Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Preesha Fails To Find GPS At Revati’s House

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th June 2022 Written Episode

Rudra tells Revati that Preesha and he trust each other and are inseparable, so she need not worry. He asks her not to think of leaving the house. Revati says she will not till Preesha’s delivery even if Preesha asks her to leave. She gets irked and thinks she will press on Preesha’s weak nerve and trouble GPS. GPS hiding calls Preesha via landline, which gets wrongly connected to a man named Rahul. He requests Rahul to inform Preesha that Revati has confined her in a house and to trace him via this landline number. He gives Preesha’s number.

He calls Preesha and informs her about GPS’s kidnap by Revati and loction which he tracked via landline number. Preesha realizes it’s Revati’s house and asks him to reach Revati’s house while she brings her family there and inform them that Revati kidnapped her father. He says he doesn’t have any problem in telling the truth, but they should inform police first. Preesha says police will not help her as Revati is a police commissioner.

Rudraksh reaches Preesha and says they are getting late for the class. She says they need to go somewhere else and insists to accompany him. She calls Sharda and asks her to bring Revati to Revati’s house and disconnects the call. Sharda informs and Revati and takes her along. Preesha with Rudraksh reaches Revati’s house and tries to break the door open. Rudraksh asks why she brought him here. Sharda and Revati reach next. Revati acts and asks what is happening here and opens the door on Preesha insistence. Preesha searches the house for GPS and doesn’t find him. She notices a store room locked and forces Revati to open it. She doesn’t find GPS even there and alleges that Revati she is sure that Revati kept GPS in the store room.

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Rudraksh and Sharda defend Revati. Preesha insists Revati to where she shifted GPS. Rudraksh warns Preesha to stop the drama and drags her from there. Sharda apologizes to Revati on behalf of Preesha. Rudraksh asks Preesha not to behave weird when she is pregnant. Preesha GPS adamant. Revati asks her that who told her that she kidnapped GPS. Preesha tells her about GPS calling Rahul and giving him this location. She calls Rahul. Rahul lies that GPS called him and informed that he is going to Madurai with his friend, Rahul’s father. Preesha is shocked to see him lying and that Rahul lying.

Rahul video calls his father. GPS picks his call and says he is Madurai now and is fie. He disconnects the call. Preesha wonders how can GPS be in Madurai and acting as if nothing happened. Revati asks Preesha to trust her, why would she kidnap GPS. She tells Rudraksh that Preesha needs rest and he should take her home. Rudraksh apologizes to Revati Preesha’s behalf and takes Preesha from there. Sharda walks behind them. Revati laughs with Rahul and says Preesha doesn’t know what is happening with her. She praises and thanks Rahul. Rahul leaves.

Precap: Revati orders his aides to blast GPS with a bomb in front of Preesha. Armaan notices Preesha crying in a temple. Preesha asks Armaan’s chachaji if he Arman is planning against Revati. Arman agrees.

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