Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Samrat Burns Nayantara’s House

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th January 2023 Written Episode

Mohit tells Ishani that they need to leave India tonight. Ishani asks reason. Mohit says Samrat loves Aliya a lot and if he finds out that I left Aliya for Ishani, he will try to harm Ishani, so he can’t take any risk and booked flight tickets of 6 p.m. Ishani asks what about her family. Mohit says Sam can go to any extent to harm her, they can inform everything to Nayan and leave tonight. Ishani agrees. Mohit returns to hotel and texts ticket agent to send tickets soon. He keeps his mobile and goes to washroom. Sam walks in silently and notices his bag. He further checks mobile and finds Sydney tickets in Mohit and Ms Iyer’s name. He thinks Mohit lied to him and ditched Aliya for Nayan, he will burn Nayan’s house tonight and will not let her go to Sydney.

Nayan reaches hospital and asks Paati what happened to Malati. Paati informs that Malati collapsed after watching Nayan and Samrat’s news. Doctor informs that Malati wants to meet Ishani and doesn’t want to have medicines. Ishani meets Malati and asks why is she not having medicines. Malati cries that Nayan’s wedding will not happen now after her and Samrat’s tussle, she failed as a mother. Nayan asks her not to worry about her marriage and recover first. Paati says Rahul wants to marry Nayan without any dowry in a mass marriage ceremony. Nayan desires to meet him once as she wants to see his nature first. Paati scolds her that they never used to meet a boy before marriage during her times. Malati emotionally blackmails Nayan. Paati asks her to agree for marriage if she wants to save her mother. Nayan agrees. Paati says wedding is at 3 p.m. Nayan asks if they will not come. Paati says she needs to stay with Malati at the hospital, so Nayan can take Ihsani along.

Samrat reaches Nayan’s house hiding his face and burns her blouse, making it look like a short circuit. Neighbors try to set off fire. Ladies discuss that Nayan is getting married in a mass marriage event at 3 p.m. Samrat overhears them and thinks Nayan and Mohit plan to marry at 3 p.m. and then escape to Sydney at 6 p.m., he will not let their marriage happen. He reaches mass marriage venue. Mohit and Ishani head towards airport. Ishani cries that she can’t go without informing her family. Nayan and Rahul are called in for marriage. Rahul introduces himself to Nayan. Nayan asks if he is marrying by his own wish and not under pressure. Rahul says he himself wants to marry her after hearing about her from her Paati. Nayan thinks Paati is right that Rahul is a good boy.

She gets Ishani’s call who informs that if Samrat finds out that Mohit left Aliya for her, he may harm her and hence Mohit is taking her out of India. Nayan thinks Mohit is right and asks her not to worry about family as she will handle it. She rejoins Rahul. Samrat searches for Nayan and Mohit to stop their wedding. He clashes with Nayan whose specs falls down and she murmurs who is this arrogant man who broke her specs and didn’t even apologize. He notices her.

Precap: Rahul’s sherwani spoils during wedding and he goes to change it. Ishani tells Mohit that she needs to go and stop Nayan’s marriage. Paati informs Malati that Nayan is marrying as per her wish. Malati prays god that Nayan marries a man who cares for her. Samrat marries Nayan. Mohit says this marriage can’t happen as Nayan married someone else and not Rahul.

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