Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Armaan Expels Digvijay and Pihu Out of Khurana Mansion

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th December 2022 Written Episode

Armaan accepts that he tortured Vidyuth as Vidyuth is Rudra’s brother and he doesn’t want his sister to marry Vidyuth. Pihu asks who is he to take her life’s decision; just because he didn’t get Preesha, he wants to ruin her love; its her wish whom she will marry. Armaan shouts how dare she is to talk to him rudely and pushes her away. Digvijay holds Pihu and asks if he will harm his pregnant sister. Armaan shouts he doesn’t need such a sister and an uncle who stole his 20 crores. He pushes even Digvijay away and shouts at him to get out of his house. Preesha tongue lashes Armaan for breaking up tgies with his own family for money and says he will face for his sins soon. Rudra challenges to destroy Armaan soon. They all walk out. Digvijay apologizes Rudra and Preesha for supporting Armaan in his sins and decides to help Preesha and Rudra in exposing Armaan.

Rudra’s team discusses how to expose Armaan’s truth. Digvijay says they don’t have proof against Armaan. Vidyuth says Armaan had told him that he had come out on payroll when he met him, so he must have bomb blasted to kill Rudra. They all reach police station and request inspector to check if Armaan had gone out on a payroll. Inspector checks records and says Armaan didn’t get any payroll or got out. Vidyuth says Armaan himself told he was on payroll. Preesha asks inspector to check CCTV footage. Inspector shows CCTV footage and shows that Armaan never left his jail cell. Rudra and his team return thinking how did he come out then.

Armaan gets out of his car, walks to them, and invites them for a party at his house. He taunts them to come and enjoy lavish food and glittery party as they can’t afford it now. Once he leaves, Pihu calls him sadist psycho and greedy monster and says they will not attend his party. Rudra says they will attend party to find evidence against Armaan.

They all visit party where Armaan insults them and asks Rudra to have a lavish food and pack some for his children and mother as he can’t afford it. Preesha tongue lashes him that they are not greedy and characterless like him and wouldn’t touch his food. She keeps Armaan busy in talks while Rudra, Pihu, and Digvijay searches for evidence against Armaan. Rudra checks Armaan’s room. Servant informs that Armaan shifted to Rudra’s room and asks him to go down as Armaan ordered servants not to let Rudra in. Rudra hopes Pihu and Digvijay find some proof against Armaan.

Precap: Pihu hears Armaan plan against Rudra. Sharda informs Pihu that Preesha is missing. He informs Pihu and files a police complaint against Armaan. He takes police to Armaan’s house and stands shocked.

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