Yeh Hai Chahatein 3rd March 2023 Written Episode Update: Nayantara Realizes Raghav

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 3rd March 2023 Written Episode

Mansi challenges Raghav that she will not spare him so easily. Samrat asks Mansi if she realized now how it feels when oneis betrayed, why is she feeling bad as Raghav did what she did with him; it doesn’t mean that he is enjoying her pain, she is experiencing the pain he experienced when she betrayed him for Raghav. He asks Nayan to handle Ishani and takes them out. Reporters surround them and seek a comment from Samrat. Samrat gets angry on reporters and takes them away. Back home, Mohit feels frustrated recalling Raghav telling that Ishani consensually shared bed with him. he shouts. Samrat walks in and asks him to calm down as Raghav always plays this trick.

Mohit reveals that his mom Seema was hospitalized last night and recalls getting Seema’s call who informs that she is feeling a radiating pain in left hand and chest and then taking Seema to hospital. He says he forgot to pick Ishani from the party as he was busy taking care of his mother. Sam explains how he left the party after stopping his performance midway and when he woke up in the morning, Malati informed him about Nayan not reaching some yet and hence he returned her in search of Nayan. Mohit says even he came here in search of Ishani and shattered after seeing the situation here. Samrat says he should go and support Ishani. Mohit says he is right.

Ishani continues to cry. Nayan recalls getting Chintu’s call who informs that Prem is unable to sleep without her, so she should return home soon. Prem asks Nayan to come soon. Nayan says she will once the party ends. Chintu says he has made a tent on terrace for them, she should come there directly. Nayan asks Prem to rest in tent until she returns. She then walks to Samrat’s room to inform him about Prem’s condition and doesn’t find him there. She searches for him outside and finds his car three. She calls Samrat who notices her call and ignores thinking he can’t answer her anything. Nayan gets Chintu’s call again and informs him that she will reach home soon. She leaves for home in a taxi and reaches terrace where she pampers Prem and makes him sleep inside a tent. Out of flashback, she says when she woke up, she saw Samrat going out in a hurry. She questions Aaliya who says Sam has surely gone to his first love Mansi to stop her and Raghav’s wedding.

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Nayan asks Ishani to try to remember what happened last night. Ishani says she is sure Raghav gave her something after which she doesn’t remember anything. She further says she started feeling intoxicated after having Nayan’s offered juice. Nayan says a waiter had given her that juice, she is sure Raghav sent her a spiked juice to take revenge from her, but unfortunately Ishani had that juice and fell prey to Raghav’a trick. Ishani asks how will she face Mohit now. Nayan says Mohit loves her and support her for sure.

Mansi walks on road heavily intoxicated holding a liquor bottle and recalling Raghav’s betrayal and Samrat’s bitter words. She falls down. A speeding car stops in front of her. Aaliya gets out of car and taunts her that Mansi is the one who left her brother for money. Mansi asks what does she need. Aaliya says what can Mansi give when she lost everything. She says Mansi left her first Samrat for money and hence money is her true love, she will give her a chance to get back her first love.

Precap: Malati says Mohit wants to marry Ishani even after so much happened. Nayan informs Sam that Raghav had spiked her juice and had planned to take revenge from her. Sam gets angry. Nayan asks why is he bothered when he doesn’t consider her as his wife. Servant informs that a lady wants to meet him. He walks down and finds Mansi.

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