Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Rudraksh pacifies Saransh

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th January 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rudraksh saying dad can’t become your mumma, I will sing a song for you. He sings a song for Saransh and hugs him. He recalls losing his mum in childhood. FB shows Rajiv and Rudraksh crying for their mum on her death. Balraj says she is dead. Saransh gets the pee on hearing the song and smiles. He signs Rudraksh. He asks are you also crying. Rudraksh says no, my tears were also stuck like your pee, we both got light now. Saransh wipes his tears and says thanks. Yeh hai chahatein…plays….

Rajeev calls Rudraksh. Rudraksh says Ahana called me at the school for some charitable event. Rajeev says she wants you to marry Mishka, so she called you, save yourself from her. Rudraksh asks what, thanks, that’s why I love you. Ahana waits for Rudraksh. Saransh says he got an imp call and left. Ahana asks did anyone ask you, go to your classroom, fill the form with your dad’s sign. He cries and goes.

Vasu and Prisha have a talk. Gopal says Yuvraj lost the judge’s post because of this case, hard luck, he took the case in his hand at a wrong time. Saransh comes home crying and locks the room door. Everyone goes after him. Yuvraj comes. He asks what happened. Saransh checks the photo album. Prisha says I m scared, we have to break the door. They break the door. Prisha hugs him. Rudraksh hugs Rajeev and says you saved me. Rajeev asks him to take medicine. Rudraksh takes it. Rajeev asks why did you come for rehearsal.

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He says dad wanted to become a successful singer and wants you to fulfill his dream, if anything happens to you, I will die. He cries. Rudraksh hugs him and says don’t say this again, you are my mum, dad, brother and Lord, if anything happens to you, I can’t live. Rajeev says enough of this emotional scene. Rudraksh asks have you ever been in love, true love, say the truth. He recalls his GF.

Prisha asks why did you do this, I was scared. Saransh says Ahana said you can’t become dad, what’s his name, tell me, where is he. He asks Vasu and Gopal. Prisha says I will tell you everything when you grow up, I promise, see I broke the door and came in, I m brave, Ahana told wrong. Yuvraj thinks when will this fake drama end, don’t cry. Yuvraj sees the same pic and thinks I have seen Mahima’s pic with Rajeev, there is some solid relation, it means Rajeev is Saransh’s dad, he doesn’t even know this, now I will blackmail Rajeev all life, I have to marry Prisha, plan to cancel marriage is cancelled. Rajeev says I was in true love, I lost her. He recalls Mahima saying I m pregnant with your child, you aren’t taking divorce from your wife. Ahana refuses to give divorce. Rajeev says sorry Mahima, I couldn’t take divorce.

Mahima says I guess our journey ends here. FB ends. Rajeev says I lost my love, so I m scared to lose you. Rudraksh says impossible, tell me who was she, if I knew this before, I would have not let this happen. Yuvraj takes Mahima’s pic. Prisha makes Saransh sleep. Yuvraj asks why don’t we marry next week, we love each other, why are we delaying. Gopal says I think you should know each other. Yuvraj says its not about us, its about Saransh, I couldn’t see it, if Saransh gets a dad if I marry soon, then why not, I also need a family, don’t make me wait more.

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Vasu says I will get a good mahurat. Prisha smiles. Yuvraj thinks my lifetime bank, you made my fate shine. Prisha sees Mahima’s pic. FB shows Prisha studying and taking stress. Mahima asks her to revise everything. Mahima says I won’t let you fail in life’s any exam. Prisha hugs her and smiles. FB ends. She says you didn’t let me fail. Gopal comes and says you will get married and go away, don’t know we will have a coffee time or not. She says I may go anytime, I will have some reason to have coffee with you. Rudraksh wakes up and gets shocked seeing Mishka. She says I m here in your house, don’t be shy, you have a nice physique, when are we going for rehearsals, we will also go for shopping. He thinks where did I get stuck. She says your room is nice, it will be ours, Ahana planned our marriage with Balraj, you won’t have problem after marriage. She goes. He says I m gone, dad will not leave me, this marriage will stop if Mishka rejects me, she will reject me.

Prisha argues with Ahana. Yuvraj says I m Saransh’s dad. Rajeev gets a message and thinks who knows my secret. Yuvraj thinks I have to get a lot of money.

Update Credit to: Amena

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