Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Mahima’s Reentry

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th April 2021 Written Episode

Sharda thinks why didn’t Rudra board in flight and where did he go if he is not in Delhi or Chennai. Preesha asks what happened. Sharda informs that she lied that Rudra is not coming, he was coming and wanted to give her a surprise. Preesha asks why is she tensed then, let him give surprise. Sharda says he didn’t check in at all and she enquired airline office. Ahana walks to them and says Mishka wants to tell them something about Rudra and switches on phone’s speaker. Mishka informs that police found Rudra’s car and he is missing. Preesha says he must be somewhere around. Mishka says his phone and wallet are in car itself and police doubt that he is kidnapped. Sulochana acts and cries praying for Rudra’s safety. Sharda says they need to search him. Preesha says they should return to Delhi and search him. Once they leave, Sulochana and Kabir rejoice. Kabir says now Preesha cannot inform Rudra about his drama when he is not found at all.

They all return to Delhi. GPS congratulates Sulochana that Kabir can walk now. Sulcohana thanks her and says she is worried for Rudra now. He says they are all family. Saransh happily rushes to Preesha and asks where is Rudra. She says he is coming and asks him to finish his home work. GPS asks not to inform Saransh about Rudra. Preesha expresses her concern that Rudra must have been kidnapped for sure. Kabir and Sulochana act as shocked. GPS says they should file police complaint. Preesha says its not confirmed yet as kidnapped didn’t call them yet for ransom.

Kabir calls CC and asks why didn’t he call and demand ransom from Preesha. CC says let him set Rudra in some place first . Kabir warns to call Preesha before she goes to police and demand ransom. CC asks his aide to bring his laptop and change his voice as he doesn’t want anyone to identify his voice. Sharda insists Preesha to file police complaint first. CC calls landline and threatens that he has kidnapped Rudra and needs 10 crores ransom, and if she informs police, she will get Rudra’s dead body. Preesha informs family that Rudra is kidnapped and kidnapper demanded 10 crores ransom. Sulochana acts as concerned and cries, she insists Preesha to fulfill kidnapper’s demand and bring back her son. Kabir tells same and asks not to inform police about it. Sharda requests to bring back Rudra at any cost. Kabir says nobody should know about it. Preesha says she will go to bank and break all FDs and leaves. Sulochana and Kabir continue their acting.

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CC orders his aide Jerry if his voice changed with modular and nobody will identify his voice. Jerry says yes. CC asks him to guard Rudra and not let him escape. Jerry asks another aide Bunty to guard Rudra while he goes to meet his girlfriend Maria in jail as she is there because of him and he will propose her to marry her. Bunty agrees. Preesha reaches police station and informs inspector about Rudra being kidnapped. He asks to find out where kidnapper will ask her to meet with money and give him goon’s voice recording. She agrees and leaves. Jerry meets Maria in jail and informs her that he will marry her once she is out of jail and to call all her friends and relatives. Maria says her best friend is in jail and calls her. Mahima walks in. Jerry asks if she is same Rudra’s ex-wife Mahima who had kidnapped Rudra and replaced him with a doppelganger. She says if she so famous among his circle. He says all goons want to become like her. He informs her about CC kidnapping Rudra and demanding 10 crores ransom of which he will get 50 lakhs. She says what if he gets total 10 crores and lead a happy married life with Maria. He asks how. She says she has plan.

Preesha arranges money and thinks she will not let anything happen to Rudra. Sharda asks if she arranged 10 crores. Preesha says she could arrange 8 crores and needs 2 crores more and asks Ahana to use her contacts and borrow money from them. Ahana says she can’t Sharda informs they have more than 2 crores in locker and taking locker keys from Sulochana opens it and is shocked to see all the money missing. She informs Preesha about it.

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Precap: Preesha warns Sulochana to inform where the money went or else she will call police. Ahana hears CC calling Kabir and informing that it was his plan to kidnap Rudra and demand ransom.

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