Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Preesha And Pihu Are Abducted

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th November 2022 Written Episode

Preesha tells Pihu that she will accompany her for shopping if she and Rudra wants so. Saransh notices Rudra and Preesha’s superficial behavior and thinks still they haven’t reconciled their differences yet. Rudra walks to him and asks if he is sad that his store room plan failed, he is grown up now and should understand that his parents cannot reunite again. He asks when he knows that Preesha married Armaan without bothering about him and when he has accepted truth and is trying to move on, why is he doing all this. Saransh says mamma did it for a reason, he feels Rudra’s shouldn’t have returned at all as Preesha would be hurt seeing him and Pihu in front of her always and cannot get out of Armaan’s life, etc. Rudra feels sad and thinks Saransh would understand him one day.

Preesha gets ready to go on a shopping with Pihu. Digvijay reminds her of Armaan’s doctor appointment. Preesha says she forgot and promised Pihu to accompany her for shopping. Digvijay says he will take Armaan to doctor then. Preesha thinks even she needs to know about Armaan’s progress and tells Digvijay that she will accompany for an appointment and then join Pihu for shopping. She tells Pihu that she will join her directly at a shopping mall. Armaan shows her a sketch and cleans his painted hands with Preesha’s sari pallu. Preesha changes her sari and after attending doctor’s appointment reaches mall for shopping. She doesn’t find Pihu there. A man in lieu of asking her an address sniffs her chloroform and kidnaps her.

Kidnapper calls Rudra and informs him that his wife is with him and he needs 1 crore rs ransom to return her. Rudra seeks Digvijay’s help informing him about Pihu’s kidnap and reaches kidnapper’s den with 1 crore rs. He notices Preesha kidnapped instead, locked in a glass chamber unconscious, and tries to wake her up. Kidnapper says his ex-wife can’t not listen to him, he called him to rescue his future wife and not ex-wife. He shows unconscious Pihu locked in a glass chamber. Rudra shouts why did he bring her here. Kidnapper says he needs money and since he brought only 1 crore rs, he should choose either his ex or future wife. Rudra stands confused.

Digvijay informs Sharda about Pihu’s kidnap and calls Preesha to find out detail. He gets more tensed when she doesn’t pick call. Saransh notices them tensed and asks reason. Sharda informs about Pihu’s kidnap and even Preesha not picking call. Saransh asks why he is worried only about Pihu and not Preesha. Rudra tells kidnapper that he would have brought more money if he had informed him that he kidnapped both Pihu and Preesha, he will get more money if he gives him some time. Kidnapper denies him time, starts following glass rooms with sand and asks him to choose one. Rudra chooses Preesha and wakes her up. He asks her to try to free her hand. Preesha tries and seeing Pihu asks Rudra to save Pihu.

Rudra walks towards Pihu and thinks Pihu’s tank is filling with double speed, she will suffocate first; thinks he has to save either his love or Vidyuth’s love and his baby. He chooses to save Pihu first. He asks kidnapper to spare Pihu. Kidnapper spares Pihu. Rudra asks Pihu if she is fine. She says yes and seeing Preesha’s cabin filling till her face.

Precap: Saransh worries for Preesha’s life.
Rudra tries to break Preesha’s glass cabin and breaks down.

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