Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Saransh Seeks Preesha’s Help

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th July 2022 Written Episode

Digvijay catches Saransh and asks who is he and if he came to steal at his house. Saransh is shocked to see Armaan’s uncle and thinks if Pihu is related to Armaan. Digvijay calls security and threatens Saransh to get him arrested. Saransh runs and alerts Roohi to run. Car’s dickie locks down. Saransh hides under the car. Digvijay scolds security to search for a thief boy who barged into their house. Saransh thinks Roohi escaped on time. Pihu with Kanchan walks to Digvijay and asks why is he shouting. Digvijay says a boy barged into their house and shows Saransh’s jacket. Pihu and Kanchan calm him down and take him in.

Saransh gets out and searches for Roohi. Roohi knocks dickie and says she is stuck inside and is feeling suffocated. Saransh tries his best to open the dickie, but fails. Roohi collapses. Preesha informs Digvijay about a school boy barging into their house. Saransh rushes inside and pleads to save his sister as she is stuck in Pihu’s car dickie. Digvijay tries to shoo him away. Preesha stops him, accompanies Saransh, opens car dickie, and is shocked to see Roohi unconscious in the dickie. She recalls seeing Roohi outside the hotel, rushes Roohi inside home, and wakes her up by sprinkling water on her face.

Roohi feels happy seeing Preesha. Preesha pampers her and calling her bacha/kid asks if she is fine. Roohi calls her mamma, leaving everyone in surprise. Preesha asks why is she calling her mamma, where is her mamma as she was searching her the other day. Saransh thinks what happened to mamma and why she is saying she will mamma to them. Sharda calls her contacts and gets worried for kids. Saransh says they should file a missing complaint. Vishakha stops him and says she knows where they are.

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Arman returns and gets angry seeing Saransh and Roohi. He thinks he was trying to keep Rudra away from Preesha and now his children barged in. He fears the may reveal truth to Presha and asks what are they doing here. Saransh is stunned to see Armaan. Pihu says the came in his car’s dickie. He realizes that they found out Preesha and came here, says they are his old friend’s children. Preesha says its good and asks him to tell where their parents are, she will drop them home. Armaan nervously says he will drop them home as he knows their parents. Preesha asks him to inform their mother that they are safe as she must be worried for them. Armaan asks them to accompany him. Preesha pampers Roohi and asks hr not to go away from her mamma. Roohi accompanies Arman.

Rudra scolds Vishaka for not informing him when she knows about the kids’s whereabouts. Vishaka says kids stopped her and recalls meeting them at a chat shop. She says she thought they are pranking on him like before, but didn’t know things would turn augly. Sharda also scolds Vanshika. Vanshika apologizes.

Armaan takes Saransh and Roohi to a room. Saransh asks why did he hide mamma since 1 year and lied to everyone, he will inform Rudra about it. Armaan says their mamma forgot everything and blames Rudra for it. He says Rudra and Preesha fought and Preesha hurt with Rudra’s bitter words decided to part ways from him. Roohi say she is lying. Armaan says Preesha was in shock after losing her baby and shattered when Rudra blamed her and told he doesn’t want to see her face, so she herself went away from him. Roohi says he is lying. Saranh says Armaan is not lying as mamma and Rudra fought before she left them. He asks Armaan why mamma is not identifying him. Armaan says Preesha had a nervous breakdown and lost her memory, hence she is not identifying them; doctors have advised not to give her much stress or anything can happen to her.

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Precap: Saransh tells Armaan that he will take mamma with him. Armaan stops him and says he will drop them home. Rudra reaches there. Preesha finding Roohi’s bracelet goes out to return it to her and stands shocked seeing Rudra.

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