Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani-Abhigya,Arya,Rosid,Raglak,Gohem SS Part3

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Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani: This Youth is Crazy Part 3
Dedicated to coolhi1988 who wants a Gohem scene where Ahem tries to do something to make Gopi laugh.

Maya:Abhi loved his sister in law Anita very much.But in an accident she passed away.Abhi was depressed.After a month his brother Ahem remarried.So Abhi is very angry.He hates his brother as he thinks that he forgot his ex-wife fast.He hates his present bhabhi for taking his Anita bhabhi’s place.So he lost his hope in marriage.


Ahem saw Gopi upset.
He thought:Now also she is thinking of Abhi and upset.I need to do something to make her smile.
The calling bell rang.
Gopi:Who is this?
Gopi opened the door.She saw a hairy man.She was stunned to see his hair style.
She felt like laughing,but she controlled it.
She thought:What a strange hair style!Looks mad.
Gopi:Who are you?
He:Hello Madam.I am a salesman.I have brought sarees.Choose your favourite saree.
Gopi:No thanks.No need of sarees.I have enough.
He:Hey…Madam…Holi is coming.So a new saree is must.Right?
Gopi:For holi..I don’t want to wear a nice saree and spoil it with colours.
He:Then after celebrating holi you wear new saree.So that your saree won’t get spoiled by colours.
Gopi:Oh no..I told you I don’t want saree.

He moved closer to her romantically and whispered:In my saree you will look gorgeous.
Gopi felt uncomfortable.

She moved away.
She thought:Why do I feel that his voice and breath are like Ahemji’s?I am so foolish.How can this stupid funny man be like Ahemji?No way.My Ahemji is handsome,not ugly like this man.

He:Madam..I am telling you the truth.You will look beautiful in the sarees I brought.
He rested his head on her shoulder in a naughty manner.She got irritated.

She slapped him.He was shocked.
Gopi:How dare you touch me?

He:Sorry Madam..I did’nt have any bad intention.I just wanted to..
Gopi:Enough…get lost.
He thought:I wanted to make her mood nice.But instead I spoiled her mood.Oh no..
He:Madam..please listen to me.
Gopi:I don’t want to hear anything.
Suddenly she saw his fake moustache getting removed slowly.She removed it fully with her hand.She was shocked.
He was embarrassed:Yes.
Gopi could’nt believe it:Why did you come as a dirty hairy guy?
Ahem:So what?At least for some moments my hair style made you laugh.Right?

She smiled.
G:So you dressed like this to make me laugh?
Ahem:Yes…because you were always gloomy.
G:You wanted to see me smile.But I slapped your cheek.Sorry Ahemji.
Ahem said in a naughty manner:No problem Gopi.You caress my cheek with your lips.

satrangi mausam ho
ya gham ke badal ho

She blushed:Ahemji…

phoolon ki sej ho
ya kanton ki raahein ho

He took out a beautiful saree from this bag.
Ahem:You said you don’t want a new saree.But I want to see you in a new saree after celebrating Holi.You will look beautiful in this.
She blushed:Ok Ahemji and thank you.

mere humkadam mere humsafar
raah mein chod na jaana
har kasam tod na jaanaa

They smiled.She tried to walk away.Suddenly he pulled her closer.
Ahem:You did’nt kiss my cheek yet.My cheek is paining because of your slap.

saath nibhana saathiyaa
saath nibhana saathiyaa

She pecked his cheek blushing and ran away.He smiled.

saath nibhana saathiyaa
saath nibhana saathiyaa

Pragya went near Abhi:Maya told me everything about your family.You hate your brother and sister in law.But that is not good Abhi.
Abhi:How could Ahem bhai forget Anita Bhabhi so fast.Right after his death he married Gopiji.His excuse is our mother forced him to marry again.But just after a month he remarried?And our mother forced him?No way.

Prag:Abhi..what if there is something more to it?I feel that your brother’s remarriage had a solid reason.And what is your bhabhi’s fault in this?Her parents got her married to a widower.She obeyed them.Does she deserve your hatred?You are calling your bhabhi Gopiji.But if you call her Gopi bhabhi it will be better.
Abhi thought about it a lot.
He thought:Pragya may be right.Why should I hate Gopiji for what Ahem bhai did?

They were roaming around.
Abhi rang to his home phone.Gopi picked up the phone.
Abhi:Maa is there?
Gopi:Abhi…how are you?
Abhi:I am fine bhabhi.
Pragya who overheard it smiled and walked away.
Gopi was called me bhabhi?
Abhi was silent.
Gopi:I am so happy Abhi.
Abhi’s mother Kokila heard it and smiled happily.
Gopi:Maaji..Abhi wants to talk to you.
Kokila talked to it true that you called Gopi bahu bhabhi?
Koki:Suddenly this change in you..I am so happy.
Abhi:My friend Pragya made me understand that I was wrong.I also felt that I was wrong in hating Gopi bhabhi.She just did arranged marriage with Ahem bhai as per her parents’ wish.She is not at all at fault.

