very serious nowadays!” Sarla ma interrupted “Pragya! Sometimes we need to be serious too right?” Rockstar Dadi and Beeji were also supporting Abhi

Pragya “Fine! I agree he needs to be serious! Enough of supporting him too much! Remember I belong to this family first!” By saying that she left to her room. Abhi and others seeing that laughed at her. Abhi “I think I have to go and pacify her!” In return the rest smiled and he went to her room.
Pragya was walking to and fro in anger. Abhi “Why Fuggi is walking?” Pragya “Fuggi is angry!” Abhi “I know that too but why?” Pragya remained silent.
Abhi walked in front and she stopped walking. He hugged her from back and asked “Why Fuggi is angry?” Pragya “Fuggi don’t like when everyone never support her!” Abhi “It means u are not angry that everyone support me?” Pragya “Why should I be angry for that?” Abhi “I thought u are angry as everyone were supporting me!”Pragya “I always want everyone to support u as if everyone support u then only u will be able to support me!” Abhi hearing that tightened his hug and Pragya “Why your grip is tighter? It feels as if u are hugging a teddy bear!” Abhi loosened his grip and asked “Now better?” Slowly he turned her and made her face him and she saw him in tears. Pragya “You are crying, Why?” Abhi “Nothing….just…” Pragya “Are u worried about something?” Abhi “No Fuggi! When u are with me what’s there to be worried about?” Pragya wiped his tears and asked “You are not leaving to meet Aaliya?” Abhi lazily “Have to…but after being with u I don’t feel like going anywhere….” Pragya pushing him away said “You have to go now! That’s important! You don’t know how much I am excited for her wedding! It’s something auspicious happening after a long time! You have to talk to her more about this!” Abhi seeing her excitement and happiness about Aaliya wedding wondered what makes her so much attached with his family, even though there were lots of bitterness given to her by his family in the past. He knows that her love towards him is making her forgetting and forgiving the past but what he can do in return was just to make her happy and free from worries.
Abhi then reached the place that he was supposed to meet Aaliya. Aaliya reaching the place looked around at the serenity of the place.
Aaliya “Bhai! You still remember this place?” Abhi “I regained my memory long back Aaliya!” Aaliya “Yes I know but this place is where we play at when we were young!” Abhi looking at the lake opposite towards them “Haan…I used to pick stones for u so that u can throw in the lake there!” Aaliya with a smile “And I throw all of them in one shot which makes u pick up stones again for me!” Abhi “That’s why I am fit now by picking stones many times!” Aaliya “It means I am your fitness trainer then!” Abhi laughed hearing that and “Do u want to throw stones now?” Aaliya “No!!” Abhi “Let’s get to the serious matter Aaliya…” His voice was in serious tone and Aaliya looked at him.
Abhi “Aaliya…your wedding is something very special to us…I know in past whatever happened may have an impact on u….” Aaliya “No Bhai! I don’t feel that in any way…” Abhi “I mean even if u never feel that way, but still people around u will tell u about the past in different ways…u know what I mean? Like our relatives and others will….” Aaliya “I understand Bhai…I will ignore them…” Abhi “It’s not about ignoring Aaliya….but it’s about accepting…u have to accept what they say and just ignore….” Aaliya nodded her head in response. Abhi “I want to give u the best as much as possible, so I have chosen a person for u who knows everything about u and is willing to accept u in every way!” Aaliya looked surprised hearing that and wondered.

Abhi “Are u wondering who is that person?” Aaliya shook her head as no and he seeing that smiled. Abhi “Manoj!! Come here!” He came and Aaliya looked even more surprised.
Abhi “He is the person Aaliya” He said that by asking him to stand beside Aaliya. Abhi “I know Aaliya, I have chosen him for u without asking your permission but I feel he is the best for u!” Aaliya “Bhai! I have a doubt…” She hesitated to ask in front of Manoj.
Manoj “If u all still need privacy then I will wait…” By saying that he excused himself and went a bit far from them.
Abhi “What is your doubt?” Aaliya “Are u like planning to get me arrested for my previous crimes by this marriage to him?” Abhi hearing that chuckled and said “Take it that way! Lifelong imprisonment in the form of marriage to a police officer!”
Manoj “Yes Aaliya! I want to arrest u all along my life!” He said that by standing behind her. Aaliya was taken aback and was speechless.
Abhi “I want both of u to talk to each other first and break the ice! That’s why I arranged this meeting!” Aaliya smiled in response. Abhi “So I am leaving now! Will be waiting for both of u in my car. Call me once u are done by talking to each other!”
Aaliya saw his brother leaving and then looked at Manoj.
Abhi waiting in his car hoped everything goes well so that his Fuggi will be filled with joy.

