You are and always be my life (KKB) Episode 45

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Pragya was worried for Dadi’s situation but Abhi was not believing that his Dadi could be doing this.
Both tried not to talk about that topic for the time being to avoid misunderstandings between them.
Pragya “Suniye!” Abhi “Hmm…What do u want Fuggi?” Pragya “I want to go out! Now there is no more house arrest na, so can u bring me out?” Abhi was busily looking at his laptop and said “Fuggi but today I have meeting with sponsors! How can I cancel it?” Pragya was upset hearing it and said “It’s okay…I will stay at house and do something…” Abhi “No if u feel u want to go out then u should go! Wait here!” Abhi went out of the room and she wondered what is he going to do?

After some time, Abhi came with Aaliya. Aaliya “Where do u want to go Bhabhi? Bhai is giving me so many rules and regulations! I hope the place is in earth only!” She rolled her eyes and looked at Abhi. Pragya “I just ask me to bring me out!” Aaliya “For that he told me so many things that I feel as if we are going on a mission!” Pragya “You know na…he always exaggerates everything!” Abhi “Fuggi! How can u say my concerns as exaggeration? It makes me sad….” He turned away and faced the wall. Pragya and Aaliya laughed at his anger. Aaliya came and sat beside Pragya.
They were starting to chit-chat ignoring Abhi’s anger.

Abhi turned back and looked at Aaliya and Pragya talking away. Abhi “I am going!” Pragya not looking at him said “Haan later u will come back to me only! So no worries!”
Abhi “You are taking me for granted Fuggi! My time will also come!” By saying that he left the room.
Pragya with concern asked “Did I like ignored him a lot Aaliya?” Aaliya “No Bhabhi…you were just playing with him! It’s good in a way to forget about the recent events that had happened in our house.”

Pragya remembered about the Dadi’s issue and said “You are right Aaliya, Now tell me where shall we go?” Aaliya “Ice-cream parlour?” Pragya “Aaliya! I was also thinking about eating ice-cream and u said the place as if reading my mind!” Aaliya “If I could have read your mind well then I wouldn’t hurt u a lot before….” Pragya holding her hands said “How many times I had said to u that don’t talk about the past? Everything that happened was past and we should think about the present and future now!” Aaliya emotionally looked at Pragya. Pragya tried to divert Aaliya by saying“Ok now u should choose the color I should wear!” Aaliya “You always try to divert my mind with this!” Pragya “No Aaliya! I am really confused nowadays of wearing which color as last time I used to wear bright colors but now when I wear them, I see myself very plump! I know it’s because of pregnancy but it’s not nice at all!” Aaliya lightly chuckled and said “Ok I will go and see your wardrobe. “ As Aaliya walked to the closet, Pragya looked at her and felt that Aaliya should get married soon to forgot about the past and start a new life.

Just then she received a call and she attended it.
Pragya “Hello!” Someone “Hello Rockstar’s Fuggi!” Pragya never heard this kind of voice before and knew nobody called her this way too. Pragya “Who is this?” Someone “You forgot me? But I remember your pleasant voice Pragya….It’s always pleasing to my ears like a lullaby!” Pragya “I am sorry! I really don’t know who u are” Someone “You are pregnant right? Maybe that’s why u forgot me! My voice would have changed but your voice is still the same!” Pragya remained silent unable to figure out who it was. Someone “Don’t worry Rockstar’s Fuggi! I am the same person whom I talked to your Rockstar!” Hearing that Pragya was tensed and asked “What do u want?” Someone “I want so many things! From where do I start?”

Pragya “Who are u?” Someone “Listen carefully! I know u will tell about my call to Rockstar but why your Rockstar is not careful? Why is he not believing that Dadi is supporting me? Why is he even careless of having your phone number not changed after my first call?” Pragya “I am ending the call!” Someone “Wait! Wait! You can’t just end the call like this!” Pragya “I will!” Someone “Then what if I hurt your Rockstar now!” Pragya shivered and asked “What are u telling? Don’t do anything like that!” By then Aaliya came out from the closet with a couple of clothes for Pragya and saw Pragya shivering and perspiring a lot in nervousness. Aaliya “What happened Bhabhi? Why are u so tensed?” Pragya remained silent and didn’t know how to tell Aaliya about this call. Aaliya came near her and took the phone. Pragya “Aaliya! End the call!

