Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Rudra Makes Contact With Preesha

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th August 2022 Written Episode

Sharda tells Rudra that Matarani wants Preesha back home soon. Rudra says she is right. Saransh says they all live again like a happy family. Preesha hears Pihu hyming a song and asks if its a new song. Pihu nervously says Raj composed it. Preesha asks how does she know. Pihu says she and Raj are composing a song as a team and she is afraid that Preesha will feel bad as Raj is from Rudra’s family. Preesha says its her past and just because one family member is bad doesn’t mean that whole family is bad, Raj is a good boy who went against his brother for Pihu and she would feel good if Pihu befriends him. Pihu thanks her and says she thought she would get angry hearing that. Preesha says Saransh and Roohi are Rudra’s kids and she loves them, so Pihu shouldn’t bother and enjoy her work. Pihu hugs her and says she is the best.

Roohi and Saransh drop Rudra outside Preesha’s house and wish him all the best. Rudra walks normally like a young man. Roohi calls him and reminds that he is an old gardener and should act as and old man. He walks slowly coughing. Roohi says he is overacting and fears he may be caught on the first day. Saransh says he is confident on Rudra. Rudra rings door bell. Preesha opens the door and calls him Kakaji/uncle. Rudra asks why is she calling him Kakaji. Preesha says he is old, so can she call him Kakaji. Rudra says he is old by age but young by heart, so she can call him Prem. She says ok Prem ji. He says only Prem. She asks him to come in and sit until Kanchan shows him servant quarters. He tries to sit on floor. She asks him to sit on a sofa.

Kanchan walks to him. He says he came at the right time. Kanchan says now should value time, she should show him quarters. He asks why so soon and calling Preesha as Biwi ji/wife asks her to get him some water. Preesha asks what did he say. He says he said Bibi ji as owners are referred similarly. She brings him water. He touches her while taking water glass. Maine Tera Naam Dil Rakhdiya.. song plays in the background. He thinks soon she will realize his presence.

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At college, teacher announces Pihu and Raj to compose the song and singing in intercollege competition from college’s side. Everyone congratulate Pihu and Raj. Pihu and Raj feel excited and discuss that they should work hard for the competition. Vicky walks to Raj and tries to humiliate and make him feel guilty for befriending Pihu who got Vicky arrested. Raj says Rudra taught him to respect women and knows that Vicky was wrong and himself suggested to accept Pihu’s friendship, so Vicky shouldn’t bother them.

Kanchan shows servant quarter to Rudra/Prem and leaves. Roohi calls Rudra. Rudra says its good she called, he cannot sleep on a hard bed. Roohi reminds him that she made him sleep on cot when he had visited her place and asks him to just concentrate on reviving Preesha’s memory and bring her back home. Kanchan calls Prem. Rudra walks to him. Kanchan asks him to sow some new plants. He calls her chachiji/aunty. She says she is younger than him. He says she is elder to him in position. She agrees. He digs ground and panics seeing earthworms. She laughs and asks as a gardener he should know that earthworms are good for soil fertilization. He thinks how to sow plant now. She sits on a bench nearby. Preesha joins her and asks if gardener is doing his work properly. Kanchan says let us see. Rudra imagines romancing Preesha. Maine Tera Naam Dil Rakh Diya…. song plays in the background. Kanchan praises Rudra for his work.

Precap: Armaan notices Rudra’s car outside his house. Roohi gets worried when Rudra doesn’t pick her call. Kanchan wakes up gardener to wake up and get back to work. Rudra rushes wearing his wig but forets to wear his beard. Kanchan looks shocked.

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