Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Saransh Gets Hurt In Chemistry Lab

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th April 2022 Written Episode

School principal announces about school’s annual function after 15 days and asks students to enroll their names today if they want to participate. . Alia walks to Saransh and says they together can perform where she can dance and he play guitar. He gets nervous hearing her. Roohi notices that and says he has so lots of work and also school project to finish. Alia says she will help Saransh in his school project. Roohi says Saransh is going out of station with Rudra. Alia says Rudra is a school trustee and will be present for the annual function and leaves asking Saransh to be ready for the practice. Saransh asks Roohi how will he manage when he doesn’t know to play guitar.

Preesha walks to Rudraksh’s music room. He asks what is his wifey doing here. She says she is his new student and wants to learn singing from him as someone told she can’t sing well. He taunts her that she really can’t sing well, so just like a good teacher who knows his student’s strengths and weakness, he will teach her to play guitar. She asks him to maintain distance and teach. He pulls her towards him and says he is not fool to maintain a distance. He makes her sit on his lap and teaches her to play guitar. Shiddat Banalloon Tujhe… song plays in the background. She hears bell ringing and runs from the room saying students will see them.

Saransh and Roohi walk into practice room where Alia is already present. Alia asks Saransh if he decided a song for their performance. He shows his bandaged fingers. Ruhi lies that Saransh cut his fingers while helping her in her project, so he can’t play guitar. Saransh apologizes to Alia and tries to leave. She says his fake bandage is open and reveals that she knows that he was acting like playing guitar yesterday as she knows to play guitar and could notice it. Saransh apologizes her. She asks why did he lie. Ruhi says Saransh wanted to impress her. Alia tells him that she is already impressed with him because he helps others. He feels relieved hearing that. She says she will play guitar and he can dance for their performance. Saransh agrees. Roohi hugs Alia. Dev and Vicky overhear their conversation. Vicky asks Dev to do something. Dev recalls Alia’s warning last night and says he will do something which nobody will know.

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After school, Rudra waits for Preesha and kids in his car. Preesha gets into car and informs that kids stayed back to prepare for annual day function. He gets romantic and demands a kiss as a gurudakshina. A constable interferes and scolds them for romancing at public place. Rudraksh says he is misunderstanding them, they are husband and wife. Preesha says she will show her mangalsutra and finds it missing. Constable insists them to visit police station. Revathi defends them and says they are husband and wife and asks consable to troubling them. They thanks her and leaves from there. Constable asks Revathi why did she let them go. She says they are true people and leaves in police jeep.

Saransh attends his chemistry practicals and gets severely injured when the chemical beaker blasts. Dev with Vicky watches that, revealig he did it and walks away smirking. Teacher takes Saransh to Preesha and says he injured himself during experiment in the chemistry lab. Rudra also rushes in worried for Saransh. Preesha treats Saransh’s injures . Dev watches that and says he hit 2 birds with one stone, now Saaransh can’t perform with Alia. Preesha cries seeing Saransh’s conditon and pampers him.

Alia’s friend informs her that a blast happened in chemistry lab and a student incurred burns. Alia asks if it’s Saransh. She says yes. Alia thinks she needs to inform everything to Khuranas. Teacher asks Saransh how did the blast happen. Alia enters and says Dev is behind this blast. She recalls Dev and Vicky’s conversation about changing the beaker. Rudraksh asks if Dev has problem with Saaransh. She reveals that Dev is her brother and he doesn’t want her to talk to Saaransh. Preesha reveals that Dev is behind drug matter. Rudraksh gets angry and detgermines to punish Dev.

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Precap: Rudra asks principal to take action against Dev. Principal suspends Dev for 15 days. Yuvraj meets with an accident. Rudra fights with guards.

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