Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Preesha And Rudra’s Romantic Date

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th October 2021 Written Episode

Rudra takes Preesha on terrace for a date. She says its looking so nice, its not fair that he wore nice clothes and she is wearing simple ones. He says she will wear 5 new clothes and shows her dresses. Anvi returns to her room crying. Sania congratulates Arman that is plan is working. Arman says not yet, he will call Preesha tonight here to spoil her date with Rudra. Sania says he was a classy person before like an ideal person, but now he is using cheap tactics. He says whatever it its, everything is fair in love and war, love with Preesha and war with Rudra. She says he is misusing her and Anvi for that. He says she can leave. She says she cannot leave the city due to court order. He asks to stay back then and bring an onion for him. She asks why. He explains his plan.

Rudra asks Preesha to wear all 5 dresses right here. She says she will not dress like heroine. He says she is his wife and should fulfill his demands. She goes to change dress behind a curtain while Mere Rangme Range Wali, pari hoya.. song plays in the background. she comes out wearing policewoman’s dress. He dances with her. Arman walks to Anvi and acts as consoling her saying Preesha did wrong by gifting Saransh and not her. Sania brings onion and hides it under Anvi’s pillow. Arman asks her not to cry or else she will get fever. Sania says she is already having fever. Arman leaves. Sania acts as consoling her. Preesha then wears wite sari and dances with Rudra. Arman puts thermometer in hot water, checks Anvi’s temperature, says Anvi has high fever, should forget Preesha as she loves only Saransh and not her. Sania says they both will love her. Anvi says she needs Prishma. Sania makes her sleep.

Rudra’s romance continues. Preesha dresses next in violet sari like Hum Apke Hain Kaun movie’s Madhuri Dixit and romances him. Arman says Anvi has high fever, Preesha should have been here to take care of her. Anvi says she smells onion here. Arman says its because she is having high fever. Sania asks what will they do now. Arman says they need to admit Anvi to hospital if temperature raises more. Preesha next dresses like Maine Pyar Kiya movie’s Bhagyashree and romances Rudra. Rudra says next she should dress in his favorite fantasy, but its okay if she feels uncomfortable. Sania and Arman continue to frighten Anvi. Anvi insists to call Prishma. Sania says she will call Prishma. Preesha next wears a short dress and comes out covering herself with a blanket. Rudra signals her to remove blanket. She removes blanket shyingly. He covers her back, lifts her, and says she is very beautiful and its only for him. She lies her on bed, unveils her, and says she looks beautiful when she shies. She closes eyes when he tries to kiss her.

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Sharda rushes to them and informs that Sania had called and informed that Anvi is having high fever. Anvi says her phone is not with her and goes to change. Rudra says it must be Arman’s trick to keep him and Preesha away. Sharda says Sania sounded tensed, maybe Anvi is having fever. Preesha returns and feels guilty for scolding Anvi. Rudra consoles her and takes her to Arman’s home. Arman preheats thermometer again and checks Anvi’s fever again. Rudra and Preesha reach. Sania says its 103 degrees Fahrenheit. Rudra seeing Arman relaxed thinks if its his trick. Preesha asks Rudra why didn’t he inform her before. Arman says he didn’t want to disturb her, but when Anvi’s temperature raised, Sania had to call her. She asks him to go while she takes care of Anvi. He leaves. Rudra then thinks Arman is looking really tensed, calls Sharda and informs her that Anvi is really having fever and he doesn’t think Arman did anything. Sharda asks to be with Anvi and not bother about Saransh. Arman hears his conversation and thinks Rudra easily believed him, he doesn’t know what will he do next. He enters Saransh’s room and takes him away. Vase falls down while going. He gets tensed thinking Sharda may get alert. Sharda walks down and sees vase fallen down and main door open, thinks if someone had come.

Precap: Sharda finds Saransh missing and informs Rudra. Rudra insists to inform Arman and knocks his room door. Sania calls Arman to inform him. Arman carries Saransh on road.

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