It’s wrong number!” Aaliya “Let me see!” By saying that she asked “Who is this?” Someone “Now it’s Rockstar’s choti!” Aaliya “I am asking who is this? Don’t u get it?” Someone “Hmm…the same argumentative tone! But now u sound a bit softer….u changed a lot right?” Aaliya “Still u are not answering my question! I don’t have time to entertain to u! I am ending the call!” Someone “Wait! Wait! Why are u impatient?” Aaliya “First tell me who are u?” Someone “Someone who is the one make some one!” Aaliya “Huh?” Someone “Ok! I am someone but now you two go and see Abhi who is going to be hurt!” Aaliya “Rubbish! Just empty threats!” Someone “Let’s see Rockstar’s choti!” By saying the call was ended.

Pragya looked very worried and sat on the edge of the bed. Aaliya “Bhabhi! It’s just a random call! I think he is just playing with us!” Pragya “No Aaliya…this is the second time and even Manoj know about this call…” Aaliya “What do u mean?” Pragya was about to explain further and that’s when Abhi yelled in pain.

Pragya “It’s him shouting!” She rushed quickly out of the room and went towards the room where he was. Aaliya also went behind her and saw Abhi hurt his finger.
Pragya “ U are still like a kid! Why do u hurt yourself?” She asked that by holding his hand. Abhi “No Fuggi! I was about to play the guitar but never realized that there was something sharp on it! Like a needle in the middle of the strands. That’s not a common thing!” Pragya looked at the guitar on the floor and saw a needle in between the strands.

Aaliya “Who would do like this?” Pragya went to take the first aid box with tears in her eyes and was keep on looking at his finger. Abhi “Arrey it’s just a small prick! And u are crying as if I am dead!” Pragya cried even more hearing that and applied plaster to his finger with tears. Abhi looking at Aaliya asked “Why is she crying like this?” Aaliya “There was a call just now saying that u will be hurt and that’s why she is worried now…” Pragya looked at him and he said “Fuggi….Is it him?” Pragya nodded her head and hugged him by still crying. Abhi consoled her by patting her back. Aaliya wondered who is this person that is disturbing them now.

Pragya still sobbing said “Why do u said just now like that?” Abhi “Like what?” Pragya “Why was I crying as if u…….” Abhi remembered what he had said and he told “Sorry Fuggi….For that u are crying….” Pragya “If something like that happens then I will also be dead!” Abhi “Shut up! Don’t say like that!” Aaliya “Bhabhi! First stop telling like this…”

Abhi “At least now my sister is supporting me!” Aaliya “I always support u Bhai….” Pragya was still hugging him and didn’t want to break away from the hug.
Abhi clearing his throat asked “Aaliya! I think u can leave as my Fuggi wants to stay with me now!” Pragya slowly break away from the hug and said “Aaliya! You wait for me and I will be back in a while….” Pragya turned away to leave the room but Abhi stopped her by holding Pragya’s hands. Aaliya “I will leave first now…let me wait for u in your room….I think Bhai wants to tell u something now…Isn’t it Bhai?” Abhi “Yes! You are right Aaliya…” Aaliya smiled and left the room by closing the door but her thoughts were on the call and she went to Abhigya’s room to check Pragya’s phone.

Abhi “Fuggi! Why are u so tensed now?” Pragya remained silent and looked at him worriedly. He made her sit on the couch there and he kneeled in front of her. She was keep on looking at her lap and he said “Fuggi! Look at me!” Abhi took her glasses that was fogged up with tears and wiped it with his t-shirt. He made her wear the glasses again and asked her to look at him. But she was keep on looking at her lap.

