Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani-Abhigya,Arya,Rosid,Raglak,Gohem SS Part2

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Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani: This Youth is Crazy Part 2
Dedicated to Shakaib,Roshni Menon and Piyali who wanted this update.

All were sitting together.
Ragini:So boring…let us chat.
Laksh:Good idea.
Arjun:What is the topic?
Abhi:How about love?
Maya:Wow…there is no topic better than this.
Roli:Seniors first.So let us start with Siddhanth Sir.Sir…do you love anyone?
Roli gave him a naughty smile.
Siddhanth got irritated:No.
Roli showed him a puppy face.
Roli:Have you ever been in love?
Ragini:That’s so sad that though you are handsome you did’nt find your true love yet.
Roli:True love is in front of you Sir.You just have to see it.
Sid was irritated. do you know that true love is in front of Sid sir?
Roli stammered:I..I simply guessed.
Ragini:Sid Sir..what kind of girl friend do you want?I am sure that you want a girl friend like me as I am very beautiful.Since you are very handsome you may be wanting the most beautiful girl as your girl friend.Right?
Laksh got very irritated and murmured:Ragini..I told you.Stop flirting with Sid Sir.
Ragini:You keep quiet Laksh.Don’t order me.You are talking as if I am your girl friend.

Laksh did not know how to react.
Roli got irritated:We all agree that Sid Sir is very handsome.But that does’nt mean that he needs a beauty queen.True love is not based on good looks.
Maya:That is true.True love has nothing to do with looks.
Arjun:How do you know that Maya?Have you ever been in true love?
Maya looked at him deeply and said in her mind:How can I tell you that I love you truly?Why don’t you understand my love from my eyes Arjun?
Maya:What do you think Arjun?
Arjun:My bestie Maya can’t have boy friends.
They both giggled.

Ragini:Roli..why are you staring at me as if you are going to eat me up?
Roli:Because you are a….
Sid was boiling with anger.

Siddhanth shouted:Stop it.Are you guys not ashamed to interview your professor on love?
Abhi:Why are you angry sir?Is love that bad?Your subject is English literature.You teach about love.
Sid:I am not saying that falling in love is bad.I teach romantic literature also.But I don’t want any ugly arguments regarding love.I need peace of mind.Anyways this is your excursion.Enjoy.Let me go to the washroom.
Sid left from there.
Pragya:You guys really hurt Siddhanthji.That was wrong.
Abhi:Chashmish has started talking like an aunty.
Everybody laughed.Pragya was embarrassed.
Arjun:We admit that our talk did hurt Siddhanth Sir.But we did’nt have any intention to hurt him.
Laksh:Yes and we are really sorry for that.
Ragini:Anyways let us chat till he comes back.Have you guys ever kissed anyone?Abhi…you tell.You are a good singer.So you are quite popular in college.All girls are after you.
Abhi:Ragini..why don’t you admit that you are one among the girls who are mad about the rockstar Abhi.
Ragini blushed.Laksh was irritated:Crazy.
Pragya stared at Ragini.
Ragini:Tell Abhi..have you ever kissed anyone?
Pragya’s heart beat restlessly to know his answer.
Abhi:To be frank no.
Ragini:You are telling lie.How can you resist kissing the beautiful girls around you?
Abhi was shy:I am telling the truth.I never got the chance to kiss any girl.

Ragini:That means if you get a chance you will kiss?
Everybody laughed while Abhi was shy.
Pragya thought:These people are crazy.
Roli:Maya..have you kissed anyone?
Maya blushed.

Flash back….

Once Arjun got drunk and was not in senses.She struggled hard to take him to his house and made him lie on the bed.

When she was about to go he held her hand:Don’t go leaving me alone.I am always alone.My parents have no time for me.They bother only about career and partying.
Maya felt sad for him as even now no one was there at his house.
She caressed his head:I am not leaving you alone Arjun.
He fell asleep.She kissed his forehead.