Kokila smiled:I am so happy.Ahem will be very happy.
Abhi:I can’t forgive Ahem bhai as he is at fault.
Kokila and Gopi became sad.

Ahem who reached there also became sad hearing it.
Abhi disconnected the call.
Gopi:Abhi called me bhabhi.My long wait is over.
Ahem was surprised.
Gopi:But I am sad that still he has’nt forgiven Ahemji.

Kokila:Don’t worry.Now he accepted Gopi.Very soon he will forgive Ahem also.
They all became very emotional.

Pragya went near Abhi:You called your Gopiji bhabhi.Right?That was very sweet.She must have been very happy.Right?
Abhi:Yes.She was very happy.

But I have not accepted Ahem bhai and I will never forgive him.
Prag:But Abhi..
Abhi held her hand.
Abhi:Please Pragya…don’t advise me about that.
Pragya became dull.

Abhi:But thanks for making me understand that Gopi bhabhi is not at fault.I feel more peaceful now.
Pragya smiled.

They all sat together around camp fire.
Maya:Guys…let us have some entertainment.
Arjun:Why don’t we have some dance and music?
Siddhanth:How can we forget our rockstar abhi.Abhi…come sing man.
Abhi started singing.

( Tu Hi Meri Shab Hai Subah Hai Tu Hi Din Hai Mera
Tu Hi Mera Rab Hai Jahaan Hai Tu Hi Meri Duniya
Tu Waqt Mere Liye Main Hoon Tera Lamha
Kaise Rahega Bhala Hoke Tu Mujhse Judaa… )… (2) – gangster-a-love-story

Pragya was lost in him.
All were lost in Abhi’s song.Roli sat near Sid.She held his hand.Sid was stunned.He stared at her.
Sid:Roli..what are you doing?The others will see it.
Roli:No way Sir.All others are looking only at Abhi.When you are near me I can’t even look at Abhi.
They shared a cute eye lock.
Sid took his hand off her.

Abhi:Now let us have a dance.An item dance.
Ragini:Only I can do item dance.
Maya:Why only you?
Ragini:Item dancers have to be hot and s*xy.Only I am hot and s*xy here.
Everyone laughed.
Laksh:This Ragini…
Maya:Ok s*xy dance.But who will dance with you?
Ragini:Abhi..handsome..will you dance with me?
Abhi:Why not?
Pragya and Laksh were irritated.
Abhi danced with Ragini.

Sahebaan, Kadardaan, Meharbaan
Dil Thaam Ke Baithiye Kyun Ki
Ab Aapke Saamne Tashreef La Rahi Hain
Agra Ki Azeem Fankaara
Mallika-E-Husn, Noor-E-Nazar
Mohatarma Mohini

Ladke O Re Ladke Kahaan Se Aaya Hai Re Tu
Pyara Hai Re Shaqal Se
Akal Ka Mara Hai Re Tu (x2)

While dancing Abhi slipped and fell down.
All were shocked.
Pragya held his hand and pulled him up.
Prag:Abhi..are you ok?


Abhi:Thank ypu Pragya.
She smiled. can’t match up to my steps.Who can compete with me?
Laksh:I can…
Ragini smirked:Prove it.
Laksh Ragini started dancing.

Haan Jal Gayi, Haan Jal Gayi
Meri Baaton Se Tu Jal Gayi
Haan Khal Gayi, Tujhe Khal Gayi
Meri Beparwahi Khal Gayi
Mohatarma Tu Kis Khet Ki Mooli
Hai Zara Bata

Ragini slipped,but Laksh held her.They shared an eye lock.
Lak:Be careful Ragini.Be careful while dancing with me.It’s not easy to match my steps.
Everyone laughed.Ragini was embarrassed.

Arjun:Give us also chance to dance guys.
Maya:Yes..let me and Arjun also dance.
Maya stared at Ragini:See whether non item dancers can also dance.
Arjun Maya danced.

Tv Pe Breaking News Haaye Re Mera Ghagra Haaye
Baghdad Se Leke Delhi Via Agra (x2)

Ghagra Ghagra Tera Ghagra Ghagra
Tera Ghagra Ghagra Via Agra (x2)

Ghagra Ghagra…
Ghagra Ghagra…(YJHD).

Everybody enjoyed.
Maya:How was our dance Ragini?
Everybody clapped:You guys rocked.
Arjun:That’s Arjun Maya combination.Our jodi’s magic is different.
Arjun Maya smiled at each other.