Abhi lied on her lap by placing his head and said “Now I can see u!” Pragya in a shaky voice “I am scared….” Abhi “Why?” Pragya “The call then the person….then you getting hurt…”

Abhi “Fuggi! It’s my carelessness na…I should have seen the guitar properly before using it!” Pragya “No….it’s all because of me….I don’t know who is he…and why does he calls me? Why is he targeting me?” Abhi “If he is targeting u means he is targeting me too!” Pragya “No…you are trying to convince me…” Abhi “I shouldn’t be telling this but still, even before this we had face a lots of troubles through Aaliya, Tanu and Nikhil….your life was in danger then mine!” Pragya “But that time we know who were making our lives in danger but now we don’t know who is this person!” Abhi “So what Fuggi?” Pragya caressing his hair asked “What if something happens to u? I can’t go through the same pain when u almost died of the accident!”

Abhi “Fuggi! That is different and this is different….I assure u that nothing will happen to me and as I can’t even bear to think the kind of pain that u have to go through by seeing me dying!” Pragya asked worriedly “Nothing will happen to u na?” Abhi “Nothing Fuggi! I will talk to Manoj about this call and pass me your phone to me!” Pragya “Okay…but u don’t get stressed too much with that call….I am scared u being stressed too….” Abhi “Okay Fuggi! I will stay cool!” Pragya “U will say like this only…but u will get very angry when he tells something irritating!” Abhi with a smile “No Fuggi! I will take whatever he is telling as a joke and will laugh at him!” Pragya “Don’t do like that na…then later he will think u are making fun of him!” Abhi broke into laughter and asked “You don’t want me to get angry at him and don’t want me to laugh at him too! Then what should I do?” Pragya “I don’t know but just talk to him gently….” Abhi “Ok I will….now tell me where Aaliya and u were planning to go?” Pragya “Leave that….I want to go and sleep now…” Abhi “No!No! U are going out as planned!” Pragya “Now I don’t have mood!”

Abhi stood up and said “You are going if not I will cancel all my meetings today!” Pragya “Are u threatening me?” Abhi “Yes!” Pragya “Cancel them!” Abhi “I will do it now Fuggi!” Pragya standing in front of him said “Let me see!” Abhi took his phone and made a call “Hello! Abhi here! I want to ca…” By then Pragya took his phone and ended the call. Abhi “Why do u end the call?” Pragya went closer to him and kissed his cheek. Abhi touching his cheek asked “What is this?” Pragya with a pleasant smile said “If I want to kiss u then I have to end the call!” Abhi “I can’t understand your moods Fuggi!” Pragya gave his phone back to him and said “You don’t have to understand it….just have to feel it!” Abhi raising his eyes brows asked “Feel it?” Pragya hugged him suddenly and Abhi asked “You want me to come with u?” Pragya “Hmm yes….but u have work na…” Abhi smiled and said “Ok tomorrow I will come out with u!”

Pragya looked at him said with eagerness “ I can’t wait for tomorrow!” She was playing with his dog tags and Abhi “You and your moods nowadays are unpredictable! But I am loving it!” Pragya “It’s all because of your child!” Abhi “Ya I know! Now let’s go! It’s been quite some time and Aaliya would be waiting for us….” Abhigya left the room and she was still holding onto his hands.
Pragya looking at Abhi thought, I had to change my mood so that u feel better.
Abhi, I know Fuggi u are changing your mood so that I feel better, now it’s my turn to change something to make u feel better.

Upon reaching their room both looked at Aaliya who was with Pragya’s phone. Abhi “Pass me the phone Aaliya!” Aaliya passed the phone and said “It’s a private number Bhai!”

Abhi “I know….leave this matter and both of u get ready to go out now!” Aaliya nodded her head in response. Abhi “I have some work. I am going out Fuggi! Take care of yourself!” As he said he removed Pragya’s hands from his and kissed her forehead before leaving the room.
Pragya stood near the doorstep and saw him leaving the room. She was worried again. Aaliya “Bhabhi! You trust him right?” Pragya “I trust him more than anything….but…” Aaliya “Then u no need to worry, he will solve this problem very soon….” Pragya “But what if something happens to him….” Aaliya “Bhabhi! Why are u thinking like this? Where is the Pragya who thinks and does anything to make sure nothing bad happens to Bhai?” Pragya touching her stomach said “Aaliya…that Pragya is still present….but now as his Fuggi…as his child’s mother I feel weaker…I feel scared…” Aaliya “Nothing bad will happen! Trust me too…whoever he is…he is not as baddie as me! So leave this to me, I will find out who is that!” Pragya “Leave this to Manoj…he will solve this safely…I should inform this to him as well, so that he don’t take too much stress in this! Already there is his concert coming soon….he needs to practice for that instead of being involved in this matter!” Aaliya “Ok Bhabhi! Are we still going out?” Pragya smiled lightly and said “Now u are diverting the topic…” Aaliya “Not really….I am very bad at it….” Pragya “Wait for a while, let me change and come…” Aaliya showed her what she had chosen for Pragya to wear. Pragya with a smile took it and went to the closet.