Abhi:Why are you thinking this much Maya?Have you kissed anyone?
Arjun:Maya is thinking whose name to be pointed at.Because she has kissed only her favourite actors in her dreams.
Everyone laughed.Maya smiled.
Abhi:Pragya..have you kissed anyone?

Roli:Abhi..Pragya di is right.She has not kissed anyone.
Abhi:She must have kissed her books for sure.
Everyone laughed.Pragya smiled.
Laksh:Arjun..have you kissed anyone?
Arjun:I have no girl friend.So no chance of kissing.
Abhi:Lie.Everyday Arjun kisses his liqour bottles.
Everybody laughed while Arjun was embarrassed.
Maya:Roli..have you kissed anyone?
Roli thought:Since Pragya di is here I can’t talk openly.I would have kissed if the person I love..My Siddhanth Sir had accepted me.
Roli:No no.I am too innocent to kiss a guy.
Everybody laughed.Pragya smiled.
Roli:Laksh…what about you?
Ragini:Laksh to kiss a girl?No way.
Laksh:How can you be so sure about it?
Rag:Because you always advise me not to flirt with others.A saint like you can’t kiss anyone.
Laksh smiled.
Siddhanth came back.
Sid:Still discussing about love?
Arjun:No Sir.We stopped it.
Sid:Then what is the new topic?I will also join you guys.
All were feeling uncomfortable as they can’t involve Sid in the discussion of kissing.
Roli:We were talking about beauty.
Ragini:Yes..about my beauty.
Roli:Not your beauty.Nature’s beauty.
Sid:Nature’s beauty.Nice.Interesting.
Laksh:We all are very sorry for hurting you with our stupid discussions.
They all said:Sorry Sir.
Sid:No need of sorry.I know this age is into such discussions.It’s normal.
They smiled.
They all chatted and enjoyed.

They reached Manali.They went to the small house they rented.
Sid:No boy should enter girl’s room.
Arjun:Why Sir?
Abhi:You don’t trust us?
Sid looked at Roli:No.I don’t trust girls.
All girls opened their mouth in O shape.All the men laughed.
Sid:Sorry guys.I was just joking.It’s better and safe to keep a distance between girls and boys in this age.That’s why.
Arjun:Sir..we all are friends.So we know where to keep the line.Pleast trust us.
Maya:Yes Sir..
Laksh:We promise that we don’t do anything to get you ashamed of us.
Sid:Very good.Anyways get freshen up.We will go out for having lunch.
Roli winked at Sid.
Sid:Girls are impossible.
Maya:Sir…again why are you talking like that?
Sid:Sorry Maya.I did’nt mean you.
Ragini:Then did you mean me Sir?
Laksh:Obviously Siddhanth Sir meant Ragini only.Better you change yourself Ragini.
Rag:But what did I do?

Sid saw Roli giggling silently and he got irritated.
Sid:Laksh Ragini..stop arguing.I did’nt mean Ragini.
Ragini smiled:See…Sir too confirmed that he is not talking about me.
Laksh:If it is not you then who else?Because only you are not trust worthy among the girls.Other girls are innocent.
Roli:Yes…We all are very innocent.
Sid stared at Roli.Roli felt like laughing.
Sid:Some girls look innocent but they are not innocent.
Abhi looked at Pragya.Pragya sweated.
Pra:Why are you staring at me?
Abhi:Because you are the most innocent looking girl.So is Sid sir talking about you?
Pragya became restless:No no.
Sid:Abhi..leave Pragya.Poor girl.
Abhi smiled:So Pragya is not that girl.Then who is that girl?
Roli got tensed.
Sid:I was talking about some girls generally.
Roli was relieved.
All got busy while Roli went after Sid.
Roli:Thank you sir for saving my image.That means you have a soft corner for me.

Sid:How are you so sure about it?

Roli:Otherwise you would not have saved my image.

