Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Onam with the Khuranas

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th September 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Prisha waking up Saransh. They get surprises from Rudra. She reads his note. Girish comes back and says I got some vegs, you said you couldn’t buy the stuff because of me, I had no money, I took money from there, I got the leftover money. Gopal and Vasu look on. Gopal asks him to make coffee for him. Girish goes. Gopal says see Vasu, you were wrong, he is sincere. She says he didn’t inform us. Yuvraj comes and greets them. Gopal steps back. He scolds Yuvraj.

Yuvraj asks what self respect should I show to parents, you don’t want to listen to anyone. Prisha gets ready. Everyone gets ready and comes for the surprise. Rudra surprises everyone by his traditional look. Yuvraj says I joined Rahul’s company, I didn’t know he is Rudra’s enemy, I needed money, I wanted a job, I gave my savings to you, I left the job, he didn’t agree and said he will file case, how will I pay him. Gopal says you will regret a lot. Yuvraj says don’t get angry, I will do as you say. He acts sweet. He leaves. Vasu says get ready, we have to go to Prisha. Yuvraj signs Girish and smiles.

Rudra says its a surprise for you, you are south indian right, we are going to celebrate Onam. Vasu and Gopal come. Rudra welcomes them. Rudra says happy Onam. Ahana and Mishka also act sweet. Rudra says I have invited them. Ahan says I know, that’s why they come often. Vasu says we come to meet Prisha, Saransh and Rudra. Ahana says thank God for that. Rudra says say happy Onam. Prisha asks why, we are Tamilians, Malayalis celebrate Onam. He gets shocked. Ahana and Mishka laugh. Rudra says you are south indian. Prisha says not all south indians are same. Rudra says I told Gopal, he didn’t say anything. Gopal asks how can I spoil your surprise, love is seen than the festive, I have seen your love and we came. Prisha says I should say sorry, we will celebrate Onam, when the family is together, its a festive. Saransh says yes, its our first Onam. Rudra holds his dhoti and runs to his room. Prisha and Saransh laugh. Rudra says its easy, but tough to wear, how go people dance in this lungi. Prisha asks shall I help. She turns away.

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She says you need help or shall I go. He asks how did you know about it. She says everyone knows it, shall I turn now. He says yes. She laughs and says don’t wear this if you can’t. You are a big rockstar and running away from girl. He says I have no problem. She says stay away. She ties it. Dil me ho tum….plays…. He looks at her. Saransh comes to call her. He asks why didn’t you wear gajra. Rudra says she is allergic to flowers. He says you had sneezed that day. She asks did you remember. He says yes, I got lovely flowers and you made me run. He thinks why do I remember her little things. She thinks how does he remember it, why do I like it. Saransh takes them. Rudra says I don’t know rituals. Prisha says I don’t know. Saransh stops them. He says Dadi and I searched about Onam on net. They do the rituals. Vasu gets happy and hugs her. Rudra makes a wish for Prisha’s happiness. Yeh hai chahatein….plays….Prisha smiles.

Ahana sees Prisha lying and says I got her good secret. Yuvraj asks Girish to buy sweets. Ahana pushes Mishka down and says its Rudra’s invitation. Doctor says Prisha isn’t in the hospital, she is temporarily suspended, she gave wrong medicine to a patient. Rudra is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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