Aaliya who was waiting outside had her thoughts on Abhi and Pragya. Aaliya, Why do I feel that the person who spoke knows all of us well? Bhabhi was about to tell something before Bhai yelled in pain…what was that? I think it’s better to ask Bhai about this directly….If I ask Bhabhi, then she will be with worried again!

Pragya came out of the closet and looked at Aaliya. Aaliya “This purple color fabulous on u!” Pragya “Thank u!” Aaliya “Now let’s go!” Pragya left the house with Aaliya to ice-cream parlour and had lots of fun with her.

While returning to home in car,
Pragya “Can I ask u something if u don’t mind?” Aaliya “You can ask me anything!” Pragya “Ok….Did u think of getting married?” Aaliya remained silent. Pragya “I am sorry if I ask anything wrong….” Aaliya “Nothing like that Bhabhi…I was just thinking who will marry a person like me who had done so much of evil things?” Pragya “Again u have started this! Aaliya! Whatever is happened is the past…but now u see! U are the best sister-in-law that anyone could have!” Aaliya “That’s because my Bhabhi is the best!” Pragya smiled and said “I think u should get married!” Aaliya “Why u don’t like me being with u all?” Pragya chuckled and said “Obviously we all like u but as a brother, he also have the duty to get u married….and he will be on cloud nine if u agree for marriage! He always talks about your marriage!” Aaliya in surprise asked “Does he even talk about me?” Pragya “He does after he realized that u have changed!” Aaliya “If he would be happy then I agree for marriage!”

Pragya was happy hearing that and gave a side hug to Aaliya. Pragya “If I tell him this, I think he will be jumping in joy!” Aaliya “But on one condition….” Pragya “What is that?”
Aaliya “When u all find the right person for me then I will tell my condition…” Pragya “I am already very happy that u had agreed for marriage, I feel like telling him now itself! About conditions, just make sure it is not very complicated!” Aaliya smiled widely and saw how happiness had filled Pragya’s face after hearing her agreeing for marriage.

Aaliya, I have never seen my Ma….but now I feel u are like my Ma who is getting happy for her daughter’s marriage!

Pragya was very excited and told her about so many things about Aaliya’s wedding plans.
Aaliya “Bhabhi! We reached home!” Pragya looked around “So fast! Anyways I will tell u more later too!” Aaliya shook her head and said “I think u are in full swing to get me married!” Pragya patted her shoulder and said “Ofcourse!” Pragya along with Aaliya was now out of the car and was walking towards their house. Pragya remembered something suddenly and turned behind to call the driver.
He walked towards her and Pragya “Bhai…I forgot to pass u this…..” Pragya taking something from her handbag passed it to him. The driver looked back and asked “What is this?” Pragya “Arrey u forgot this? You had asked me that day na for your son!” Driver “I never asked madam, I was just telling that he likes this branded watch…. if sir knows this then he will scold me…I can’t take it!” Pragya with a smile said “Your sir is the one who bought this and asked me to pass this to u!” Driver smiled and took it by saying “Thank u!”

Aaliya “Bhabhi! Nowadays Sir is very kind….” Pragya “Sir is always kind but a bit of kadhoos too!” Aaliya with a chuckle “Kind Kadhoos?” Pragya “Ya ya! Hey u don’t tell him that I told about him like this!” Aaliya “I will try not to tell…” Pragya “Aaliya!! U can’t tell him!” Aaliya walked fast in front as if she is going to inform Abhi. Pragya “I know u can’t tell him now as he is not at home!” Aaliya showed her phone “I still have this to inform him!” Pragya “Please Aaliya…don’t tell him!” Aaliya gave a witty smile. Pragya “Why are u smiling?” Aaliya asked her to sit on the sofa and said “Bhabhi…..Actually now I am scared….”

