Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Revathi Searches Rudra’s House

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th May 2022 Written Episode

Saransh informs Rudra, Preesha, and Sharda that Alia found out that Dev had visited the school on annual function night. Rudra asks him to tell Alia that he didn’t meet Dev then and sends him away. Preesha says Rudra hid Dev’s body and there is no evidence left against them. Sharda says still the freezer is with them. Rudra calls the freezer company to take back the freezer. He gets school principal’s call who invites him and Preesha for school’s new wing’s bhoomi pooja. He informs same to Preesha and Sharda. Sharda asks what about getting the freezer out of house. Rudra says he will stay back till the freezer is out of the house and then visit school.

Revathi rushes to school when Alia calls her and finds Alia crying. Alia reveals that Saransh lied that he didn’t know that Dev visited school during annual day function. Revathi recalls Ruhi informing her about Dev trying to harm her and thinks something for sure happened during annual day function night on the terrace, she needs to find out. She calls inspector and orders him to get Rudra’s house’s search warrant.

Freezer company employee visits Rudra and he sends servant to hand him over freezer from the storeroom. He then walks to his room where Preesha feels worried with Revathi’s investigations and requests him to skip school visit. He scolds her that she panics unnecessarily and makes others also panic. Ruhi notices their argument and reconciles their differences. Preesha slips over Rudra and he holds her. Serial’s title track plays in the background. They both then leave for school. Revathi with her team reaches next with a search warrant and searches the house. Rudra and Preesha attend bhoomi pooja when Sharda calls Preesha and informs her about Revathi searching their house. Preesha gets worried hearing that.

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Revathi doesn’t find anything at home. She then notices freezer being loaded in a truck, recalls the earlier incident, and orders inspector to stop them. She then checks freezer, finds it having a stinky smell, and orders to call dogs to further investigation. Dogs sniff the freezer and run. Revathi with her team follows the dog. Sharda gets tensed. Rudra and Preeesha lay a foundation stone for school’s new swimming pool. Dogs lead Revathi’s team to school and then to the bhoom pooja area and dig a particular place. Rudra gets tensed seeing that. Preesha asks him if he hid Dev’s body there. Reporter covers the news. Rajiv with Alia watches news and heads towards school to check. Inspector tells Revathi they need to dig the place and search.

Precap: Revathi breaks down seeing Dev’s dead body and determines to punish the culprits. She further arrests Rudra and Preesha for questioning.

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