Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Sunny Reveals His Truth To Sharda

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th May 2021 Written Episode

Sulochana praises Sonia for enjoying in swimming pool with Rudra. Yuvraj asks what did she do. Sulochana says Sonia went closer to Rudra repeatedly and made Preesha jealous. Sonia shies. Sulochana says she should continue getting closer to Rudra so that Preesha gets more jealous and goes away from Rudra. Yuvraj jokes kid is getting good training. Sulochana asks what happened to his big bomb. Yuvaj says he planted it at its place and it will take some time blast. Sulochana says she is eager to hear the blast and orders Sonia to get back on duty. Yuvraj jokes to spare at least kids. She replies that she didn’t speak even him. He thinks old woman is very stubborn.

Sunny wakes up at night getting bad dream and rushes to Rudra and Saransh’s room. Rudra asks what is he doing here. Sunny says he got afraid sleeping alone as he never slept alone before. Sunny laughs on him. Rudra says even Sanarsh used to be afraid and sleep with him and Preesha and asks to apologize Sunny. Saransh apologizes him. Rudra asks Sunny to sleep with him and makes them both asleep.

In the morning, Sharda walks to sad Preesha and asks if she convinced Rudra. She says no and describes swimming pool incident where she felt bad seeing Rudra and Sonia together and didn’t enter swimming pool. Sharda says she loves Rudra, so obviously she would feel bad; she should ignore all this and save her relationship somehow. Presha agrees and sees Rudra sleeping with Sunny and Saransh, tells Sharda that she cannot understand why Rudra is giving so much importance to his friend’s son Sunny and ignoring Saransh. Sharda asks her not to bother about it as Sulochana and Kabir take advantage of same and concentrate on her task.

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Rudra gifts toys to Sunny as per his demand and requests to inform who his mother is, asks if Reema is his mamma. Sunny acts and says if he brought toys to find out his mother’s name, now he will never inform it. Rudra pleads what problem he has. Sunny says he has problem, how can he forget who his mummy is, he should be shameful to forget his mummy’s name. Sharda enters and is shocked to hear that. She asks Rudra what is Sunny saying, if its true. Rudra nervously says she heard something and asks Sunny to tell what he was telling. Sunny says he cannot hide truth anymore and says he is Rudra’s son and Rudra lied that he is his friend’s son, now he will inform everyone about it. Rudra pleads not to. Sharda gets tensed that Preesha will break relationship with Rudra if she hears this secret. She stops Sunny and says Rudra never hides truth, but did due to some reason; she will inform everyone at the right time. Sunny agrees. Sharda then scolds Rudra for hiding truth from her, takes him along, and asks who is Sunny’s mother. Rudra says he really doesn’t know. Sharda asks how will Preesha react hearing the truth, he didn’t trust when Preesha told her truth, now Preesha will not trust him. He explains that he had partied with his friends years ago and there were 3 girls, he got intimate with one of them after getting heavily inebriated; he spoke to 2 girls except Reema. Sharda asks to speak to Reema then. He says she is not reachable and requests to handle the situation till then. Sharda asks what all she should handle.

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Saransh gets excited seeing Sunny’s toys and asks from where did he get them. Sunny says Rudra gifted him. Saransh requests to share with him. Sunny denies and rudely pushes him asking to take it from Rudra. Saransh runs away crying. Preesha notices him and asks reason. Saransh informs that Rudra brought toys for his friend’s son and not his own son. Preesha thinks why is Rudra doing this and says Sunny must be feeling lonely, so Rudra brought them for Sunny. She takes him to Sunny and asks him when he came here, with whose tab he was playing. Sunny says Saransh. Preesha says when Saransh shared his tab with him, he should also share his toys with him. Sunny agrees.

Sharda gets engrasped in thoughts thinking who is Sunny’s mother when cook asks what to prepare today and she doesn’t hear him. Preesha noticing it alerts Sharda and asks if she knows Rudra’s friend as she never heard about him before and Rudra is paying more attention to Sunny and brought costly gifts for him. Sharda says Sunny must be feeling lonely, so Rudra brought him toys. Preesha says even she was thinking same, but looks like there is some other issue. Sharda asks her to go and prepare for lunch and thinks she has to hide truth from Preesha.

Precap: Saransh plays with helicopter and it accidentally breaks down. Sunny complains Rudra that Saransh broke his toy. Preesha says Saransh didn’t. Rudra fight with her for interfering between kids, later he insists Sunny if Reema is his mummy and Sunny agrees. He then catches Kabir on investigator’s information.

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