Pragya “You are scared? That’s very surprising!” Aaliya sat beside her and said “I am scared of getting married…” Pragya “Why?” Aaliya “I am not like u….I mean not as patient and understanding like u….how will anyone accept me?” Pragya “Who said u are not patient and understanding?” Aaliya “I myself know that!” Pragya “You are patient if not u wouldn’t have tolerated my tantrums for ice-creams just now! You are understanding if not u wouldn’t have agreed for marriage….you are now understanding other’s feelings and that’s important Aaliya!” Aaliya worriedly asked “But still….” Pragya “I don’t know what others feel about u…but to me u are a very affectionate person especially towards your Bhai….have this kind of same affection or even more towards your life partner and his family….that’s all u need!” Aaliya “Is it that simple as u say?” Pragya “It’s not as complicated as u think….life is simple, if u think it in a simple way….” Aaliya “Thank u!” Pragya “For what?” Aaliya “For everything Bhabhi!”

After that Pragya went to her room and was surprised to see him lying on the bed.
He was closing his eyes and waked up sensing that she is back. Pragya “I thought u will be late to home!” Abhi “It finished earlier…How was your outing?” Pragya “Fun! Had lots of ice-cream!” Abhi “What? Ice-cream again?” Pragya looked at him with a pout. Abhi demanded“Come here!” Pragya walked towards the bed and sat beside him. Abhi “How many times u will eat ice-cream?” Pragya looked down like a child caught doing a mistake. Abhi “Already u are eating ice-creams every night! Are u not concern about your health? What if u get cold and fever?” Pragya in a low tone“I like it….and I feel like eating it all the time!” Abhi shook his head in disbelief. Pragya with excitement said “Suniye…u know vanilla ice-cream with chocolate chips is what I eat today and it’s different from what I eat every night na….that is just vanilla ice-cream with no toppings….” Abhi hearing that bursted into laughter which made Pragya sad. Abhi “Your explanation is so cute!” Pragya “I am serious!” Abhi “Ok now I need to be serious of your diet! I need to order everyone in the house to take note of your ice-cream cravings!” Pragya “What? Why are u so strict?” Abhi “Because u are not controlling yourself!” Pragya “Okay…. But I have a happy news for u!” Abhi “What’s that Fuggi?” Pragya told that Aaliya agreed for marriage and their conversation at home to him. Abhi “Aaliya seems to be matured now….I will ask Dadi…..” He didn’t complete his sentence and Pragya asked “What happened?” Abhi “I wish Dadi was not involved in this but she is involved Fuggi!” Pragya “You mean u are referring to the call and person?” Abhi “Yes Fuggi…u were right….Manoj managed to record the conversations between Dadi and the person…. I heard them too….” Pragya “But don’t worry we will try to find why she is involved!” Abhi “No Fuggi! I am scared something will happen to u if u are involved! I will try to find it myself! You just stay away from this!” Pragya tried to convince him but he was not listening to her.

Abhi “Fuggi! Manoj is handling this issue…if he needs our help, he would ask me…other than that u no need to be involved or worried about this issue! About Aaliya’s marriage, we will tell about this to Dadi tomorrow!” Pragya “Ok….but u won’t do anything by yourself right?” Abhi “I won’t….” Pragya “Then it’s fine and I was worried how to tell u that u should leave this to Manoj to handle…” Abhi “That’s good…u also thought that way….I still have concerts coming Fuggi! I can’t be thinking about this and forget about my practices!” Pragya “Yes! That’s very important!” Abhi “Now take a nap first! You look very tired!” Pragya smiled and slept beside him in his embrace.

Abhi, Luckily! Aaliya informed me all about Fuggi’s worries if not it would have been hard to convince Fuggi!

Pragya, It feels as if he is convincing me but if he is concerned about convincing me then I am ready to be convinced.

Abhi unfolded the letter that he received:
To Rockstar and his Fuggi…..
Mysteries at Mehra mansion with masti (me)….
Masti must be mysterious and this masti is filled in both of your hearts….
I am glad that I am filled in both your hearts and minds……

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