You are and always be my life (KKB) Episode 44

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Firstly let me convey this info on behalf of Prabhi, she is unable to update Man mayal as she have a broken finger. Then for this ff, I continue this but I can only update this on Sundays! Hope u all don’t mind!

Back to the story,
Abhi couldn’t ignore the call received from Pragya’s phone but was wondering who it was. Why should anyone do like this to make his Fuggi worried.
He decided to inform this to Manoj the police officer and his family friend who was looking over this case.

At Abhigya’s room:
Abhi, I thought I want to inform about the call to Manoj but Manoj said he wants to inform us something.
Abhigya were waiting in their room for Manoj to arrive. Manoj knocked the door and Abhi opened the door. Manoj “Abhi! Are u ready to hear what I am going to say?” Abhi “First come in! Then tell me! You are making us anxious man!” Manoj smiled and went inside the room. He sat opposite to Abhigya in the couch.
Manoj “It’s a good news! The house arrest have been removed!” Abhigya hearing that were relieved and smiled.

Manoj “But….” Abhi “But what?” Manoj “But our suspicion that someone from your family is helping the culprit is stronger now…” Pragya worriedly asked “Who is that?” Manoj “We can’t reveal that directly now…it’s still too early as the proof against the culprit is not that strong…” Abhi “Are u sure Manoj? How would anyone be able to break into my studio room and kill a person then even take away the dead body?” Manoj “That’s why I am saying that it’s someone who helped the culprit to do all this….but his or her aim is to make the two of to be in trouble….” Abhi “But how can it be possible? Everyone in my family went for pilgrimage at that time. Only the two of us were at home at that time!” Manoj “That’s their smartness Abhi! They want to confuse us in that way! And also make u two to be involved in this case!” Abhi “Even Aaliya is normal now…I mean she have totally changed and Tanu is also not in India….” Manoj “It’s not them for sure!” Pragya “Mitali bhabi and Tai ji are also very caring towards me after they know I am pregnant….” Manoj “It’s not them too! I don’t think they have this much of capacity to do all this!”

Abhigya were confused now and were trying to think who could it be from their family. Manoj “Okay don’t stress too much! I will tell u as a friend…” Abhi “Then just tell na…we can’t bear this suspense!” Manoj “I know u will scold me for this but this is the truth! It’s your Dadi!” Abhigya looked shock. Abhi in anger “Are u mad Manoj? How could my Dadi do all this? She cares for me more than my Ma!” He stood up in frustration and yelled “Just leave Manoj! I don’t believe this!” Pragya tried to control him but he was not listening.
Manoj “I know u will tell like this…same reaction as Purab too! Even he knows this and is not agreeing with me but u have to!” Pragya was unable to believe it but remembered Dadi’s awkward behaviour when she knew that Manoj was investigating the case.
Abhi “Ask him to leave Fuggi! If not I don’t know what I will do!” Pragya “Manoj…please leave for now….We will talk about this later….” Abhi was very angry and he never looked back at Manoj.

Manoj “Ok Pragya di but we are suspecting Dadi with the proofs that we have….Abhi! Even u attended a call na…think about it how can the person talk to u in that way about your plight when no one knows what’s happening inside this house!” Abhi hearing that was taken aback.

Pragya in a puzzled tone asked “What call?” Abhi “Nothing…he is just blabbering…” Manoj smiled and left the room.
Pragya “Are u hiding something from me?” Abhi “No!” Pragya “Then what is the call that Manoj was talking about?” Abhi “Nothing…I am going out!” He was about to walk pass her and she held his hands. Abhi “What u want Fuggi?” Pragya “Wait! Now I remember that day u attend my call right? Was it that call? Who was that?” Abhi knew he can’t hide this further and revealed to her what the person said.

Pragya in worry sat on the bed by still holding onto his hands.
Abhi “For this only….I didn’t want to tell u….now u see u are worried!” Pragya “So the person is aiming me….” Abhi “No Fuggi! It’s not like that!” Pragya worriedly said “No! He is trying to target at me but u are trapped in this too….” Abhi hugged her and said “What are u telling Fuggi! It could be a prank call too! Just don’t overthink!”
Pragya “No….if not Manoj wouldn’t have highlight about this call…who knows maybe he is using Dadi to make u feel disturbed!” Abhi “What did u say?” Pragya “He could be using Dadi….” Abhi break away from the hug and looked at Pragya with anger.
Abhi “You too suspect Dadi? How can u Fuggi?” Pragya “No I am not suspecting her….after all she is my Dadi too but what if she is trapped by him to be against us!” Abhi “I can’t believe this Fuggi that u are thinking in this way!” Pragya realized that he is getting more furious. Abhi “I am leaving Pragya! I don’t know what will I do now in anger!” By saying that he slammed the door before leaving and Pragya was keep on calling him Suniye.

