Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Preesha Senses Mahima’s Involvement

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th April 2021 Written Episode

Sharda thinks Preesha is hiding something. Ahana insists Preesha to tell what kidnapper demanded as she looked agitated and requested to take anything he/she wants and return Rudra. Preesha says she is not hiding anything. Ahana insists. Sharda asks Ahana not to extend the issue and asks Preesha to keep money in locker. Sulochana says Kabir will keep the money and asks him to take locker keys. Sharda takes back locker keys from her saying Preesha will keep them and walks away with Preesha. Ahana scolds Sulochana for her cheap act and asks to find out who the kidnapper is if Rudra is not with CC now.

Sharda keeps money in locker and insists Preesha to tell what is she hiding. Preesha denies. Sharda says they support each other in Rudra’s absence and gives her promise. Preesha breaks down and says kidnapper wants Saransh along with 10 crores. Sharda asks who will benefit from Saransh. Preesha says only Mahima would. Sharda says Mahima is in jail. Preesha says she is sure its Mahima.

Kabir fumes that CC is unpredictable. Sulochana asks him to call CC and inform that Preesha got kidnapper’s call. He calls CC and alleges him for playing game with him by keeping Rudra with himself and lying. CC says he is in business since years and will never betray his customers. Kabir says Preesha got kidnapper’s call. CC says they should unite and find out who the betrayer is. Kabir informs Sulochana that CC is not lying and Rudra is not with him.

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Preesha meets inspector and informs that kidnapper had called and demanded Saransh along with money, so Mahima is doing all this for sure. Inspector says how can Mahima do it as she is in jail. She asks to find out if Mahima is in jail. Inspector calls jailer who informs about jail fire accident. Preesha says its not accidental fire and they should go there and find out. They reach jail and find out that many intimates are burnt. Preesha says she is sure Mahima did it as its her style of working to escape.

Maria informs Jerry about Mahima asking Saransh along with money. He says they will not involve child in it. She says they should just bother about money, marry soon once they get it and enjoy life. Mahima hearing them thinks she will use them for her benefit and once she gets Saransh and money, she will kill them and escape. Jerry returns to CC and lies that he had gone meet Maria in jail. After a few minutes, another goon informs CC that there was a fire accident in Maria’s jail in the morning. CC thinks then why did Jerry lie that he went to meet Maria just sometime ago and doubts him.

Inspector asks Preesha if she is sure Mahima is behind all this. She says yes and they should find out a way via which Rudra is out of Mahima’s grip and even nothing happens to Saransh. Inspector says he will find out some way by tomorrow. Preesha returns to Sharda and informs whole incident. She gets worried for her son Saransh. Sharda says even she is worried for her son Rudra. They both express their emotions out and promise to protect both Saransh and Rudra. Preesha then walks to Saransh who is busy playing game and asks about Rudra. She says he has gone out for some work and will return soon. He says he will go with Rudra next time. She hugs him and says she loves him more. He says even he loves her more and will not go away from her and says he wants them both. She pampers him and says she will make him sleep now. He asks not to sing lullaby as she sings badly. She smiles and says she will take him to her parent’s house. He gets excited hearing that. She thinks he is safe at her parent’s house.

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Precap: Inspector explains his plan and says he needs Saransh’s involvement in it. Preesha denies. Sharda suggests Preesha to take Saransh to police station and then to her parent’s house from there. Preesha takes Saransh to police station and asks inspector not to let anything happen to him. Inspector says another kid will go in place of Saransh. Kabnir hears their conversation.

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