Sid:Stop it.It’s not because of any soft corner,It’s to avoid a fight between my students.If I expose you your own friends and sister may feel awkward to mingle with you.
Roli became dull.

Suddenly she smiled.
Roli:When you are angry you so handsome Sir.
Sid went mad:There is no use of talking to you.
Sid walked away.Roli laughed:Poor guy.
Roli:Who cares?I will make your opinion about me change.
She smiled.

They all got ready and went to a restaurant to have food.
They ordered food.
Pragya was eating slowly while others were eating like crazy.
Abhi noticed it.Abhi:Hey Pragya..why are you hesitating to eat?
Pra:Nothing like that.

Abhi:Then why are you looking so dull?
Pra:Maa is strict about diet.She does’nt let me have junk food.
Abhi:But Roli is eating junk food and enjoying.
Pra:She eats hiding from Maa going out with you all.
Abhi:But you can’t do that.Right?But if you don’t eat this you will starve.And I am sure that your mom won’t want you to starve.And she gave you permission to come for the excursion with us.So she may be knowing that junk food may have to be eaten with us.She won’t care.
Pragya:I am a medical student.Junk food is not good for health.
Abhi:Eating junk food once in a while is not so dangerous to health dear.So you eat it without tension.Trust me you will enjoy it.Eat fast.Eating food fast is thrilling.Try.

Pragya tried to eat enjoying food.
Abhi:How is it?

Abhi:See..I told you.When you are with us enjoy to the maximum.No restrictions.Ok?

Pragya smiled.

Laksh and Ragini ordered together:Mango shake.
They both were surprised that both ordered for the same thing.
They both smiled.
They were served mango shake.
Ragini:Mango shake is so tasty.It is my favourite.
Laksh:It is my favourite too.
Ragini:How strange!We both are so different from each other.But still when it comes to our favourite drink we are same.

Ragini was drinking mango shake.
Laksh smiled observing Ragini drink mango shake.
He thought:You are so cute Ragini.Though we both are different personalities somewhere my heart is connected to yours.That’s why our taste is similar.

After eating Maya enjoyed eating rasa gulla.

Arjun took a liquour bottle and started drinking.Maya stared at him.

Maya:After lunch people have soft drinks or sweet.But you are having alcohol.Shame Arjun.
Arjun:You know Maya..for me this is desert.
Maya:Ok..then enjoy your desert.
Arjun was drinking again.
Arj:Why does it taste different?
Maya:Because I replaced your liquour bottle with coco cola.
Arjun was shocked:What?
Maya smirked:Yes Arjun.It is not your favourite alcohol.
Arj:Oh Maya…being my best friend instead of caring for my happiness you spoiled my mood.

Maya:I am your best friend.So I care for your happiness.That’s why I did this Arjun.Good health is our happiness.This alcohol will spoil your health ans snatch your happiness.That’s why I put a control on it.Understand a friend I will only wish for your best.
Arjun:I am sorry Maya.
Maya:It’s ok Arjun.

Sid ordered for orange juice.Roli ordered for the same juice seeing that.
“Madam…orange is over”.
Roli:Oh no.I really needed it.
Sid:It’s ok.You can share mine.
Sid smiled:Yes.
They both drank juice from the same glass.

Suddenly Roli realized that it was only her imagination and got disappointed.
Sid gave her orange juice to her:Seems that you are desperate to have orange juice.Take mine.I have not drunk it.So don’t worry.
Roli blushed:You are so caring.Even you have sipped it I have no problem as I am willing to share anything with you.
Sid got irritated:You are sick.
Keeping the juice there he left.

All went out for sight seeing.
They saw bride and bride groom along with others who were dancing around them.
Pragya smiled:They are looking so beautiful.
Abhi:On the wedding day they will look good.But wedding and married life are not beautiful.
P:Why are you saying like that?Marriage is a beautiful institution.
Abhi:I don’t think so.
Abhi walked away.
Maya:Abhi is allergic to the concept of marriage.
Pra:But why?

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