Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Vyjayanti Reopens Preesha’s Case

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th March 2022 Written Episode

Rudra gets angry on Roohi when she finds out she tore her dress. Saransh protects Roohi. Rudra walks away from there to his room and laughs noticing how hard kids are trying trouble him and remembers his childhood mischiefs with Rajiv. He thinks he knew his kids are troubling him and he wants to enjoy it to crate a strong bonding between both siblings. He remembers all the incidents how he noticed their pranks and supported them. He thinks he will not let Preesha return to his life and will alone take care of his children, he will see how will Vyjayanti/VJ get her out of jail.

VJ meets Presha in jail. Preesha asks why did she come here. VJ says she came to meet her sister. Preesha asks about Roohi and asks if she is troubling her. VJ says Roohi is like Preesha who is always worried for others. She reveals that she had to marry Rudra to take care of Saransh and it was Rudra’s idea. She describes the whole incident and says she couldn’t take Preesha’s place in neither Saransh nor Rudra’s lives and hence she wants her to get back to Rudra and Saransh’s lives. Preesha denies. VJ says she will fight her case. Preesha denies again. VJ says she should get out of jail for Saransh, Roohi, and Rudra. Preesha says she doesn’t want to fight her case. VJ asks her to sign the court documents that she is ready to accept her punishment. Preesha signs papers. VJ leaves.

Rudra’s lawyer informs him that Preesha got her case reponed and its hearing is tomorrow. Rudra thinks he will not let her get out of jail. He walks to VJ and shouts why did she disobey him and reopened Preesha’s case. VJ says she is Preesha’s sister and will get her out of jail. Rudra challenges her to try her best. VJ accepts his challenge. Rudra calls his lawyer to come and meet him immediately. Saransh walks to VJ and asks how did mamma agree to fight the case. VJ says she asked Preesha to sign the documents that she accepts the punishment and instead got her signatures on case reopening documents, hearing is tomorrow and asks him to stay out of it as he is a kid and she will update him regularly about the case.

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Next morning, constable takes Preesha out of jail to court. VJ gets ready as lawyer. Rudra asks Sharda to feed sweet curd to him as he will win for sure and not let Preesha get out of jail. VJ tells Sharda that she is a mother and knows Preesha can’t do anything wrong. Rudra says Sharda is his mother and she saw his suffering. Sharda stands silently. Saransh asks Sharda to feed sweet curd to Rudra as he is going to lose the case because mamma is right and wrong is wrong. He feeds sweet curd to VJ and wishes her good luck. Rudra and others gather in the courtroom for hearing. Preesha asks VJ not to reopen the case as she doesn’t know the reason. VJ says she knows that she doesn’t want to put her family in trouble, but her life is important to her children. Judge walks in and asks to start the proceedings.

Precap: VJ proves that Venky is shot not from the gun which Preesha was holding and asks Preesha who shot Venky then. Preesha says Rudra. Rudra hearing that claps and says she is too intelligent.

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