He then received a call in 10 minutes from Manoj saying that they are done and he can come back. Abhi , So fast? Did they talk in some hurry?
He walked with that thoughts but his lips curved into a smile when he saw Aaliya and Manoj sitting on the ground there and talking cheerfully.
Abhi came near them and both were about to stand up. Manoj offered his hand to Aaliya to stand up with him. Aaliya with a pleasant smile placed her hand on his and stood up.
Abhi seeing that understood all was fine between them.

Abhi “Did u all even talk?” Manoj “We did! You can ask her if u want!” Abhi looking at Aaliya “Really Aaliya? Did u all talk?” Aaliya nodded her head in response. Abhi “What did u all talk in 10 minutes?” Manoj and Aaliya at the same time “Personal!” Abhi raised his eyebrow hearing that and asked “Within 10 minutes it became personal matter! I am amazed of this!” Aaliya and Manoj laughed hearing him. Abhi “So it’s ok for both of u?” Manoj “What do u think Abhi?” Abhi “It’s not about my thinking! It’s about both your thinking! That’s important!!” Manoj with a smile signaled Aaliya and Abhi still looked confused. Aaliya looking down “I am ready to be arrested all along my life only by him…” She said that by pointing towards Manoj. Abhi “But u know right I won’t let my sister be arrested by him! If that’s the matter u no need to worry!” Manoj hitting Abhi’s head lightly “Arrey Buddhu! She is telling she is ready for this marriage with me!” Abhi in excitement “Really? You two are really ok with this!” Aaliya and Manoj “Double ok!!” Abhi hugged both together and was jumping in joy!

Aaliya “Bhai! You are making us jump too! Control yourself!!” Abhi calmed himself down and hugged Manoj now. Abhi “I am so happy yaar! Oh no! I haven’t tell this to Fuggi! Let me call her now!” He took his phone and was about to call but he was still hugging Manoj. Manoj “How do u even call when u are still hugging me?” Abhi broke the hug “I don’t know, I AM SO EXCITED!” He made the call and Aaliya seeing his excitement was smiling widely.
Meanwhile, Manoj went beside Aaliya and whispered “U have a very caring brother…” Aaliya “I know…that makes me lucky in every way….” Manoj “U will have a very caring husband…” Aaliya smiled in shyness hearing that and Manoj “No response for it?” Aaliya “I haven’t experience to tell a response.” Manoj “Right! Will show it soon!” Both were keep on smiling looking at each other.
Abhi told Pragya about this and she was as excited and happy as him. Abhi ending the call looked at Manoj and Aaliya who were already looking like a great couple by standing beside each other.

Abhi “Manoj! Still there is time for u to stand beside her! Now u come here!” Manoj hearing that came in front of Abhi. Abhi “You also Aaliya! Come here!” Aaliya stood beside Manoj again and Abhi frowned at her. Aaliya understood his frown and stood beside Abhi. Abhi “Ok! Now everything will happen in the proper and formal way. Aaliya! I know u want to talk to him from now onwards but u have to wait until everything happens in the right way. Until then u too can talk through phone. I will pass u his number!” Aaliya “Bhai…I already have his number with me…But why I can’t talk to him in person? Don’t be like Dadi in restricting us!” Manoj “Yes Abhi! Which century are u in? We will meet in person Aaliya! You don’t worry dear…” Abhi looking at both “In 10 minutes, u too have become in this way! That’s unbelievable!” Both broke into laughter making Abhi puzzled. Aaliya “We were just joking Bhai…We are mature enough and will go through whatever customs that needs to be done.” Abhi hearing that was relieved and made a mental note that he needs to be very careful now as Aaliya is in a team now!

The trio left from there but the someone was observing all this from a distance too. He was taking pictures of the trio.

Aaliya’s wedding preparations and Pragya’s involvement in it.
Someone’s entrance into the wedding preparations and Abhi’s actions to find him without Pragya’s knowledge. Someone outdo Abhi’s actions by diverting his attention towards Pragya. Dadi caught in helping someone!

In another situation,
Someone “Are u trying to make me popular Rockstar?” Abhi “Do u think I have no other work?” Someone “Then why does Aaliya knows about me and now Purab also knows about me! Are u doing this as if it’s more the better?” Abhi “Rubbish!” Someone “That’s in front of u!” Abhi looked in front and saw a dustbin there. Someone giggled and said “Jokes apart, I am having masti in calling both of u! But I am yet to execute my action! I am waiting for someone’s order!” Abhi hearing that was shocked. Abhi “That means u are doing all this from someone’s order?” He ended the call leaving Abhi to be thinking who is the another someone now!

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