Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Preesha Is Accused

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th November 2022 Written Episode

Saransh gets worried for Preesha hearing about Pihu’s kidnap. Digvijay says he will call Preesha and find out. Saransh asks what if Preesha is a also kidnapped, Rudra would save only Pihu and not Preesha. Armaan walks down calling Preesha and asks her to feed him food. Digvijay says Preesha has gone out, so he will feed him. Armaan refuses and creates drama. Rudra panics seeing sand over Preesha in a glass chamber. He breaks the glass chamber and rescues her. Goons act and accuse Preesha of hiring them to do this kidnapping drama to make Rudra save her first instead of Pihu and prove that Rudra still loves her. Preesha shocked says she doesn’t know who they are.

Goons continue their drama. Goons’ boss walk in and trashes them for revealing truth. Preesha denies allegations again. Rudra identifies him as the courier boy who delivered scary doll to Pihu and trashes him to reveal truth. Goon says Preesha hired him to deliver scary doll and scorpion hidden flower bouquet and even planned this kidnapping drama to make sure Rudra saves her first and stays away from Pihu. Preesha says he is lying. Pihu accuses Preesha and fights with her. Preesha refuses allegations and asks Rudra if he thinks she can do this. Rudra says if she is not lying, then let us go to police station and let police investigate.

Preesha agrees and throws goon in car. Pihu acts as feeling drowsy to gain Rudra’s attention and letting goon escape. Rudra asks how will they find out truth now. Pihu says goon already told Preesha hired him. Rudra says Preesha said she didn’t. Pihu says truth in front of him, does he still love Pihu. Preesha says he doesn’t and has moved on and hence he is marrying Pihu. She determines to find out truth and the person who is framing her and says let us go home now as Armaan must be waiting for her.

At home, Armaan gets adamant to have Preesha only from Preesha’s hand. Preesha with Rudra and Pihu returns home. Digvijay asks who had kidnapped Pihu. Rudra describes all the incident. Digvijay asks if Preesha had kidnapped Pihu. Preesha says she didn’t and goon ran away before they could take him to police station to find out proof. Sharda accuses Preesha next. Rudra calls police who hears him and says its not proved that Preesha did it, he will catch the goon Dinesh and find out truth. Armaan takes Preesha to make him sleep. Saransh confronts Rudra and says mamma can never do this.

Precap: Saransh tells Rudra that even if god says him, he wouldn’t believe that Preesha can do that. Rudra asks who else can do that. Pihu tells Digvijay that she knows who did it. During Rudra’s haldi ceremony, chandelier falls towards him.

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