Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Mohit Decides To Marry Ishani

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th March 2023 Written Episode

Mansi asks Aaliya what is her suggestion. Aaliya says she is giving her a chance to get back her first love, her money. Mansi asks how. Aaliya says when Mansi left Samrat, he didn’t have anything, but now he has name, fame, everything; her suggestion is she returns to Samrat. Mansi laughs and asks if she has lost her mind, Samrat is already married to Nayan and openly accepted that he loves Nayan. Aliya says Samrat doesn’t love Nayan, their marriage was weird and its a revenge marriage. She explains the whole incident and says Nayan and Sam were about to divorce, but Prem spoilt it and now they got a 6-month waiting period from court; Sam is just acting as loving Nayan to make Mansi jealous and he still loves Mansi, but if he spends 6 months with Nayan, he may fall in her love; Mansi should return to Sam’s life via Prem.

Mansi asks what will she gain out of it. Aaliya says she will get her revenge from both sisters for snatching her Mohit from her and sending her mother away; once Mansi returns to Sam, they both will kick Nayan and Ishani out of the house; Aaliya will get Mohit and Mansi will get Samrat. Mansi agrees and says she will make Nayan’s life a hell. Malati cusses Ishani for losing her dignity to Raghav and facing humiliation. Nayan says she should curse Raghav instead who drugged Ishani and took advantage of her. Sam says he will get Raghav punished. Malati says now Mohit will not marry Ishani. Seema walks in with Mohit and says Mohit will marry Ishani. Malati asks what does she mean. Seema says an accident cannot alter someone’s love.

Malati asks if Mohit wants to marry Ishani. Mohit says he loves Ishani and wants to marry him. Seema says if she had not fallen ill and called Mohit, Mohit would have reached Ishani and saved her from the accident. Ishani continues to cry and says she feels really bad for whatever happened. Seema comforts her. Back to room, Nayan asks Sam to rest now as a lot happened today. Sam says somewhere he is responsible for the problems Nayan and Isahnia are feeling and apologizes her. Nayan says its not his mistake and says Raghav had sent a spiked juice to her to take revenge from him, but Ishani consumed that juice and got into Raghav’s trap. Sam gets angry and says he will not spare Raghav for trying to trap her. Nayan says why is she bothered about her when he doesn’t consider her as his wife and they will separate after 6 months.

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Sam says they are friends at least and he cars for her, he will not spare that cheap Raghav for his sin. Nayan says they will file a police complaint against Raghav. Sam says he spoke to his lawyer who said Raghav planned everything carefully and made sure he is not blamed. Nayan says she will trap him. Ishani stands sadly on terrace. Mohit walks to her. Ishani asks what is he doing here. Mohit asks if he shouldnt’ come. Ishani says after whatever happened, she thought he will leave her. Mohit says he loves her and will never leave her. She hugs him and cries. He doesn’t reciprocate recalling Raghav’s words. Ishani thanks him for supporting her. Mohit asks her to stop crying and think it as a bad dream, everything will be alright over time.

Servant knocks Sam’s room door and informs him that a lady has come to meet him. Sam and Nayan walk down to check. A lady brings Mansi and says she found Mansi senselessly on road and repeating that she is pregnant, she was took Sam’s name and hence she brought her here. Sam says he doesn’t care how she found Mansi, he wants her to take Mansi back as he will not let her Mansi stay in his house.

Precap: Nayan tells Sam that she feels Mansi is behind all this. Aaliya asks Mansi now that she entered Sam house, what is her next plan. Mansi says something happened between her and Samrat which she will use in her favor. She informs Nayan that she and Sam had a passionate kiss during sangeet night.

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