Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Nayantara’s Befitting Reply To Mansi

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th March 2023 Written Episode

Nayan gets angry on Samrat after hearing from Mansi that they both had a passionate kiss. Samrat holds her and asks what is bothering her. She says nothing and asks him to leave her. He says something is bothering her for sure seeing her rude behavior. She says let her go. Sam hlds her hand and says he will not leave her until she answers. Nayan says he lied to her that he walked out of sangeet party earlier due to Raghav, but the truth is he walked out as Mansi kissed him. Mansi informs Aaliya that she informed Nayan that she and Sam shared a passionate kiss during sangeet ceremony. Aaliya asks if she is for real. Mansi says though Nayan and Sam are divorcing and are at loggerheads, Nayan is also a typical wife who will get jealous hearing her husband kissing someone else.

Sam tells Nayan that its Mansi who kissed him. Nayan says he would have pushed Mansiaway. Sam says before her could react, she had kissed and pushed him away; Mansi is his ex-wife and knows how to get reaction from him. He asks Nayan if she is jealous. She asks who is he that she will get jealous. He says they are friends at least. She says if they are friends, he would have informed her about it and wouldn’t have hidden it. Their argument continues.

Seema informs Mohit that she has fixed his and Ishani’s wedding around holi. Mohit sits sad. Seema asks he can’t forget the fact that Ishani shared bed with someone else. Seema says its an accident and not Ishani’s mistake, he loves Ishani immensely, would he have abandoned her if a similar accident had happened after marriage. Mohit says he knows, but he is normal after whatever happened and needs time. Seema says if he is so upset, Ishani must be more upset than him, he should support her instead.

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A beautiful girl named Gia visits Raghav’s office for a dancer’s audition in place of Ishani. Raghav gets mesmerized with her beauty and pulls her closer. Gia says she can do anything for the job. Raghavsays he will audition her at 9:30 p.m. in a hotel. Gia agrees and leaves. Raghav takes her to a hotel room and tries to get intimate with her. Gia resists. He says why to waste time when they now what he is here for and pushes her on bed. Gia says she is not here for this. Sam enters and warns Raghav to stop his heinous act. Raghav asks if he has any proof. Sam shows cam recoder and says he has recorded everything and now will expose him. Raghav tries to escape with camcorder. Sam catches and snatches camcorder from him and says its a proof that he tried to molest Gia. He asks Gia to reach police station while he brings Raghav there. Raghav tries to escape again. Sam holds him.

Nayan eagerly waits for Sam and thinks its a long time since he left, he promised to share things with her as a friend, but is missing. Mansi walks to her and says Sam never comes on time and loves to make his partner wait. She tries to instigate Nayan against Sam. Nayan gets Sam’s message to bring Ishani, Mohit, and Mansi to police station as he got something about Raghav. She taunts Mansi that Sam shares everything with her like a true friend and shows his message. They ll 4 reach police station. Sam informs that he caught Raghav red-handed trying to molest a girl. He gives video evidence in a pendrive to inspector and asks him arrest Raghav. Ishani vents out her frustration on Raghav. Inspector says until the girl personally comes and gives statement against Raghav, he can’t consider this video evidence. Gia walks in. Sam asks her to tell how Raghav tried to molest her.

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Precap: Raghav is put in jail. Sam taungs him that he got punishment for his sins. Ragvhav determines to take revenge from Sam.
Mansi gets jealous seeing Sam and Nayan spending quality time together and Sam planning Nayan’s surprise birthday party. She determines to turn their happiness into sorrows.

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