Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Rudra Proves Preesha Innocent

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th April 2022 Written Episode

Saaransh tells Rudra that Preesha cannot do this. Rudra says they need to follow school rules, its a question of school’s reputation, they found drugs in Preesha’s given chocolates and hence have to call the police and investigate the matter thoroughly. Roohi’s classmate bullies her that her mamma is bad as she gave drug chocolates to students. Roohi says her mamma will not do anything wrong. Classmate says police has come to arrest her mamma. Roohi runs towards Preesha’s room. Police visits Preesha’s cabin. Principal complains that they found drugs in chocolate. Preesha denies. Inspector checks cabin thoroughly and finds drug packet hidden in a book and says he needs to arrest Preesha.

Dev grins standing outside Preesha’s cabin and thinks she will go to jail for confronting him. He notices Roohi rushing towards Preesha’s cabin and orders peon to make sure Roohi doesn’t reach Preesha cabin. Peon stops Roohi. Aliya helps Roohi reach Preesha’s cabin via another route. Roohi hugs Preesha. Inspector orders lady constable to arrest Preesha. Rudra receives a packet and stops the constable from arresting Preesha. He says his wife cannot do anything wrong, reminding her saving kids earlier risking her life, and reveals that he had fixed CCTV cameras in the school and got the footage to prove her innocence. He plays footage and watches a student Tarun keeping drug-filled chocs in Preesha’s cabin. Dev standing with Tarun and other friend thinks why police didn’t arrest Preesha yet. Rudra notices Tarun, runs and catches him, and asks why did he do that. Police asks him to not take law in his hands and let them investigate him. They arrest Tarun and take him away.

Back home, Preesha describes the whole incident to Sharda. Saransh remembers Tarun is Dev’s friend and informs it to Preesha. Preesha realizes Dev is behind the incident and determines to get him punished via principal. Dev gets Tarun out of police station. Tarun cries that he is restricted from school. Dev assures he will get him readmitted after some time.

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Next morning, Saransh gets ready in school uniform and informs Rudra that he got admission in Khurana school. Ruhi gets happy hearing that. Sharda says that it’s good that Preesha, Roohi, and Saransh can can stay together all the time. Rudraksh says its not good as even he wants to be with his family all the time. Preesha asks him stop acting like a kid and go to studio. She further informs Roohi how Rudra completed his studies for Saransh’s sake. Rudraksh thinks that he has to do something to be with them all the time.

Yuvraj tries to convince hotel manager to give him hotel room on credit. Manager gets him thrown out of hotel via security. Roohi meets Aaliya at school. Saransh falls in her love. Aaliya drops her kerchief by mistake. Saransh returns it to her and repeatedly asks Roohi to meet him at the cafeteria during lunch break. Roohi thinks why he is behaving weirdly. Preesha visits principal to inform him about Dev’s involvement in drug incident and notices Roohi and Saransh already present there. Principal says he called them to introduce them to new music teacher. Rudra walks in as a new music teacher and surprises them.

Precap: Dev’s friend informs him that Aaliya is sitting in cafeteria with a boy. Dev angrily walks to cafeteria and notices Aaliya sitting with Saransh. Preesha informs Principal about Dev’s involvement in drug incident. Principal seeks proof from her and informs Dev about Aliya’s doubt.

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