Yeh Hai Chahatein 3rd February 2023 Written Episode Update: Nayantara Discovers Samrat’s Plan

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 3rd February 2023 Written Episode

Panditji informs Mohit that his wedding with a tree is complete and now he can go in and marry his bride. Sam and Revati take him in and then ask him to come and take blessings from his father’s photo. Mohit enters Revati’s room. Sam tricks and makes him unconscious and replaces him. Revati recalls how she bribed Panditji and involved him in her plan. Sam asks servants to hide Mohit in store room and make sure he doesn’t come out. Revati says now behanji Revati can’t do anything and sends Sam to mandap. Pandit starts wedding rituals.

Nayan thinks why she is not feeling good even when Mohit and Ishani’s wedding is happening. She finds Sam missing and thinks he must be up to something. She searches for him everywhere and finds Mohit unconscious in a store room. She walks out and finds someone sitting in Mohit’s place. She turns a fan towards groom and is shocked to see Sam sitting as groom instead. She then takes gheen for havan and drops it on Aaliya. Revati scolds her. She apologizes and signals Seema to bring Ishani to Aaliya’s room. Seema insists to take Aaliya to her room and clean her dress. Revati fails to convince her to let the wedding complete and insists to accompany Seema and Ishani. In room, Seema says she will get into washroom and clean Aaliya’s dress. Revati says let her help her daughter and takes Ishani in. Seema and Ishani get tensed.

Nayan calls Revati as unanimous caller and threatens to expose her. Revati walks out asking Seema not to go in and thinks she will find out who called her after wedding finishes. She returns after finishing a call and takes the bride back to mandap. Seema thinks what will Nayan do now. Nayan asks panditji to complete wedding without any interfere now. Wedding completes. Revati asks Seema to reveal bride’s face. Seema lifts ghunghat. Sam and Revati are shocked to see Nayan as bride and shouts how did she replace Ishani. Nayan reveals how she replaced Ishani and says Sam wanted to marry Ishani by trick, but fate got him married to Nayan again. Sam stands speechless.

Precap: Revati announces Nayan’s muh dikhayi ritual. Sam asks her why she wants to do that when Nayan troubled them so much. Revati asks him to wait till the evening. During ritual, Nayan shouts at Sam that he is a monster who doesn’t respect women. A woman enters and says her husband is not a monster.

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