Everybody walked away.Roli and Sid remained there.
Sid:Why did’nt you go with them?
Roli:Because I want to be with you.
Sid:Oh Roli..why are you like this?
Roli said cutely:Because I love you Sir.
Sid:This is not love..but childishness.
Roli:I will prove it that my love is true,not childishness.
Sid:Ok then prove it.
Roli:But if I prove it promise me that you will accept me.
Sid smirked:Ok..I will accept you.But don’t be over confident.It’s not that easy.
Roli smiled.
Roli was shivering due to coldness.Sid saw it and covered her with his blanket.

She smiled:Thank you for caring for me.It means you love me.

Sid:Not because of love,but because of humanity.
Roli became dull.
Roli saw Sid shivering.She took a part of her blanket

and covered him.They both were closer to each other.They shared a romantic eye lock.

They broke the eye lock and became uncomfortable to face each other.

While walking Ragini fell down and hurt her foot.She cried:Ah…
Laksh:Ragini..what happened?
Rag:So much of pain Laksh.
Lak:Don’t worry Ragini.
He caressed her.He opened his bag and took out an ointment.He put it on her wound and bandaged her foot.
Lak:How do you feel now?
Rag:I feel better now.Thank you Laksh.
L:No need of thanks Ragini.

She smiled.They shared a beautiful eye lock.

Yeh moh moh ke dhaage
Teri ungliyon se jaa uljhe
Yeh moh moh ke dhaage
Teri ungliyon se jaa uljhe-Dum Laga Ke Haisha

Rag:Laksh..I need water.My water is over.
Lak:My water is also over.Wait..I will go and get water.
Laksh went with his bottle for water.
Abhi who passed by saw Ragini and went near her.He saw her bandaged foot.
Abhi:What happened?Your foot got hurt?
Rag:Ya..but Laksh did first aid for me.So I am ok now.
Abhi:Laksh is your doctor and nurse.
They both laughed.Pragya who came searching for Abhi saw them laughing together.She saw her bandaged foot too.Seeing Pragya Abhi said:Pragya is waiting for me.Let me go.
Rag:Ok handsome.
Abhi:Bye beauty.

Pragya got irritated.
Pragya walked away.Abhi ran after her.
Abhi:Hey Pragya.
P:What were you doing with Ragini.
Abhi:Nothing,Ragini’s foot got hurt.
Pra:So you gave her first aid.Right?It means your touched her caressed her foot?Yuck…Yesterday you were dancing with her.Now like this..always finding a reason to get intimate with her.Always flirting with her.
Abhi:I never tried to get intimate with her.She is my friend.How can you even think like that about me?
Pragya felt guilty:Sorry.But you are flirting with her.
Abhi: Flirting with her?
Pra:Yes…She was calling you handsome and you called her beauty.
Abhi:Harmless flirting yaar.She is a poor innocent girl who got her foot hurt.
Pra:Really?She is a poor innocent girl?I have never seen an innocent girl like her.

Abhi laughed.
Pragya fumed with anger:Why are you laughing?
Abhi:Chashmish…Chill yaar.
Pra:Why are you flirting with her?
Abhi:Then what to do?I can flirt only with her.I can’t flirt with a girl like you.
Pragya:Why?Because I am a geek who is not beautiful.I am a dull girl who wears glasses.

Abhi:No.Don’t live with the misconception that you are not beautiful.Just because you wear glasses it does’nt mean that you are not pretty.You are very beautiful.
Pragya became very happy.
Pra:The first time somebody said that I am very beautiful.
Abhi:The others did’nt see your beauty as they are blind.
Pragya smiled.
Prag:If I am beautiful why did you say that I can’t be flirted with?
Abhi:Because you are a marriage material.No man can flirt with a girl like you.Men can only love you.

Abhi’s words touched her heart.
They shared a romantic eye lock.

O Allah Waariyan
O Main To Haariyan
O Tooti Yaariyan Mila De Oye..
O Allah Waariyan
O Main To Haariyan
O Tooti Yaariyan Mila De Oye..(Yaariyan).

While walking a cat was running by.Maya got scared and embraced Arjun tightly.
She was sweating heavily.
Arjun:What happened Maya?
Maya:A cat…
Arj:For such a silly thing you are getting scared?
Maya:When I was small a cat bit me and I was admitted in the hospital.
Arjun caressed Maya:Don’t worry Maya.This is a silly cat.It won’t bite you.And it has already run away.So don’t worry.
Maya was relieved.She smiled slightly and felt secure in Arjun’s arms.

Suddenly she came back to senses and moved away from him.
Arj:Are you alright Maya?
Maya thought:I can’t be in your arms until you feel for me the same I feel for you.

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