Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Rudraksh Beseeches Preesha

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th November 2022 Written Episode

Pihu stops Digvijay from calling police to file Rudra and Preesha’s missing complaint and says she knows where they are. She takes him and Digvijay towards store room. Rudra holds Preesha when she falls from a chair. Their nok jhok starts. She asks him to get her down. He keeps her down. She feels cold. He asks her to change her dress. She says as if her wardrobe with clothes is here. He offers his shirt. She hesitates. He promises not to look at her and draws a curtain around them. She removes her sari and wears his shirt. She feels cold again. He walks to her and rubs her hand saying he is just helping her. Pal Ek Pal.. song plays in the background. Rudra rubs his hands and keeps them over her cheeks. She feels nervous.

Rudra asks Preesha to tell truth why she married Armaan as he can’t believe she doesn’t love him and marry Armaan so easily, he knows she paid his debt with Armaan’s money, etc. Preesha asks if he will reveal why he is marrying Pihu and if he really loves Pihu. Rudra says he questioned her first and would describe his reason after she reveals her truth. Preesha thinks if Armaan gets well and learns that she revealed truth to Rudra, he may not reveal her son’s location. Rudra insists. Preesha is about to reveal truth when Pihu opens door and walks in with Sharda and Digvijay. They all 3 stand shocked seeing Rudra and Preesha in that condition.

Sharda tongue lashes Preesha for getting closer to Rudra even after knowing that Rudra is marrying Pihu. Digvijay says she should question Rudra instead as he must have given shirt to Preesha. Rudra says its not Preesha’s mistake and describes what happened there. Pihu says she trusts Rudra and Preesha and knows its Saransh’s prank. Armaan walks in and asks Preesha to come and make him asleep and walks away holding Preesha’s hand. Digvijay asks Pihu if she really trusts Rudra as he can go to any extent. Pihu says she does. Digvijay says she can come and stay at his house. Pihu politely refuses and thanks him for his concern.

Rudra recalls store room moments with Preesha. A romantic song plays in the background. Preesha makes Armaan asleep. Rudra walks to Preesha and insists to tlel truth. Armaan wakes up and sleep holding Preesha’s hand again. Preesha gets nervous. Rudra insists. Preesha is about to reveal truth when Pihu walks in and asks Rudra what is he doing in Preesha’s room. Preesha says Rudra came to check if she is fine or not. Rudra leaves. Saransh runs to store room realizing he didn’t one the room last night. He finds door already open and Preesha and Rudra already left. Later, he notices Rudra and Preesha sitting silently and realizes issues between them haven’t resolved yet.

Precap: Rudra requests Preesha to reveal why she married Armaan. She is about to speak when someone opens store room door. Saransh fears for Rudra and Preesha and hopes they are fine. Someone kidnaps Preesha and Pihu and demands 2 crores from Rudra. Rudra reaches with 1 crore. Kidnapper asks if he wants to save his past or future wife.

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