Yeh Hai Chahatein 3rd July 2023 Written Episode Update: Kashvi Is Dead?

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 3rd July 2023 Written Episode

Kashvi notices a chandelier falling towards Samrat. She runs calling him papa, pushes him aside, and bears a chandelier on herself. Samrat is shocked to see Kashvi unconscious in a pool of blood. Nayan and others rush to Kashvi. Arjun panics and says they need to take her to hospital. Samrat gets car, and they all 3 rush Kashi to hospital. Daadi breaks down seeing Kashvi’s condition and says she wants to be by her granddaughter’s side. Keval and Romila stop her citing her health. Jagdish says they are all going to hospital and will give updates to Daadi. Nitya silently slips from there. Sam with others reach hospital. Nurse asks them to finish formalities first. Arjun tongue lashes them for going by unnecessary rules and rushes her to OT. Samrat tongue lashes hospital staff next for forcing them to fill a form and says he will not spare anyone if something happens to his daughter. Nayan fills form.

Arjun breaks down standing outside OT. Samrat thanks him for getting Kashvi out of chandelier and rushed her to hospital, he doesn’t know what his daughter means to him. Arjun asks him what does he mean. Sam says Kashvi is like his daughter. Arjun asks why did Nayan sought him for blood when Kashvi was injured last time. Nayan walks in and says let Arjun know the truth that Kashvi is Samrat’s daughter. Nitya with Jagdish heads towards hospital. Jagdish says nothing will happen to Kashvi. Nitya thinks she is worried for herself, Samrat is very protective about Kashvi, and if something happens to Kashvi, Samrat will expose her for sure. Nayan reveals Arjun that she and Samrat were married 20 years and Kashvi is their daughter. Arjun asks if Mahima is not her real daughter. Nayan says no.

Nurse rushes out of OT and informs that they need a cardiologist as the patient suffered a heart attack. They all 3 panic more hearing that. Doctor fails to treat Kashvi, and she stops breathing. Doctor pronounces her dead and informs all 3 of them that they couldn’t save Kashvi. They all 3 break down. Samrat says he couldn’t even tell his daughter that he is her real father. Nitya reaches and gets tensed thinking Samrat will surely not spare her now. She starts acting to escape Samrat’s anger. Arjun walks to Kashvi and confesses his love for her. He describes her value in his life, etc., and shakes her. Kashvi gasps for air and starts breathing again. They all get happy to see her alive again.

Precap: Samrat confronts Nitya for trying to kill him and threatens to show evidence against her to the commissioner tomorrow. Nitya determines to kill him and blasts his car. Kashvi is shocked to see the blast.

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