Yeh Hai Chahatein fame Sargun Kaur Luthra on essaying the role of mother to a girl who is older than her

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Yeh Hai Chahatein fame Sargun Kaur Luthra on essaying the role of mother to a girl who is older than her

Sargun Kaur Luthra’s journey of three years in Yeh Hai Chahatein is finally getting over. The show recently witnessed a 20-year leap post which Sargun will be seen in the show for just some time after which her track will be over.

Sargun talked about it in a recent interview and said, “It has been a good run. Before this, I had done two shows, but the kind of fame, connection, and challenging work that I got to do with Yeh Hai Chahatein was very fulfilling. Suddenly, people started recognizing me and I had a connection with netizens on social media, too.”

Talking about her journey so far, Sargun shared, “I was studying Psychology in college but was not interested in studies. My mother advised me to audition and give acting a shot. I gave a very bad audition and sent it to a few makers, but surprisingly I got selected. I remember how I had spent around Rs 20,000 for my portfolio. That was big money because I came from a simple middle-class background. I wasn’t sure if spending so much money on a portfolio would help. But, it did. I bagged my first show Tantra and after doing two shows, I was selected for Yeh Hai Chahatein and then there was no turning back.”

Talking about the leaps in the show, she said, “After watching me as Dr. Preesha, people could not accept Dr. Nayantara, who did not look as appealing, and therefore the leap ideally did not work for the masses. And so the makers had to think of a completely fresh lineup of characters for the show.”

When asked if she had apprehensions of playing mother to Shagun Sharma, who is slightly older than her. Sargun replied, “When the show was first offered to me, I had to play mother to my sister’s son and I was okay because I was not playing a real mother at 21. Then after a few months, I was playing mother to two children and though I wasn’t okay, I went ahead with it. But I really had reservations about playing mother to an actress, who is a few years older than me, but since the role was only for a month and my track would be over, I agreed. I have given three years to the show, so I wanted to give my best and agreed.”


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