Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani- Abhigya,Arya,Rosid,Raglak,Gohem SS Part 1

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Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani: This Youth is Crazy Part 1

I dedicate this SS to Shakaib who wants me to write a SS on the movie Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani.As she wished I’m writing this SS on two of her favourite pairs Abhigya and Gohem.Though it’s based on the movie I have made lots of changes in the story.Story,scenes and dialogues are different,but the theme remains the same.I dedicate this to Akshararosid too as she wants me to write a SS on Rosid,Arya and Raglak.I also dedicate this SS to Piyali who always wanted me to include Raglak in any of my stories.
Thanks a lot Sydell for taking trouble to make banner for me in your busy schedule.

Hearing the alarm bell ring Pragya got up from her bed.She looked at the clock.It was 4.30.
P:Oh no…morning has arrived so fast.I have to study.Otherwise Maa will scold me.
Pragya went to bathroom ..brushed her teeth..took bath and sat for studies.Her mother Sarla peeped into the room.Seeing her study Sarla left the room smiling.

Pragya sat for break fast.Her younger sister Roli came humming songs.
P:You are so cool Roli.How are you so cool?

R:Because I am not a medical student like you.Luckily I am not intelligent or brilliant like you in studies.So Maa did’nt send me for medicine.Otherwise my life would have been boring with just books.Now I am in arts college.So I can relax and enjoy.I can spend hours on selecting dresses,matching accessories and matching lipstick to college.Not like hardly get time.So you wear the first dress you see in your cupboard and wears it to college.So boring.Seriously.But I enjoy my life to the fullest.

Pragya’s face became dull.

After college Pragya reached home.She saw Roli dancing to bollywood music.
P:Here Roli is enjoying and I have to sit and study.
Her phone rang.She picked up the call.
“Hi Pragya dear.I’m Maya”.
P:Wow Maya.Long time.
M:I always think of phoning you.But Roli said you are so busy with studies that you have no time for chatting also.
(Maya is Pragya’s school mate.Now Maya and Roli are in same college).
P:What to do?
M:Don’t you feel like relaxing?I mean don’t you need some enjoyment?
P:I am longing for that.
M:Then why don’t you join us for our Manali trip?You know we college friends are going to Manali.Only Professor Siddhanth Nharadwaj is accompanying us.We will enjoy.

P:I know.Roli had told me that she is going.I would love to come.But I don’t think Maa will give me permission.

M:Why not?It’s during the vacation.So classes won’t go.You won’t have that much to study also.Now don’t tell me that you need to spend your vacation by studying.
P:I hope Maa will permit me to join you all.
M:All the best dear.I will wait for your reply.

Pragya Roli and Sarla sat for dinner.
P:Maa..can I go with Roli for the Manali trip?
Sarla:Why?You are not in her college.
Roli:But we are allowed to take our family members and friends.

Please let her come with us Maa.Di also needs some enjoyment and it’s during vacation.So she does’nt have to bunk classes.
Sarla thought for a moment.Then she stared at Pragya.Pragya got scared.
S:Do you want to go?
Pragya shivered.
S:Tell me.
S:Then go.
Pragya was so excited that she hugged Sarla.Roli too hugged them.

Pra:Thank you so much Maa.
Sarla smiled.

Abhishek Mehra was packing bags.
Ahem came near him:Abhi…finished packing?
Gopi came:Abhi..I have cooked food for you.You can take it with you to train.
Abhi:No thanks.I can buy food from the railway station .
Gopi:But home made food is better than outside food Abhi.
Abhi:I told you.I don’t want.

Abhi took his bag and left.
Gopi was in tears:Abhi has not accepted me as his sister in law yet.I am longing to hear him call me bhabhi.

Ahem caressed her:Don’t cry Gopi.One day Abhi will accept you as his bhabhi.
G:I am also living with that hope.I can’t bear this indifferent nature of Abhi.But because of me you also lost your brother.
Ahem:Don’t blame yourself Gopi.
He wiped her tears.

Maya.Arjun,Abhishek,Ragini,Laksh reached the railway station.They were surprised to see Siddhanth there.
Maya:Siddhanth Sir…
Arjun:You came so early.
Siddhanth smiled:I am your professor…guardian.So I need to come here first.Right? are punctual not only in college but also for such leisure trips.
They all smiled.
Ragini murmured:Siddhanth Sir looks so hot.
Laksh got irritated:Stop it Ragini.
Rag:Why?Don’t I have the right to admire handsome men when you guys admire beauties?
Laksh:Of course yes.But admire my looks.Not Siddhanth Sir’s looks.
Rag:Oye..why should I admire your looks?Just because by mistake you won the Mr.Sebastian prize don’t think that you are handsome.
L:What do you mean by mistake Ragini?
Rag:Ya..the judges were blind.That’s why they found you perfect for Mr.Sebastian pageant.

