Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Aliya Misinterprets Mohit’s Intent

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th January 2023 Written Episode

Samrat offers a new specs to Nayan. Nayan refuses to accept his gift. Sam says she should accept it as loan at least keeping her ego aside. Nayan agrees and says she will pay him later. He joeks that she should soon or else he would be in losses. Chini and Nayan select new specs. Sam looks at Nayan via mirror. She tries different specs and signals which one to choose. Sam helps her. Paati asks Nayan if this is final. Nayan says yes and asks Chintu. Chintu says he already selected one and thanks Samrat. Nayan also rudely thanks him. Paati asks if she is saying thanks or throwing stone at Sam. Nayan politely says thanks. Sam thinks why he is smiling at chashmish and feeling good looking at her.

Aliya walks to Mohit’s room and says its okay if he doesn’t want to marry her, they should inform Sam about his decision. Mohit says Sam will overreact. Aliya says she will Sam that its their mutual decision, then Sam will not react; they will inform him during Kiara’s post-wedding party tonight. Mohit agrees. Ishani gives a new funky sandals to Nayan for the party. Mohit walks in and informs that he broke up with Aliya and she is okay with it. Nayan asks if Sam won’t be upset hearing about it. Mohit says Aliya will handle Sam. Ishani hugs him. Mohit says he didn’t reveal Aliya that he loves Ishani, so lets go and inform Sam first. Ishani finds it difficult to walk with heeled sandals and falls down. Ishani rushes to her help.

Aliya waits for Mohit and Sam during the party. Kiara shows her Mohit carrying Nayan. Aliya thinks Mohit loves Nayan, overdoses on drugs, and collapses. Sam gets a call from police station that Aliya overdosed on drugs and he should reach police station. Samrat reaches police station. Inspector informs that they Aliya and has kept her here. Sam says she can’t treat his sister like a criminal and he is taking her right away. Inspector asks him to get a bail and take his sister. Sam thinks something has happened over there that provoked Aliya to overdose on drugs, someone gave party information to police. He finds inspector talking to Nayan and thanking her for informing her about a drug racket in the party. Nayan recalls hearing 2 boys talking about overdosing girls during party and misusing them. Inspector thanks Nayan for her help. Sam angrily holds Nayan.

Precap: Sam accuses Nayan of getting Aliya arrested. Nayan says he should question his sister why did she take drugs. Aliya reveals that Mohit broke up with her and loves Nayan. Sam determines to punish Nayan.

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