Pragya with tears thought, Why can’t he understand he should think in this kind of situation rather than getting emotional!
Abhi, How can Dadi be involved in this? Even if she is involved why would she do this? Why can’t this Manoj and Fuggi can understand this!!
He was at a bar and was consuming alcohol to get rid of these thoughts.
As for Pragya, she was getting worried of where is he. He was not picking up any of her calls. Pragya was also not eating her meals and was keep on giving excuses that she was not having any appetite.

It was late at night and Abhi returned home. He headed towards his room and saw Pragya still sitting down on the edge of the bed and waiting for him.
Abhi “You haven’t sleep?” Pragya “I was worried for u…I am sorry for what I said….Have u eaten?” Abhi “Haan…I am going to sleep….” Pragya was disturbed looking at him who was answering her blankly.

Pragya, He don’t remember he always feed me for dinner.
Abhi saw her being in tears and asked “Why are u crying now?” Pragya “Nothing…just felt like crying…” Abhi “Oh I see…” Pragya “Yes u can see but u never see what I want to see!” Abhi holding his hand on head said “I am already having a headache and I have no energy to talk to u!” Pragya “Do u think I have energy when I never eat all this while?” Abhi hearing that was stunned and drank a glass of water to make himself to be steady.

Abhi “You still haven’t eat? Are u crazy? How can u not eat until now?” Pragya with a sad face “You always feed me for dinner…I waited for u….” Abhi went near Pragya and hugged her. Abhi “Oh Fuggi! Why do u have to starve for this! I am sorry….I just couldn’t accept anything against Dadi! Come let me feed u now!” Pragya “I don’t want….I am not hungry…” Abhi “Don’t be stubborn! You are not eating for yourself but it’s for our child!” Pragya was keep on saying no.
Abhi “I know how to make u eat!” By saying that he carried her and Pragya was still not looking at him. Abhi “Fuggi! As usual u look cute in your anger….” Pragya remained silent and he made her sit at the dining area.

Abhi served the food on the plate and started to feed her. She ate it reluctantly. Abhi “Sometimes I feel u are getting very stubborn nowadays!” Pragya frowned at him. Abhi “Okok! Fuggi don’t do this kind of expression! You should always smile during this period!” Pragya smiled sarcastically. Abhi “Oh no! Fuggi is smiling like….” Pragya curiously asked “Like what?” Abhi “Like that…” Pragya still eating from his feeding asked “Like that?” Abhi “You didn’t hear that?” Pragya “No!” Abhi smiled and said “You smile again!” Pragya “Why?” Abhi “Just do!” Pragya now smiled and Abhi blurted out in laughter. Pragya “Why are u laughing?” Abhi “No…nothing!” Pragya “Tell me why u laugh! If not I won’t eat!” Abhi “No problem….u have already eaten!” He said that by showing her the empty plate.

Pragya “U were doing all this to feed me!” Abhi “Now u know! Only when u talk then your mouth is widely opened for me to feed u!” Pragya chuckled hearing that and said “I am sorry….” Abhi “No Fuggi…It’s my fault too…now it’s very late! Let’s go and sleep…we will talk about all this tomorrow!” Pragya nodded her head and he once again carried her back to their room.
Dadi was looking at all this secretly and thought, No matter how many misunderstanding comes in between them they still are together….that’s why they are made for each other but some people don’t understand this….

Abhi “I wish Dadi was not involved in this but she is involved Fuggi!” Pragya “I know….but don’t worry we will try to find why she is involved!” Abhi “No Fuggi! I am scared something will happen to u if u are involved! I will try to find it myself! You just stay away from this!” Pragya tried to convince him but he was not listening to her.

Anusha asked me whether is it an old or new villain, so it’s a combination of both! Keep reading to know about who is that! So meet u all for this on next Sunday!

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