Laksh got…
Ragini laughed.
Rag:But remember I was Miss.Sebastian college.No one can beat my looks.So I can judge others’ looks.
Again she laughed.
Laksh got mesmerised by her beautiful laughter.
Maya:Hey..guys..guess what?With Roli, Pragya also is coming.
They were surprised.
Abhi:That chashmish?
Maya:Yes exactly.
Arjun:That’s cool.So this trip will be like our school reunion.
Ragini:Who is Pragya?
Maya:Pragya is Roli’s sister.
Laksh:Have you guys met her?
Abhi:Of course.We know her very well.She was our school mate.She was a book worm unlike us.So as expected she joined Medical college.We are going to meet her after a long time.God knows how she looks like now.
Suddenly Roli arrived there with Pragya.
Roli:Hi guys.
Roli hugged all of them.
Abhi:Hi you remember me?
Pragya:Of course yes.
Abhi:You are telling lie,
P:No.Why should I lie?
Abhi:Then tell me who I am?
P:You are Abhishek Mehra..the one who was always punished by teacher for not doing homework.So you always sat on the back bench.Am I right?
Abhi was embarrassed.He nodded:Yes.

All of them laughed.Abhi became shy.Pragya smiled.
Arjun:You look the same Pragya.
Abhi:Same glasses.Why did’nt you try for a make over?
Pragya became dull.

Roli:There is no beauty parlour near by.That’s why.
They all laughed.
Maya:Ok our friends.This is Ragini..this is Laksh.
Raglak:Hi Pragya.Nice to meet you.
P:Nice to meet you both.

While they all were chatting Roli went near Siddhanth who was standing at a corner.
Roli:Good morning Siddhanth Sir…
Sid:Good morning Roli.
Roli embraced him all of a sudden.Sid was shocked.
He pushed her angrily:What are you doing?Don’t you know that it’s a public place?
Roli:So that’s your problem.So shy you are.Then let’s go to a private area.
Sid got angry:Are you not ashamed to talk to me like this shameless girl?I am your professor.

Roli:But I love you Sir.Pyar kiya to darna kya..have you not heard it?That’s what happening with me.

Sid:Oh..this girl…
Roli:You know why I came for this trip?To be with you.
Sid was stunned.
Roli gave him flying kiss.Sid became uncomfortable.Roli ran away laughing.

Arjun:Why this train is not coming?I feel so hungry.Guess I need to go to the canteen.
Maya:No need Arjun.I know that you will cry for food like a silly KG kid.So I brought sandwich for you.
She took out sandwich for him.
Arjun:You know me very well Maya.Cool.
Maya:You are my best friend.So I need to know you.
Arjun:That’s nice.But guess this is vegetarian sandwich.I don’t like it.
Maya:You stupid.When i give you something instead of thanking me you are rejecting it finding reasons?Anyways you only told me that I know you very well.So i may be knowing your tastes.Right?So I prepared chicken sandwich for you.
Arjun:Really?Wow.Thank you so much Maya.
He embraced her.She blushed.
He was about to take it from her.
Maya:One second.You wash your hands.
Arjun:No Maya.I have no patience for that.

Maya:You are so unhygienic.I won’t allow you to eat with these dirty hands.
Arjun:So you want me to starve to death?

Maya:No.I will feed you.
Arjun smiled.
She washed her hands and started feeding him.He was eating like an innocent kid.Maya looked at him admiring his cuteness.

The train arrived.All of them got inside hurriedly. Pragya could’nt get inside in that rush.Abhi who got inside the train looked at her.
Abhi:Come inside Pragya..
She walked towards the train.The train started moving.She got scared.
P:Oh will I get inside?
Abhi:Don’t be scared.
He extended his hand towards her.She held it.He pulled her inside with full force.She fell on his chest.She lifted her face and looked at his eyes.They shared an eye lock.

O Allah Waariyan
O Main To Haariyan
O Tooti Yaariyan Mila De Oye..
O Allah Waariyan
O Main To Haariyan
O Tooti Yaariyan Mila De Oye.. (yaariyan)

They broke the eye lock and moved to their seats.

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